Welcome to Exposing Britain First

Ever since the brilliant BBC3 documentary that so successfully exposed the racist stupidity of Britain First was aired we have been gaining followers almost as quickly as Britain First has been losing them. Added to that the abject failure of the Biffers to muster support for their shuffle through Burton last weekend and the future seems to be very bright indeed.

As the Great British people continue to demonstrate their tolerance and respect for others in this wonderful, multi-cultural country of ours we’d like to extend a warm welcome to our newest supporters. Whether your preference is for WordPress, Facebook or Twitter we’re sure you’ll find something of interest here.

EBF multicultural

We’re a broad church here at EBF. We come from all ends of the political spectrum (except the far right, of course) and we represent all races, and our members and supporters come from all religions (and none).

The one thing we all have in common is our commitment to exposing Britain First (and by extension other far right groups) as the neo-nazi fascists that they really are. Subscribe to the blog, follow us on Twitter or like the Facebook page for regular updates about the often hilarious but always sinister antics of these amusing but genuinely dangerous, far right buffoons.

We look forward to getting to know you better.


Your very own NWO – the time is NOW

We thought it might be a good idea to ask our followers (and others) to help out. That way you get to influence what we do more directly. Think of this as your very own NWO (New Writing Opportunity).

Can you write good copy? Can you read between the lines? Why not contribute to EBF and the NWO?

Your NWO contact Email address is exposingbf@hotmail.com

You can also message the admins at the Facebook page


If you’d like to participate in the NWO then NOW’s the time!

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Don’t feed the troll

The EBF Blog is just over a week old and already it has attracted at least one very dedicated biffer troll. We see this as encouraging, oddly enough. It shows that the Biffers are aware of the damage we’re doing to their arguments and are investing quite a lot of their time trying to damage us.


They’ll fail, of course because the truth is way more convincing than multiple false accounts claiming expertise they don’t have in mock discussions with themselves.

Never the less trolls are tiresome so please don’t feed them. We’ve planned a series of separate posts debunking the troll’s lies (over a dozen are in the pipeline) by way of a measured response. But engaging directly with attention-seeking biffer trolls is probably not productive.

ive rights. However we will remove comments which are intended merely to insult other commenters or to ‘out’ people unrelated to Britain First. We will also remove comments which are unrelated to the topic in question or those which seem to be repetitive and intended only to cause distress. Persistent offenders will be blocked from making further comments on our blog.

Unfortunately, removing these posts (however reluctantly) also leaves the comments of those who respond to them out of place. This leaves them open to misunderstandings. We hope that posters will understand if their replies to such trolls are also removed.

This is not an attack on freedom of speech. Anyone has a right to start their own blog and make all kinds of points not related to EBF and its mission. It’s just that EBF isn’t intended to play host to spammers, trolls and flamers. If you want to engage in petty vendettas that’s fine but please don’t do it here.

Please people, don’t feed the troll.