View from a barstool #36 by Landlord

Beer 2Another week of looking at the biffer page, another week of thinking I’m in a time warp. Watching the latest videos they’ve posted, well I say watching, I don’t watch them I just read the résumé that the other admins write I really believe that whoever is in charge of the asylum has barricaded themselves in Biffer Towers and changed the passwords to the account.

The recent trip to Oldham which,according to the high command, is a no go zone for white Christians passed off quietly apart from squealing bagpipes and,it appears, total disinterest by shoppers. A video was posted of Goldibollocks using a microphone to talk to a couple few so called islamists or peaceful shopping Muslims as I like to call them. Could it be people who are anti biffer or even pro biffer cannot be arsed anymore and treat the cockwombles with indifference. Once again the same twatwafflers were there, Goldibollocks’ shit troopers and a couple of activists that we have all seen before. So much for their “we have faaasands of new activists signing up.”

The latest begging email was an absolute hoot. Please can you “chip in” to enable us to pay to replace a camera after one of our activists had our usual one broken in a deadly attack by a radical islamist outside the East London Mosque, you know the one, a kick aimed at the retreating, rampaging biffers fleeing because they decided to be cuntish trying to stop prayers…..and the kicker, despite being caught on camera has never been caught (our moley even intimated that it was one of their own missing a Muslim). Anyway I digress, this camera according to the high command is £995. Surely they can’t think their sheep are that stupid and would check, but no, we did it for them, and it only costs half of what they asked. In fact, since I have been an admin for just over a year I have done a quick add up and apart from election funds, they have asked for just shy of quarter of a million quid. I would ask you all if you had any ideas where the money has gone but I can guess the response.

Finally, now we have replenished our hobnob stocks, I wonder what ideas you all have about the location of the next day of inaction. Answers will probably not be rewarded with Hobnobs but treated for the comedy value they normally are.

So that’s it, week over and I’m hoping that when I look at my calendar it will show I’m still in 2016 and not in the early noughties


View from a barstool #14

Beer 2Evening all.

So the Christmas tree is chopped up and ready for the fire, the decorations are in the loft and the kids are back at school. The festivities are over for another year and the Christmas lies from the biffers are also consigned to the loft only to be regurgitated around October.

So let’s have a rummage through all things Biffer over the last 7 days. Let’s have a little look…..

Aha obviously a nasty credit card bill just arrived as there is a begging email. Unfortunately the mystic landlady got it wrong so I lost my 50p in the office sweepstake. I can’t believe after all this time of not picking £5thaaaasand. I did this time and the little buggers go and pick £1975. Now I’m not sure whether you’ve ever had to engage a solicitor before but they’re bloody expensive and I’m not sure that 2 grand would do a lot. Just a thought Goldibollocks. If you don’t harass ladies in their homes, don’t wear political uniforms and certainly don’t act like a Cockwomble, you won’t get nicked and you won’t have to pay.

An item on their page inferred that a Muslim gang beat up a white man in Baildon this week.

EBF BF Baildon NYE assault slur islam muslim white gang.jpg

The trouble is after reading the paper it appears the assailants were “predominantly white.” There was a predictable outrage over at Biffer central and some of the comments were absolutely vile and disgusting. I understand that the post was passed to West Yorkshire police, and amazingly the post disappeared.

EBF BF West Yorkshire police march Dewsbury re route yawn

Now I’m not into conspiracy theories, (except that Fosters continuously put mind drugs in their barrels), but trying to incite the local population might rather have lead the coppers to re route their shuffle round Dewsbury to a car park and an industrial estate. Another tip for you Goldibollocks, don’t antagonise the cops and they may just not antagonise you. In saying that continue on your shuffle because we here in the EBF group are sponsoring you. If you haven’t seen the page please sponsor us to sponsor them. Funds will go towards helping the victims of the floods (at the time of writing £259 has been pledged).

elp battle floods

Apart from the usual “Muslims are this” and “Muslims are that”, the last thing that caught my eye this week, apart from the landlady’s new hairdo, was the fact they have ditched the conferences (probably because they’ve ran out of places that’ll have them and BT won’t let them have a phonebox) and decided to have a bifferfest instead. Now I’m not sure about you but I haven’t stopped sniggering since, causing the landlady to think I’m having an affair with the barmaid (I’m a grumpy old sod most of the time you see).

EBF BF Bifferfest woodstock nuremberg

This festival in a field near somewhere is free (tenner for a wee??) where you can learn about British fascism, sorry ‘culture’, have discussions on bifferland, sports, and have food and drink there. It’s also camping so Millets might want to stock Union Flag tents (although given their tendencies to fly them upside down on their shuffles, 10 upside down tents in a field would make me titter. Also do they make bullet proof tents for the commanders in chief? I’m also assuming that it will only be non halal food there, would be such a shame if some did infiltrate its way into their diets. Anyway good luck getting your TENs license not easy when a load of publicans and licensees have words with contacts.

Finally, another page that brought great mirth to me and the others was the absolute foamfest over on the Kingsmill Facebook page over Kingsmill’s decision to become halal certified. Now as some of you are great troll hunters (a new badge has just been made) pop over there, leave a message and sit back.

EBF Troll hunter badge

Now I must go, something about a buying a handbag for the landlady as penance for being cheerful.



Biffers build a street army

The latest begging letter from ‘Grasping Golding’ is at the same time both pitiful and disturbing. These regular missives go out to everyone on Britain first’s Email list, always describing some hare-brained project or other and always begging for more money.

Often the begged-for cash is supposed to be used to fight political campaigns (that won’t necessarily happen) or to fund law-suits (that also often never happen) but sometimes, just sometimes its intended for something genuine. We think that this fund-raising push is genuine and that’s why it’s so disturbing.

You can view the BF Fight club letter in full here. Otherwise we’ve picked out the edited highlights for you below. Trust us, at almost 1,500 words the full thing really does get very tedious. The video of Golding putting the rest of the Biffers through their paces is worth watching though. Click the image to play the video…

BF Street army blog screenshot 9

To date Britain First’s biggest success, outside of making themselves rich has been their habit of inciting violence. We’ve mentioned this aspect of their modus operandi many times before. We won’t review the reasoning for it again in this blog but if you need to catch up you can find out what it’s all about here, here, here, here, and here.

The Biffers just love to send other people into battle in their made-up war for the streets of Britain. And now they plan to train them to become better, more dangerous street-fighters, as if beating an old man to death wasn’t dangerous enough.

BF Street army blog screenshot 1This bravery seems to amount to little more than cowering behind Police lines at demonstrations or turning up at dawn for a quick photo-shoot and then running away like naughty schoolchildren before anyone notices them.

Golding’s a coward – we all know that. The heavily edited videos in which he appears to ‘confront’ dangerous terrorists (or rather their middle-aged mothers) don’t even bother to hide the group of thugs who accompany him. The Britain First ‘security’ team looks more like a group of seedy unlicensed bouncers than of reputable professionals, which isn’t all that surprising in the circumstances.

But for all Golding’s cowardice, his activists are still expected to go out and stir up trouble wherever they can. That’s why they target areas with significant Muslim populations to distribute their racist and Islamophobic filth. And that’s why, just as Golding intends, they occasionally get into difficulties.

Any truly concerned ‘leader’ when faced with the prospect of his activists being hurt might think about a change of tactic. A concerned Fuhrer might decide to stop getting his followers to invite such trouble and consider more reasonable, less provocative methods to get his point across instead. But not our Paulie. Oh no – he’s not really into other peoples’ safety. So long as nobody has a genuine opportunity to hit the Fuhrer himself, he’s not bothered. And his private army of ‘security’ thugs is always on hand to ensure his personal safety so what’s the problem?

Well – the problem is that his street activists just aren’t hard enough. They’re mainly keyboard-warriors trying to pretend they’re hard and therein lies the rub. They’re wimps!

Now then – what’s a fascist to do?

BF Street army blog screenshot 2

That’s it! Start a fight club!

BF Street army blog screenshot 3Here’s a thought, Paulie. If you’ve got such a lot of support, and if you’re so worried about the safety of female activists… stop sending girls (and we mean girls – not women – adolescent children) out to provoke people. Your cowardice is showing through here in a really big way.

BF kids Bobbie Lomax and friend anonymised radicalisation indoctrinationIf you stopped sending people out to cause trouble then you wouldn’t need to teach them to fight.BF Street army blog screenshot 4No other political party in UK feels the need to develop a street army. Why would you? Is it because you want to start a Holy war?

EBF BF Dowson Holy War crusade comboWhy else would you need to do this…?

BF Street army blog screenshot 4And at what cost? This seems like an awfully large ongoing investment (monthly rental isn’t going to come cheap).

BF Street army blog screenshot 5You’re certainly optimistic, Paulie, we’ll give you that. Do you really think anyone wouild be stupid enough to give you a grand? A whole grand?

BF Street army blog funding buttonsDo you really think that this cheap, standard font pro-forma ‘certificate’ that you and Jayda couldn’t even be bothered to actually sign (the ‘signatures are in common or garden Microsoft Word fonts)?

BF Street army blog donor certificateStill – as the saying goes…

“A  fool and his money are easily parted!”

By the way – we know that either James Wilson hasn’t actually paid you any money (you’re lying again) or you lied in your mailshot when you claimed that no donations had yet been received.

BF Street army blog screenshot 5You really shouldn’t tell contradictory lies in the same Email, Paulie. It’s so bloody obvious that even your handful of loyal biffers will spot the con. Like this bit, for example.

BF Street army blog shopping listBut never mind all that – explain again why this is necessary. What on earth does a political party want to start a private army for? Who do you think you’ll need to fight on the streets of the UK?

BF Street army blog screenshot 6Ah, right. Now we’re getting there. This isn’t about protecting activists at all, is it? This is about preparing for war! More realistically it’s about inciting more violence and encouraging more people to sacrifice their futures as they get dragged into the criminal justice system, all in the name of your personal gain.

BF Street army blog screenshot 7Oh dear. We’re back to the ‘white genocide’ myth again are we?

Why not just come out and say it? Your letter would be a lot shorter and a great deal more accurate if you just wrote…

BF Street army blog screenshot 8

Panto Paul plays politics (PMSL)

BF Panto Paul Dick Whittington Mayor of London 2016Head Biffer, Paul “Folding” Golding has just accepted a role in this season’s pantomime season. He’s to play Dick Whittington who, of course wants to be Mayor of London.

When I heard that I laughed so much the tears ran down my legs!

You can read the whole sorry announcement here:

Britain First begs for funds for the 2016 Mayoral election, complete with the usual neo-nazi ranting we’ve come to expect from Britain First. We’ve stuck it into a PDF for you (together with a few EBF memes to provide a bit of background). The memes provide a little relief from the blatant cockwomblery of Jayda “Dutchy” Fransen’s tiresome begging letter.

And begging, of course is what it’s really all about. There’s no way that the city that was so damaged by Nazis during the Blitz, the city that led the fight against the fascists in the 1940s will surrender to their modern counterparts in 2016. But there are plenty of stupid cockwombles who’ll believe that it might.

Once again Folding Golding and Dutchy Fransen are holding out the Biffer begging bowl and once again the terminally stupid will answer the call. Many of them don’t even realise that the politics they support are just Hitler’s Nazi policies rehashed for the modern world. Let’s look at a few highlights…

BF EBF Twitter payback Golding“We will not rest until every traitor is punished for their crimes against our country.

And by punished, I mean good old fashioned British justice at the end of a rope!”

Fransen starts as she means to go on – threatening to murder the opposition. That’s not Nazism at all, is it? We thought democracy was all about different views freely expressed. Not according to Britain First, it seems.

“Britain First is more than a normal, political party – we are a “Declaration of War” against the establishment, the vested interests behind the scenes, the crooked, corrupt politicians and the media brainwashers.

They will all endure a “Day of Reckoning” for their crimes and treachery and we will deal with them in the same way our ancestors dealt with them: through Traitors Gate at the Tower of London!”

BF Golding London Mayor May 2016“We fear no enemy, not Islam, not the politicians, the Left, the media liars, let them launch their assaults on us, we are ready and poised for battle.”

The hit list of ‘traitors’ just keeps on growing…

“Our campaign will be strong, hard-line and overwhelmingly pro-British, and we don’t give a damn what nasty names they call us and how many times they try and paint us in a bad light.

We will take on the Islamists, traitors and careerists in London and make their lives hell, because that’s what they deserve.”

“This campaign is London’s “last stand” – it withstood the blitz, the plague and zepplins (sic), but it has been murdered by immigration.”

The entire begging letter has two main themes (neither of which have anything to do with real politics). The two topics are racist hatred (and a very lengthy list of people who Britain First would like to hang by the neck) and an awful lot of begging. Essentially it boils down to…

“Send us money so that we can kill the people we don’t like.”

But there is humour in there too..

Nick griffin BNP question time 2009

“Can you imagine it in your mind’s eye: Britain First leader Paul Golding giving the likes of Sadiq Khan, Jeremy Corbyn, David Cameron, Boris Johnson, George Galloway a severe dressing down in front of the TV cameras!”

Actually, yes – we certainly can. It’d be hilarious to witness the semi-coherent Golding with his utterly inadequate grasp of history, common sense and the prevailing political landscape going up against serious politicians. They’d wipe the floor with the nasty little cockwomble. We’d all love to see that. Not that we’d ever pay Britain First for the privilege of watching his humiliation.

It’s been a while since a white supremacist was taken apart on British political TV. The last time it happened Nick Griffin (Golding’s old mentor) entertained us all with his spectacular demise on Question Time. With attitudes like these…

“Thanks to mass immigration, multiculturalism and “White Flight” we won’t be able to stand in London next time as it will be an “occupied city”.”

Folding Golding’s destruction on national TV promises to be just as entertaining!

So what will it cost our great, multicultural nation to witness Golding’s political demise?

“All of this is possible, but only if we can raise the £30,000 we need to launch our campaign on the streets of London and online.”

Yes – that’s right. Thirty grand! Judging by the amount of ‘boots on the ground’ that the Biffers usually manage to muster that’ll be around £300 each.  Good luck with that Jayda!

If you want a good laugh have a look at the PDF we’ve prepared. We’ve changed nothing (except occasionally correcting the punctuation for clarity). All we did is add a few EBF memes for context.

EBF blog banner

EBF one year on

This week Exposing Britain First celebrated its first anniversary. Yes – that’s right. We’ve been exposing the Biffers and their abusive ways for a full twelve months now.

During that time we’ve built up a wide following, without once paying for likes or resorting to click bait campaigns to boost the numbers. Every week our popularity has grown as more and more people become wise to the reality of Gold-digger and Dutchy’s Nazi intentions. And every week someone appears in the FB page inbox asking just what the problem is with this group of ‘patriots’ and why we’re so determined to stop them.

This week seems to be the perfect time to recap just who these people are and where they came from. If you’re new to Exposing Britain First you may not know all this. Even if you’re not new there might well be information here you weren’t aware of. So….

Who are BF anyway

Britain First is led by Paul “Gold-digger” Golding and Jayda “Dutchy” Fransen. But it wasn’t always. For all her bluster, Fransen is a relative newcomer. Originally the Biffers began with Gold-digger and one other figure – Jim Dowson. He’s the one who famously supported the idea of Holy War in a Channel 4 news interview. That’s the same documentary that shows the Biffers incompetently driving their landrover into a car park barrier whilst out on the streets ‘protecting’ us from extremists. We feel safer already!

BF C4 News car park barrier screenshot

Dowson and Golding used to be senior figures in the British National Party – that racist bunch of white supremacist, anti-Semitic, Islamophobic Holocaust deniers who had to be forced through the courts to allow non-whites to join them (not that many would). The BNP was led for many years by Nick Griffin, former ‘big-noise’ in the National Front which Golding was also a member of back in the day.

Since falling out with the BNP, Dowson and Golding have used a range of online marketing techniques to attract support for their racist and Islamopohobic agenda.

“If you apply professional marketing techniques and publicity to political fundraising – it’s a gift” (Jim Dowson)

They’ve done this mainly so that they can sell stuff in their online shops and attract donations for a range of causes, all of which seem to be fronts for Britain first’s own fundraising.


BF post May 2

Essentially the Biffers is an online business that exploits the insecurity of ordinary people to make money from their fears. In the process Golding, Dowson and Fransen are whipping up as much hatred and prejudice as they can – because, as every professional marketer knows, there’s money to be made from fear.

So they lie – they cheat, they distort the facts and they pretend to defend our country from an imagined Muslim invasion. They whip up as much fear and hatred as they can and then they beg for money. Always they beg for money.

BF exploit veterans EBF

BF claims to be doing something useful but as we know they do nothing of the sort. They claim to expose terrorists but really they harass people who’ve already been written about in the newspapers (hardly a scoop) or they bully women on the streets and old men in otherwise completely empty Mosques.

Mosque invasion

They claim to value freedom of speech but then they turn up mob-handed to intimidate anyone who disagrees with them and has the temerity to say so publicly. They even publish peoples details so their followers can have a go at them too.

BF EBF Golding Harassment doxing

And these jokers expect to be taken seriously as a political party!

To date, Britain First has stood only one UK parliamentary candidate. In 2014 Jayda “Dutchy” Fransen put herself forward as candidate for the Rochester and Strood by election on a single issue (No more Mosques) platform. She managed to muster only 56 votes, lost her deposit and then pretended she really supported UKIP. It would be laughable if these people weren’t so damaging to our society.

Nobody (except a handful of misguided Biffers) wants Britain First to succeed as a parliamentary party. Nobody (except the aforementioned Biffers) really knows who they are. But many people are being fooled by their constant clickbait memes and blatant lies into a distorted view of our nation’s multicultural reality.


Britain First regularly posts dehumanising images aimed at Muslims and non-white groups that are almost carbon copies of the Nazi propaganda found before and during World War 2. The comments their supporters leave on Britain First’s Facebook page clearly demonstrates just how toxic the impact of Britain First’s little business venture really is.

EBF BF Nazi dehumanisation

Britain First is a commercial business pretending to be a patriotic political party. Their business model is based upon creating and then profiting from as much fear and hatred as they can manage. The effect of all this activity is to make the United Kingdom a more hostile, hate-filled and dangerous place for everyone, regardless of background, religious belief or ethnic group. Golding, Dowson and Fransen are deliberately damaging our society for their own, personal profit.

EBF mini banner

That’s why we’ve spent the last year raising awareness of their lies and abuses. That’s why we’re proud to be doing something positive to counter the hatred they’re trying to create for profit. That’s why we’ll be here for as long as it takes until these cynical profiteers of hate are pushed back under the fascist stone they crawled out from.

“Please pay my fine”

Fuhrer Golding has come unstuck again!

BF Bullying meme EBFSome time ago he was convicted of harrasing an innocent woman in her home. He was also found guilty of the use of political uniforms. That’s been an offence since the 1930s, specifically created to combat the rise of Mosley’s blackshirts. The Blackshirts were British Nazi sympathisers who many would argue were the inspiration behind Britain First’s ideology as well as their dress sense.

Now, having broken the law, Fuhrer Golding has decided that he shouldn’t need to pay the penalty. Instead he wants his followers to do that for him. Ninety of them to be precise.

In typical biffer style, Golding the coward didn’t even have the courage or the decency to ask for the money himself. Instead he got his sidekick, Jayda “Dutchy” Fransen to ask on his behalf.

The latest biffer Email asks supporters to fork out a tenner each to pay Paulie’s fine. To put it another way, Fuhrer Golding continues to make a mockery of the judicial system by attempting to avoid facing the punishment he so richly deserves. This sort of bullying behaviour is very typical of Golding and his thuggish cronies. And it’s not just us at EBF who think so – at least one large social media outlet seems to agree.

BF EBF Golding Harassment doxing

Really, Paulie. Don’t you get it yet? If you want to remain in this wonderful, multicultural country, you really should “respect and abide by our laws!”