Jayda seems a bit worried about something. We wonder why!

This afternoon, after much soul-searching amongst the members of Team EBF at our weekly strategy meeting I posted this blog. It was a largely speculative piece based upon the information that Jayda Fransen had provided on national television during her performance on BBC3’s documentary ‘We Want Our Country Back’. That’s all very much in the public domain. In fact, the Biffers courted the publicity until it became clear that the BBC wasn’t about to engage in a whitewash.

As part of her contribution to the documentary, Jayda made some statements about her past – statements that weren’t completely plausible but that might have garnered her some sympathy, had they been true. And for all the inconsistencies her tale of woe really might be genuine. That was the issue that dominated our discussion today. In short – was Jayda traumatised as a child or wasn’t she?

The blog I wrote summarized our discussion and asked for opinions because quite frankly we just don’t know. Let me put that another way…

We were talking about information that Jayda herself placed in the public domain by raising the issue on national television.

EBF Jayda blog meme

As happens with social media, one person commented and gave his opinion about Jayda’s behaviour. He wrote publicly about information that Jayda herself had already made available on national television. He made no attempt to hide and clearly wasn’t ‘stalking’ Fransen or anyone else.

Britain first responded by researching him on the internet and then doxing him.

So much for their commitment to freedom of speech! So much for their understanding about scrutiny and the public nature of politics!

BF Golding scrutiny pressure politics

It’s almost as if Dutchy Fransen really does have something to hide. Carry on like this Jayda and we’ll start to think that maybe you weren’t being entirely truthful in the first place.

What’s goin’ off man for Mayor of London

Nazis come and Nazis go. Inspired by Adolf Hitler in Germany and his brutal gang of thugs Moseley formed the infamous Blackshirts in the 1930s. Ever since the defeat of Moseley’s ‘British Union of Fascists’ there has been a steady stream of Nazi hopefuls polluting these islands with their vicious sectarian ideology. They come, they enjoy a brief period of fame and then they’re utterly crushed by the right-thinking British majority. Very little has changed in the last 85 years or so.


The rise of popular telecommunication, social media and accessible video technology means that they’re so much easier to laugh at than ever before. In the days of Moseley, Powell, the National Front and even the British National Party it was much easier for them to hide the stupidity of their members and supporters. Now every Tom Dick or Harry has a video camera in their back pocket and every Nazi seems to think they have something interesting to say.

We all remember fondly the pearls of wisdom emanating from the mouth of this would be political pundit on behalf of the English Defence League (EDL).

EDL Muslamic Ray Gun man 2011

A performance only slightly improved upon by his glorious leader, Tommy Robinson who was so thoroughly exposed as a bigoted racist by Jeremy Paxman in 2011.

EDL Tommy Robinson Jeremy Paxman before Luton demo

Few could forget Nick Griffin’s disastrous 2009 appearance on BBC Question Time where, far from persuading people to the Nazi cause he succeeded only in demonstrating his own bigotry and the stupidity of his party’s incoherent policies. You can watch highlights from the show along with a brief introduction of Griffin himself here.

BNP Nick Griffin Question Time 2009

It’s amazing how predictable is the downfall of Nazism once its proponents find themselves in front of an unbiased camera. The collapse of Britain First and its leaders Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen on BBC3 last Tuesday evening was too entertaining for words.

And it wasn’t just the leadership who demonstrated the vacuous reality of British neo-nazism. This bloke’s total lack of understanding was priceless!

BBC3 WWOCB EBF BF goin off Rotherham local

Will ‘What’s Goin’ off man’ achieve the same degree of fame as his EDL counterpart, ‘Muslamic Ray Gun man’? We certainly hope so – there’s no doubt that he deserves widespread recognition for his entertaining and highly informative demonstration of true Biffer mentality.

Maybe we should start a campaign.

What’s goin’ off man for Mayor of London!

We can think of at least one candidate he’d outwit in a heartbeat.

BF Goin off man London Mayor May 2016

What d’you think?

What happened to Jayda Fransen?

During last week’s BBC3 documentary, ‘We want our country back’, Jayda Fransen made some implausible claims. Yes, we know – Jayda’s a Biffer and the Biffers always make implausible claims but these were a bit different. These claims weren’t about ‘evil Muslims’ or the infiltration of our country by ISIS. These were claims about her own past.

BBC3 BF WWOCB Jayda Fransen homeless shelter lie

Fransen claimed on camera that she left home at 14 and the council just put her in a homeless shelter where she lived for 2 or 3 years. This will have been in 2001. We think that’s more than just implausible – it’s a downright lie.

The Children Act gained Royal Assent in 1989. Any local council would have been bound by the Act and its first principle that ‘The welfare of the child is paramount’. Fransen would have been accommodated in a childrens’ home or through fostering. A vulnerable 14 year old girl absolutely would not have been left in a homeless shelter. All British Local Education Authorities (LEAs) have a legal duty to provide full time education to children under 16 and it is inconceivable that a 14 year old (even one in a homeless shelter, let alone foster care or a childrens’ home) would have been denied the opportunity of a state education.

Remarkably enough, this 29 year old woman would have us believe that despite effectively leaving school at 14 she now has a law degree. People can and do pull themselves up by their bootstraps and education is a great way to do it but it takes time. Time that Fransen seems not to have had to work on it. We put together a bit of a timeline to show you what we mean. You can click here to view the Jayda Fransen timeline and supporting evidence as a PDF file.

Jayda timeline

We suspect that this is just another example of Fransen’s transparent and obvious deceit as she attempts to reinvent herself into something more sympathetic and ultimately ‘saleable’. Sources tell us that Uncle Jim Dowson is preparing to dump Golding. The Mayoral campaign will be a humiliation too far and once he’s torn apart by the London electorate he’ll be history. Fransen, we’re told is already being groomed to step into his shoes. Dowson knows how popular she is both as a speaker and as the Biffers never fail to point out on their FB page, the bearer of remarkably big boobs. Many presumably frustrated Biffers have been very clear about what they’d like to do with and to Jayda. For the majority of rank and file Biffer ‘footsoldiers’ political ‘sophistication’ rarely rises above the dubious, visceral delights of hatred, sex and violence. There’s no doubt that sex sells and given the standard far right view of women, Jayda is being more than a little shrewd in making the most of her ‘womanly charms’ to gain popularity. With Dowson’s guidance and backing she’s turning herself into a political commodity with fantasy sex appeal, an invented past and an assumed piousness that just oozes hypocrisy from every pore.

She claims to be a devout Roman Catholic. Some of the most laughable but also cringeworthy moments in the hour long documentary involved Fransen demonstrating a faith she clearly doesn’t hold in a beautiful Norman church somewhere in the countryside. A church with a decidedly Anglican (Protestant) appearance suggesting that she’s most certainly not a regular member of the congregation. Actually she’s unlikely to be part of any established Christian congregation in the UK, especially not since she called for the public hanging of existing church leaders. Her bloodthirsty demand followed an appeal by ‘Churches together’, asking Britain First to desist in its hate campaign against Muslim communities in Luton and Rotherham. Fransen and her cronies have been criticised by senior clerics from all 3 Abrahamic religions, including the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, whose words, predictably fell on deaf ears. If Britain First ever starts lining people up in earnest they’ll need a very long wall to stand them against.

We have to wonder how Jayda found this lovely little church in the first place. The quiet, leafy village is a far cry from the urban sprawl of her council flat in S. London. Jayda actually lives close to Crystal Palace. Perhaps finding a suitable church for Jayda to pose in was the work of the BBC production team?

However she got there, her attempts to display her piety were laughable. Jayda’s melodramatic, overly exaggerated pose and expression whilst kneeling at the alter seemed like something out of Cadfael. Fransen wants us to believe that her faith is important to her. But it’s not her belief, her faith that she cares about so much as our belief in her faith. It’s one thing to kneel at an altar in an empty church. It’s quite another to adopt a Christian lifestyle. Fransen’s attempt to strike a pose of humility and piety, reminiscent of statues and paintings of the Virgin Mary and female Saints was, to anyone who knows what she stands for, both unconvincing and risible.

We don’t believe that Jayda Fransen is a Christian in anything but name. She’s just one more Nazi hi-jacking religion because she thinks it’ll provide her with a respectable image. But it doesn’t. Jayda’s pretension to devotion really just makes her a laughing stock. Her religious pretensions are no more plausible than the revised history of her adolescence. Both were invented to portray a particular, politicised image and both are obvious shams.

BBC3 BF WWOCB EBF Jayda poses as St Catherine of Sienna

Jayda claims to have a ‘Roman Catholic background’. That’s interesting given that the organisation she leads is currently trying to stir up trouble for Irish Roman Catholics by garnering support for the Protestant Unionist cause.

BF Loyalist meme 1

Jayda claims to be Christian and often refers to her ‘Roman Catholic background’, yet her entire income is based upon spreading lies and hatred. This is in direct contravention of the basic Biblical command “Thou shalt not bear false witness”.

EBF BF Angola Gaza mosque ban muslim islam hoax

Jayda claims to be a Christian and yet her whole raison d’etre is to incite violence. This directly opposes the central New Testament instruction to ‘Love thy neighbour’. As the New Testament explains… “You shall know them by their fruits”. Fransen’s fruits are destructive, divisive and about as far removed from Christian devotion as it’s possible to imagine.

BF Full metal jacket fight war islam muslim

In short, Jayda Fransen is not a practising Christian in any meaningful way. She is a shallow, deceitful hypocrite who hijacked Christianity for her own ends just as ISIS has hijacked Islam. Both groups are invested in spreading hatred and both groups represent a cancer that our global society can well do without.

We don’t know what happened to Jayda when she was 14 (if anything) but we know what didn’t. She was not then (and has never been) filled with the love for humanity that truly devout people say they gain from communion with the Divine.

She may or may not have been in a childrens’ home or foster care but wherever she was – she didn’t meet God there. She didn’t get a law degree either!

View from a barstool #2

Another week over and as it’s an international football weekend, discussions over the formations have been put aside for a few hours and the main argument is over Roy’s selection but more importantly the team selected for the pubs mixed pool team for this week coming. Beryl is most put out by being dropped because she was, through drink unable to pick up a cue last week.

So what has this week given us, oh yeah a documentary, that at first, Britain First were happy to take part in but then as it appeared they were being made to look stupid they pulled out like the petulant people they truly are. It was a defeat however Paul and Jayda might try and spin it.

BBC3 BF WWOCB text Jayda pulling out

I have watched this now 3 times, mainly as an admin of Exposing Britain First so that I could be sure that what happened actually happened, but partly so I was able to claim damages off the BBC for making me fall off my stool so many times as Britain First’s two deluded and PR hungry leaders made the whole thing look like a farce.

So many times Paul and Jayda showed themselves to be shabby charlatans staging video’s to show to their asinine followers just how big and powerful they are, when in fact they are nothing more than bigoted cowards who have worked out how to get their gutter politics across on social media.

BBC3 BF WWOCB Paul filming Jayda outside High Court

For all their protestations they entered this program thinking that it would get them into the mainstream, they would be treated with respect within the corridors of power, within the media, and by the man in the street. In 57 minutes they managed to prove to all but a blinkered few that they were nothing but a laughable group of thugs.

The reach they have on social media is alarming, getting their hate filled video’s out to hundreds of thousands in minutes is PR savvy, but then when you see how they manipulate these “sermons” it scares the living daylights out of me. The one outside a Mosque looks like a covert op, drive around a bit check no one big is looking, screech to a halt, pile out of the car quickly unfurl your hateful banner outside film it and run away because a woman in a Burka has clocked you.

BBC3 BF WWOCB Barstool combo banner high court

Then when you come out triumphantly out of the high court and announce to your followers your great victory against the establishment (although as I saw it all they won is the right to march, the other 4 stringent orders were upheld) your mask then slips as one man and his dog show you to be the bully boy you really are, freedom of speech Paul, you love banging on about it so why get your blackshirts threaten this man with “taking off his jaw” This man and his dog have become the instant hero with us that oppose Britain First.

BBC3 BF WWOCB one man and his dog

What about the one in Rotherham, shows Paulie looking smug into the camera and telling his fawning followers they’ve handed out faaasands of sheets of BF toilet paper. Only trouble Paulie you had just turned up and hadn’t given any away. The less said about one interviewee the better…” you know stuff, stuff that they do” pure comedy.

BBC3 WWOCB EBF BF goin off Rotherham local

Throughout we saw the delusional Golding and his faithful lapdog, Jayda, flanked by black shirted thugs trying to be statesmanlike but instead looking every bit the spiv that we all know and dislike, to see him say we are on a level out of this world made me spill my pint, and to say he lives in fear of assassination was amazing, as was the statement that he and Jayda have to move house every 6 months, have bullet proof glass, round the clock security and put grills up everywhere. As Jayda lives in a housing association flat, as I did twenty odd years ago I can tell you putting up a pot plant on a balcony was hard work let alone all of the aforementioned stuff.

BBC3 BF WWOCB security combo Paul Jayda

And now as the dust settles on the documentary the Biffers are doing everything they can do to discredit the BBC, to make them out to be the poor put upon politicians, naive that the BBC could do this to them. My view for what it counts, and seeing the comments fly in on Twitter and FaceBook, they reaped what they sowed, they tried to use the documentary to show themselves as a proper political party, they tried to use the documentary to show that support for the far right Christian movement in this country is followed by millions, they tried to show themselves as a party that is misunderstood. Instead they showed themselves as a group of manipulating thugs, sad, bigoted, lying con artists with an online army from the US, Australia and farmed likes, a group despite their online presence who can muster but a couple of hundred supporters to their rallies.

BBC3 BF EBF WWOCB demo attendance comment

Yes, we’ve all been laughing at Britain First and their leadership, yes their lies and their manipulation of social media has been blown open, but they are still dangerous, they still need to be exposed as charlatans at every step, every time they spread their lies we at Exposing Britain First will be there, everytime they step on the tarmac and march they need to be countered. And everytime they roll up at a Curry house we as anti biffers need to support those businesses. Nothing has changed – nothing will.

EBF blog banner

That’s it for now, Roy made the right decisions, Beryl will cry into her Voddie and Coke, life goes on.


The Landlord

Tonight 9pm BBC3

Tonight the BBC takes a look at Britain First as part of its mini series of documentaries exploring racism and discrimination in modern Britain. The Biffers are already accusing the Beeb of lying in order to discredit them which probably means that the documentary will be an accurate reflection of these neo-nazi cockwombles and their hateful ideology.

EBF BF BBC3 Docu write up meme 2

Make sure you watch it.

Bleeding hearts in Britain First

Some days in our lives we will always remember. Sometimes for happy or sad personal reasons, other days for stunned shock at a world event. We can all remember when and where we first heard the news about the Dunblane killings, Princess Diana’s untimely death, the events of 9/11, Andres Beiviks massacre and the murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby.

I can certainly remember that night, watching in shock as the news unfolded. Lots of conflicting reports and images from social media, so much that didn’t make sense, it seemed unreal. Could this really be happening?

Social media was alight with the news. A friend contacted me to say her son was there at the scene and he had the impression that it couldn’t be real, that it was some kind of drama playing out in front of him. Perhaps that was indicative of the level of shock and horror that we all felt, as a nation, at what was happening on our streets. Did any of us believe that there would ever be anyone beheaded on our streets, especially a young soldier, right outside his barracks.
That shock and disbelief that accompanies it seemed to go on for days, even as more information was gathered and we learned the true horrors of what happened. The entire population of the country was stunned.

None more so – of course – than Lee Rigby’s family. We all empathized so much with his young widow and her small son and with his mother.  We all wondered how we would cope with the news of our own loved ones having such an horrific end, taking in all the details and shedding tears with each of them.

We all empathized with his comrades at the barracks, so close yet so far away, and the feelings of helplessness of the police and eyewitnesses who had to endure the scene. We thought about the courage of the woman who tried to help and the fear of those people who the murderers approached with their blood stained hands  – images that will remain with us for life – and how very much worse for his loved ones.

All of us mourn his loss. All of us feel the impact of the manner of his death – so why is it
that Britain First think that they have the monopoly on this depth of feeling? Why is it that they will NOT let Lee Rigby rest in peace and allow his family to mourn him away from the spectre of extremism?

BF Golding on Andrew Marr show BBCThe answer is really quite simple. They are using him as currency. In spite of his mother’s plea’s for them to keep her son out of their ‘patriotism’, in spite of the Electoral Commission having to issue an apology for allowing his name to be used on Britain First’s voting slips; in spite of all the power that Lyn Rigby could muster, they continue to use him because he is valuable to them.
His value to them lies in gaining likes on their Facebook page. They ask people to click ‘like if you remember’ – which is as meaningful as saying ‘like if the sun rose this morning’, but people WILL click like, because they are nice people, because they DO remember and because we were ALL affected by his death.

Britain First create ‘likes’ for posts about bringing back the death penalty for Lee Rigby’s killers and they allow their supporters full rein on those posts to spout the kind of venom that Lyn Rigby says he would have disapproved of; to call for an eye for an eye; to shout ‘behead them’’ to invent the most excruciating tortures; all of which make them as bad, if not worse than his killers, at least in spirit and attitude.

The thing about those kind of comments, which Britain First admins allow, even encourage, to be posted is that they attempt to give the impression that the commenters are more angry, more outraged, more vengeful than anyone else on these islands of ours. They appear to think that the more grotesque the punishment they can devise means that their anger and sorrow has more gravitas than the rest of us, than those of us who feel empathy for him and his family, than those of us who wish to let him rest in peace, and allow his family to grieve and mourn as they feel.

At Exposing Britain First we have not reacted to all the posts about Lee Rigby. It is a very fine line that we walk. We respect him and his family and their right to their grief and we would never wish to intrude on that. At the same time, we feel the frustration of not being able to stop the inexorable spread of his name as a currency and a trophy for the far right to fight over. How much more must his family feel that.

As another anniversary looms, and the far right try to mobilize in an attempt to highjack a tragic and horrific murder, Exposing Britain First would like to say to Britain First that this is not a competition. We will not compete with you to be the most aggrieved, the most outraged, more angry and vengeful. The perpetrators have been met with British justice and the most aggrieved are Lee Rigby’s family and we extend our every sympathy to them.

The real heroes of Dudley

We promised to tell you more in an earlier post about the continuing adventures of John McKnight and his brilliant band of veterans. They’re a fine illustration of the triumph of peace and tolerance over hate and discrimination. And they did themselves and the people not only of Dudley but the whole of UK proud yesterday.

We were going to write a few hundred words outlining what happened when the veterans visited Dudley to see the Fuhrer but then John sent this video. So we decided just to link to the man himself.

John McKnight in his own words.

John McKnight BF Dudley debrief

Biffer on the Beeb!

Comedy genius, Jayda “Dutchy” Fransen treated us all to an amazingly funny piece of satire on the BBC yesterday. We’re still laughing here at the EBF office. It was hysterical to hear her describe her local boy scout group whilst all the time pretending to talk about Britain First. Political satire at its best. Poor Prole and Kit can still hardly type for laughing.


My personal favourite was when Dutchy described the Biffers as a disciplined movement that’s definitely not like the EDL. That’s offended most of their knuckle-dragging fanbase already. The reference to the Biffer ‘code of conduct’ was comedy gold too. Apparently she’s not into standing around hurling abuse. Or is she?
imageWe were especially entertained by Jayda’s claim that Biffers are somehow law abiding. We weren’t convinced but we were definitely amused.

Allegedly the ‘Bullshit First’ Biffers won’t tolerate ‘bad behaviour’ either. Given their record of intimidation, harrassment, disruption of the peace and generally antisocial exploits we can’t help wondering just what constitutes ‘bad behaviour’ in Jayda’s eyes…..

Disagreeing with Britain First, perhaps?

In that case we’re guilty as charged, along with just about every other British citizen.