Evan Davies and Britain First’s ‘random selfie’

This afternoon Paulie and Screechie were in London causing trouble outside the East London Mosque (yawn). At some point during the day they came across Evan Davies, well-known TV presenter and journalist. Never far from a camera and always quick to spot the chance to tell a fib they approached him for a selfie. Being a fairly approachable bloke Mr. Davies obliged. We bet he didn’t know what the deceitful duo would do with the image they took away though.

EBF BF Evan Davies random selfie photo opportunity London 2016.png

Without a thought for the damage they might do to Mr. Davies’ career it wasn’t long before Der Fuhrer and his deputy posted the picture on Facebook and their website claiming that Mr. Davies was a Biffer himself who had even been campaigning in the capital on their behalf. Of course Mr. Davies soon put the record straight but the damage had been done. Not to him though.

Continued use of these deceitful tactics does far more harm to Britain First than it ever could to Evan Davies (fortunately).

Here’s a phrase you might want to keep in Mind, Paulie…

Truth will out!