EBF BF Armed forces 1We’re sure we’re not the only ones who’ve long wondered just what the Britain First claims about the long-unavailable ‘CRB’ check is all about. On one level, of course it’s just funny. They’re so out of touch that they can’t even use the right term in their lies. The Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check has been unavailable for years. It’s been replaced as part of the wider overhaul of Safeguarding legislation in favour of the new Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check.

The point of the DBS check is to ensure that organisations working with vulnerable groups (health, social services, childrens’ workers, teachers etc) don’t unwittingly employ people who present a risk to the vulnerable people they work with. It’s a highly confidential service and only relevant organisations have access to the information revealed by the check.

One reason for this is because the DBS check doesn’t just rely upon public domain records of convictions. It also includes police intelligence, spent convictions, suspicions and even potential guilt by association. This is because the risk to vulnerable people outweighs the obvious difficulties associated with barring people who may not have been convicted of any crime from working in particular professions. It’s not always fair but the government thinks it’s better than letting people who are likely to be criminal have unrestricted access to easily exploitable potential victims.

Just think about that for a moment though. DBS checks provide information about people who may be completely innocent. That’s justifiable when the checks are used to protect the most vulnerable. It’s not justifiable to use it to decide whether or not a person can be affiliated to a political party. The fact that someone may or may not have a criminal record has no impact upon their right to hold a political viewpoint or to join a Facebook group. There is no legitimate reason for Britain First (a political party) to vet its members through DBS. No political party has access to the DBS checking system. The list of organisations that can access the list is here. It’s easy to see that Britain First would never be able to fulfil these functions. Therefore – they have no access to DBS.

So why on earth would the Biffers want us to think they use DBS (or CRB, since they’re so out of date)? We think that’s obvious.

Claiming to perform these checks provides an air of official respectability. If people think the Biffers are performing DBS checks they may think that they’re somehow more legitimate than they are with their secret Facebook groups. As if such a group could ever be legitimate. It reminds us of the childrens’ ‘I-Spy’ club that some of Team EBF were members of as kids. In return for our parents paying our subscription we received a certificate of membership, a badge proclaiming that we were fully-fledged international spies and the opportunity to buy lots of I-Spy books at no discount. It was essentially worthless in real terms but it made gullible children, desperate to belong to something they thought was ‘special’ feel good. It’s very possible that membership of the Britain First Armed Forces Division is just as insignificant, appealing to the immature, the easily led, the gullible and to those most desperate to ‘belong’. It may well be no more significant than that. That’s what Knights’ Templar International is about and the BFAFD may be no different.

EBF BF KTI join rip off con

But maybe… just maybe…

Let’s assume that Britain First has a more sinister motive than just making money. Let’s assume that they want to recruit potential terrorists as part of some illegal militia. It wouldn’t be the first time that the British far right has set up their own private ‘armies’. Moseley did it with the British Union of Fascists (BUF) before it was disbanded and the man himself imprisoned. The National Front (NF) did it with the subversive violent, mobile thugs of the ‘Inter-city wrecking crew’ and ‘Combat 18’ and who could forget the violent ‘Infidel’ groups formed under the umbrella of the English Defence League’ (EDL)?

SA Brownshirt Nazi 2It’d be no surprise if Golding had similair aspirations. We know he’s violent – he’s even posted videos of himself to remove all doubt. We know his black-shirted ‘security’ thugs are very happy to assault those who get in their way – there are plenty of videos demonstrating that on line too. We also know that Golding has delusions of grandeur and a tendency to reach far beyond his grasp.

The attempt to set up an illegal political militia (Like Hitler’s Brown-shirted SA) would be right up his street. The claim to have access to CRB/DBS would encourage prospective militiamen to self-identify as violent thugs from the outset, thus allowing Golding to know who to recruit into their secret hit-squad bullshit group.

If they want to join BF they are, by definition already sympathetic to the group’s fascist aims.

The disclosure part of the application form identifies the most violent and unscrupulous.

The secret Facebook group provides a means of communication.

Either that or it’s no different from Knights’ Templar International (KTI) and the Tufty club!

The Tufty club

A personal remembrance by an EBF supporter

Unlike many people I haven’t been directly affected by war. My father wasn’t in a war, I have no close personal friends who are or have been in the forces and I never enlisted myself. I did once admire the uniforms and considered a career as a WREN, although options in those days for women were quite limited.

My dad was a child in WWII. He was gas mask monitor at school – can you imagine that? Gas mask monitor?! They had drills to evacuate the school to show the children how to get into the bunkers. He told stories about how a plane crashed in woods nearby and all the children in the town ran up to the woods to see the Gerry, some got a piece of the plane as a trophy. My late father in law grew up next to an Italian PoW camp and told funny stories of how the local children used to run errands for the PoW’s.

PALS battalion marching off to war WW1A more distant figure in my life, my Grandad, enlisted in a Pals Regiment for WWI. He was 16 years old when he signed up. Four friends went together to join for King and country, in response to their local landowner and employer parading on horseback through their village, in uniform with a band playing and flags flying. Two of them came back. Grandad’s friend wrote a book about it. That’s how I know his history. He never talked about it. Not at all. He just came back and picked up his life, married his sweetheart and raised a family.

An uncle, who I saw maybe twice a year, who was invalided out of WWII was in the volunteer fire service in his village. In spite of being somewhat distant, his relatively small experience of war impacted on me the most.  He told me he remembered being at work – he was a farm manager for several estates – and he heard the village siren sounding and sure enough there had been a plane crash.  He had been deeply affected by finding bits of a man’s body scattered about the field, he couldn’t erase the image of tht man’s severed hand just lying there.

These aren’t huge or heroic stories. These are the stories if ordinary people who lived their lives…but when my uncle told me about his experience, he was crying. I was around 7 and was in church with him on Remembrance Sunday and I asked him why he wasn’t singing. We were supposed to be singing ‘For Those in Peril on the Sea’ and he didn’t sing. The answer was, he couldn’t. I can still see the look on his face as he turned to me and the tears spilled over his eyes. He gestured for me to shush and dried his eyes as we sat down.  Afterwards, after the laying of the wreaths and the last notes of the last post had died away, he sat me down in front of the war memorial and told me about all his friends who had died, how he lost everyone he knew and wasn’t with them. Instead of being there he was picking up severed arms in fields, and he cried. I’d never seen a man cry until then and his pain was so real. He impressed upon me the belief that we must never, never forget.

And I haven’t forgotten. As I’ve got older I’ve become much more left wing than any members of my family, joined CND and the Stop the War Coalition. I’ve learned the history of the White Poppy and the Purple Poppy. I’ve considered how I should still remember without glorification of war and the military and how I could show that I sought peace without insulting those who have suffered.

I am asked, occasionally, why I wear three poppies. Not many are aware of the purple poppy to remember how we have abused animals in the name of war and that is easily explained, but people seem to think that I should choose the red or the white. I should choose between remembering and a belief that killing should stop. I ask them who they think would go through war again; the old boys and girls who lived through WWII and parade with their polished medals remembering comrades who didn’t come home? Those who stayed here and lost friends and family? Those who came back with life changing injuries? What about the Falklands veterans who have told me their own horror stories or the young men now, returning from Afghanistan having seen things that humans should never have to witness and endure. Do they still think it’s a good idea for more people to go through that? I don’t and it’s my right not to want that to happen again. My white poppy represents both remembering the loss and pain, and the desire for peace.

remembrance armistice poppy cenotaphSo why wear a red poppy at all? Because my white poppy offends people. Because wearing a red poppy has become almost compulsory, and not to wear one is thought to spit on the memory of the fallen. Because it can be seen as an affront to all those old boys and girls who think I hate what they did.  And because I do remember them.

Because I am anti-war, doesn’t mean I am anti soldier/airman/sailor. Because I want peace, doesn’t mean I don’t realise that sometimes we are told that war is a necessary evil and because I wear a white poppy next to my red one it doesn’t mean that I don’t respect and remember the dead and injured from conflicts past and present.

As the mother of four sons, who cried as ships set sail for the Falklands with my baby son on my knee, so sad that some mothers babies wouldn’t be coming back, I empathise with families today who are still facing their terrible loss. And not only for people who have lost their lives, but for those who didn’t, like my Grandad who never spoke about his experience but who’s friend’s book told it all, and explained why Grandad didn’t sleep. And my uncle who’s relatively minimal experience of war affected him and subsequently me, so much.

I now wear three poppies, to remember and to wish it never happens again.  I no longer attend Remembrance Sunday with its military and quasi-military parades encouraging children to march – even the Brownies – to glorify the war dead. I go instead on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month to a small handful of graves in the corner of the local cemetery and I stand there in silence – well, not always silence, I must admit, sometimes my sobs can be heard.

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They fought for us – Introduction


WW1 lying in waitWe thought we’d have a break from the negativity of Britain First and take some time to appreciate the selfless courage and sacrifice of those who have defended freedom and liberty across the globe instead. Even the EBF team gets weary of constantly reviewing the antics of our species’ worst and most hateful, bloodthirsty members. So just for one day we’ve published a series of articles about real heroes instead.

Each hour from 11am on November 11th 2015 sees a different article on the EBF blog – an article that focuses upon courage, selfless heroism and the lived reality of war with all its human costs. Taking bravery in conflict as our theme we’ve collected these articles into a single PDF document. Along with the rest of the day’s EBF activity on Facebook and Twitter, these articles are our way of honouring the courageous, the wounded and the fallen heroes of armed conflict from 1914 until the present day.

Here at EBF we’re dedicated to peace but still respect those thrown into battles they never chose but who rose to the occasion anyway. These are the men and women who fought and died for the freedom that we Brits continue to enjoy. These are real heroes whose courage and sacrifice represent a debt that can never be repaid.

We hope you’ll find this set of Armistice Day blogs inspiring. It’s possible to despise war and yet still appreciate the valiant individuals who, when faced with unimaginable horror still found it within themselves to give their all.

Please consider making a contribution to help those who gave so much and to support their families by donating as much as you can afford to the Royal British Legion here.

You can view all the day’s posts on line by clicking on the blog category here.


The eleventh hour

A personal remembrance

Ali Haider

Mir Dast VC

Walter Tull

Khudadad Khan

Sepoys who served Britain

Private William McBride

World War II

A wartime childhood

Mahmood Khan Durrani

Noor Inayat Khan

Remembrance, what it means to me

The Free Polish Air Force (302 & 303 squadrons)

Fighting for Poland and for Britain too (by EBF Admin, ‘Yifter’)

Matt Goslin’s remembrance

Abdol-Hossein Sardari: Islam’s Oskar Schindler

Post WW2 conflicts

From WW2 to the modern world

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Armistice Day 2015

EBF They fought for us PDF cover armistice remembrance ww1 ww2 war hero poppyOn November 11th 2015, Exposing Britain First will remember the 11 million military personnel and the 7 million civilian men, women and children who lost their lives in The Great War. We also will take the opportunity to commemorate those who have fallen in future conflicts in defence of our freedoms and especially in the defeat of the Nazis during World War II.

It was the struggle against Nazism in the Second World War that led to the freedoms of the modern world and it is in defence of those freedoms that we at EBF are dedicated. We aren’t exactly soldiers and most of us have never been on an active battlefield but that doesn’t prevent our respect for those who have. It certainly doesn’t keep us from trying to protect the freedoms and liberties for which they fought, freedoms that Britain First would remove from this wonderfully diverse country and its citizens.

We don’t want to glorify war but equally we think it appropriate to remember those who were caught up in it. Wars are started by politicians but on the whole, they are fought by ordinary people. Governments start wars but those who are governed die in them.

There have been many heroes from across the world who fought on behalf of freedom for all people. These individuals faced great dangers and often lost their lives in defence of the liberties that we Brits enjoy today. It is right that we honour their sacrifice, that we remember their cause and that we do what little we can to alleviate the suffering of the wounded and the bereaved today.

Beginning at 11am on November 11th (the eleventh hour of the eleventh day) we will publish each hour on the hour a series of blog posts in honour of those whose lives were lost in both World War I and World War II. Each blog will contain a link to the Royal British Legion site where you can donate to support those who remain.

If you have a story to tell, perhaps about your own relative or even about yourself and your experiences in wartime let us know. Send us your articles and we’ll do our best to include them. Please note however, the focus of the day’s blogs will be remembrance of war, not upon the evils of Britain First. There are 364 other days in a year to expose modern Nazism. On Armistice Day we’re much more concerned with remembering those who beat the Nazis down last time than with focusing upon their modern ideological descendants.

You can submit your articles for inclusion on the day and/or in the PDF collection by emailing the EBF blog at It’d be great to include more from our supporters. Please note that EBF does reserve the right to edit for spelling and grammar, to correct inaccuracies and to provide internet links if necessary (including the link to the RBL for donations). We also reserve the right to reject articles that don’t fit the themes of the Armistice Day project as a whole.

This link leads to a special blog category which we have developed specifically for Armistice Day. Every one of our hourly blogs will link to it so all you need to do is click here to follow the collection as it unfolds on Armistice Day.

We will also produce a PDF collection of all the blogs in the series which will be available for download from 11/11/15 onwards, complete with links to the Royal British Legion should you wish to make a donation to that great cause.

The Biffers are outraged!

An injured serviceman was treated stupidly by an anonymous member of A&E staff who apparently thought that it would be OK to move him out of sight  rather than risk another altercation (like the one they’d previously experienced).

This wasn’t the best decision the health care worker could have made but it’s hardly worth the foam fest that the Biffers are making of it. Think about it…

There are 1.3 million people employed by the NHS according to the Health and Social Care Information Centre


NHS workforce statistic

Many more will work within the NHS under other arrangements such as agency workers or charity volunteers. That’s a lot of people.

Within that varied workforce, just like in any other large workforce, you can find just about anything you care to look for. You’ll find the good, the bad and even the particularly unpleasant.

You’ll find killers

Stepping Hill killer nurse

You’ll find victims

pregnant nurse assaulted

You’ll find racists

Lisa Kane headline

You’ll find heroes

Alder Hey hero nurse

You’ll find fraudsters

Doctor fraud nhs jail

And, of course you’ll find good people making honest mistakes in good faith.

RAF sergeant hospital a&e

A&E staff have many problems to deal with and they don’t always have the time to think things through in the middle of a busy shift. It’s clear that the intention to avoid a repeat of previous problems was honest, even though the decision itself showed poor judgement.

We think that the Biffers reaction to this pointless tale of one person in 1.3 million making a mistake in good faith is a little over the top. What do you think?


Bear in mind that the article said nothing at all about Islam, Muslims or Syrian immigrants at all.

BF QEQM NHS RAF comments 1

When did it become about housing?

BF QEQM NHS RAF comments 2

More assumptions about Muslims (who seemingly had absolutely nothing to do with this decision)

BF QEQM NHS RAF comments 3

We owe Britain First troublemakers nothing either.

Biffer’s bravery medal

KF Big Walt Ninja gnome“Right then, Biffer. Get your kit.”

Big Walt Lomax, dressed in full Ninja regalia (he thinks he’s a martial arts expert as well as everything else) looked serious. His clothes looked ridiculous but his face was serious.

“What’s going on?” Inquired Biffer.

“We’re off on a dangerous mission.”

Big Walt could hardly contain himself as the excitement mounted within his gnomish chest. He was certain there’d be another medal in it for him. Walt was the most decorated Kenneler so far, having been decorated for courage in campaigns including sneaking bravely around outside rescue kennels when nobody was there to notice to courageously shouting abuse at lefties from the safety of a police kettle. He once got decorated for performing a particularly loud sneeze within earshot of a dogs’ rescue centre where, for all anybody knew, there might have been Mongrels. Puppy Paul thought the sneeze sounded a bit like a roar and quickly declared it ‘The most bravest, patriotiest act any Kenneler had ever done, innit?’.

Biffer and his KF capBiffer gathered his ‘kit’ which consisted of nothing more than his new Kennels First cap and ‘fell in’ behind Big Walt.

“Where are we going, Big Walt?” The little Labradoodle inquired.

“That’s Captain Walt, to you!”

Biffer rolled his little eyes as he trotted obediently behind the pretentious gnome.

“I’m sorry Captain Walt, Sir. Can you please tell me where we’re going?”

“Top secret, innit.”

‘Oh for pity’s sake’ thought Biffer. This playing soldiers thing was already wearing thin and he’d only been a Kenneler for an hour or two. But he couldn’t help but smile at the ridiculousness of the scene as he and the rest of the assorted Kennelers fell into line behind this demented garden gnome and the puny puppy who ‘marched’, or more accurately ‘shuffled’ beside him.

Before he could lose himself in the comedy gold that was Kennels First’s rag tag route march, Biffer’s attention was taken by something even more ridiculous. Jayda cat’s long, white tail slithered snake-like over his shoulder and on toward Puppy Paul and Walt in the front rank ahead. On and on it went, further than any cat’s tail had any business going until it passed even Big Walt’s Ninja style fishing rod.

Jayda cats tail“Is that real?” Biffer couldn’t help himself. The words just popped out of his mouth.

“Of course not.” Hissed Slattery cat maliciously, hardly bothering to hide the hatred and avarice in her vindictive voice.

“She’s just been to the vets. She’s had another extension done”

“Aren’t tail extensions expensive?”

How on earth could Jayda, an unemployed, failed parliamentary candidate afford even a single tail extension, let alone several?

“Donations.” Hissed Slattery cat.

Suddenly it all made sense. Biffer had always wondered what happened to all the fundraising money Kennels First received from rank and file Kennelers. Now he knew. It went on Jayda cat’s tail extensions.

Clever BesserNot just Jayda cat’s unfeasibly long tail, of course. Puppy Paul had also been for cosmetic surgery. In his case it wasn’t tail extensions though.He’d had several stomach enlargements and a couple of extra chins fitted too. Of course!

Slattery cat fell silent, contenting herself by making suggestive glances at Bulldog Lewis who’d recently managed to pick himself up after his latest fall. Biffer sniggered as Clever Besser blundered into Slattery’s line of sight and found himself the apparent recipient of the capricious pussy’s suggestive and amorous glances. Slattery cat hissed her disapproval. Clever Besser looked confused.

“Keep it tight people, we’re almost there.” Puppy Paul announced, quietly sliding through the ranks to take up his usual position at the rear.

“Lock and load!” whispered Big Walt Lomax.

The Kennelers’ ‘Armed Forces Division’ licked their lips in perfect unison at the prospect of the conflict to come.

KF Walts Nazi salute gnomes captioned“I hope you’re ready Biffer. This will be the scariest battle yet!” Slattery cat was positively purring at the prospect of a fight.

“Who’s the enemy?”

The little labradoodle felt himself begin to tremble. Had he bitten off more than he could chew? He was, after all a writer, not a fighter.

“It’s a really big opponent we’re facing today, rookie.” Said Big Walt as the Biffers rounded the corner into Ladesfield Rd. “There’s our enemy.”

“Where? Are they in that old building?”

Biffer could hardly imagine what horrors lay behind the walls and dark windows of the apparently derelict building ahead. What terrible enemy might lurk there? Lefties? Mongrels? Council workers?

“It IS the building!”

KF Kennels First Biffer labradoodle Whitstable pissing competition

Jayda cat flicked her ever-lengthening tail toward the derelict nursing home. Her ice-cold hissing voice sent shivers down Biffer’s spine as she spoke. Shivering or not, Biffer found the stupidity of attacking a derelict nursing home impossible to ignore.

“What the feck? How do we fight an empty building?”

“Never underestimate the enemy.”

Bulldog Lewis’ sage advice seemed all the more impressive, spoken as it was mid fall. Seconds later the RCO Kenneler was flat on his back in the waste ground. He’d get another medal for that. Once again Bulldog had fallen in the line of duty. That’s about as bad as these things get when you’re just playing at soldiers instead of actually serving in a real war zone.

KF Walts army toy soldiers“OK ladies, fall in. No offence intended, Lewis.”

Big Walt arranged the Armed Forces Division in the empty car park. That was a familiar manoeuvre for the Kennelers. They liked attacking parking areas. They’ve even been known to attack car park barriers in particularly brave moments. Today wouldn’t be one of those days though.

Biffer braced himself for – well he wasn’t sure what for. What horrors could the car park of an empty care home hold? Really – what? Only time would tell.

The young Labradoodle took a deep breath and steeled himself for a fight.

“Right then – that’s enough of that.”

Puppy Paul shouted from the rear.


“Pub!” replied Jayda cat.

KF medalIn the best display of well-drilled synchronicity they’d shown all day the Kennelers turned in unison, congratulated themselves on their bravery in The battle of the empty (but ever so scary) care home and set off down the boozer.

“So ends your first day of action with the Kennelers” Said Big Walt, handing Biffer his bravery medal.

“Well done lad.”

“You think I’m brave? But we haven’t done anything!”

Clever Besser looked confused. Slattery cat and Bulldog Lewis were already looking for the bar.

“Feckin’ amateurs!” Exclaimed Spidery Jim

When politics goes bad

We’ve all heard about political dirty tricks.

We’ve all been scandalised by reports of underhand attempts by tin-pot fascists in banana republics to silence political opponents. We’ve all become used to the principles of representative democracy in which people of all political persuasions are able to get their message out to let the public decide.

In a democracy it doesn’t matter that we disagree – we still have to respect the right of other people to say their piece. Of course there are limits to that. We’re not allowed to incite racial or religious hatred, for example but we can still say what we mean.

Imagine what it would be like if a British political party ignored those hard-won British democratic values and tried to silence their political opponents. Imagine if they did so covertly as though they were some sort of quasi-military intelligence unit conducting ‘black ops’. How would that fit with traditional British values of fair play?

BF covert intelligence FB 5

Over the last ten years or so British citizens have changed the way they participate in politics. No longer do we sit passively in front of our TVs or quietly accept newspaper editorials as though they somehow have a monopoly on political thinking. We use social media. This generation, more than any other before it has the ability to discuss, to dissent, to promote and to debate across the political spectrum. And our political opportunities are so much the better as a result.

Imagine if a political party took it upon itself to decide who should or should not have access to social media. To decide who can and who cannot be heard in British democracy. There’d be an outcry – and rightly so.

BF covert intelligence FB 7

But, of course – that could never happen here…. or could it?

Well – actually, yes. There is a registered political party operating in Britain that’s trying to do just that. And they’re doing it by underhand means. They even give their covert activities the feel of a military operation, dressing up their dishonest attempts to subvert the freedom of expression of British citizens with terms like ‘intelligence’ or ‘operation’.

Even more hypocritically, they are setting up false accounts intended to complain about other, genuinely legitimate activists whom they falsely accuse of having created false accounts. They even issued instructions to their ‘operatives’ on how to create seemingly plausible fake accounts, known as ‘sock puppets’. The fact that these instructions are laughably superficial and would result in obviously fake accounts isn’t the point. The intention is clear.

BF covert intelligence FB 4

And it’s not hard to understand why they’re doing this. They’ve tried silencing their political opponents in other ways already and although they’ve had some success it’s really not been very effective. As much as anything else their attempts to make people ‘go away’ through face to face intimidation or via Email and postal threats have just made them a laughing stock. This ‘political party’ is now understood by all but its most blinkered supporters to be nothing more than a bunch of thugs trying to mask their white supremacist agenda behind real politics. They promote a bizarre definition of ‘Britishness’ that none but the most racist nationalists recognize at all.

So they’re trying a different tack – one that they naively suppose might be more subtle than out and out, in your face aggression. But once again, they’ve got it wrong. Once again they’re just showing themselves up for the undemocratic, unBritish, unpatriotic, unreasonable and uneducated buffoons they really are.

BF covert intelligence FB 9

What would you think of a registered political party that so ignored traditional British values of democracy and free expression? What would you say about such a party if it tried to convince you that it was concerned about preserving British values? What would you think of a political organisation that just tries to silence political opposition rather than debate with its detractors?

We know how we’d describe them.

We’d describe them as ‘Fascists’.

They describe themselves as ‘Britain First’!

BF covert intelligence FB 8

Hat tip…

EBF gratefully acknowledges the HM Armed Forces past and present that do not like Britain First community for bringing this ‘intelligence’ fiasco to our attention. That’s what happens when real servicemen and women take an interest in tin pot Nazis who merely  dream of playing soldiers on social media. There really isn’t any contest.

HM Armed Forces past and present that do not like BF community

It’s truly impressive for a paramilitary style intelligence organisation to find itself infiltrated on its first weekend of operations, isn’t it?


We didn’t think so either.

Supremacy of the Military

Even when there are widespread domestic problems, the military is given a disproportionate amount of government funding, and the domestic agenda is neglected. Soldiers and military service are glamorized.”

Britt’s fourth characteristic, military supremacy, is very definitely aspirational so far as Britain First is concerned. They have absolutely no control over UK’s armed forces and in fact are hated by most serving soldiers and veterans. That doesn’t stop them hi-jacking the forces for their own ends though.

Facebook meme after Facebook meme encourages us all to ‘support our troops’ whilst all the while the Biffers rip off armed forces’ charities like Help for Heroes and the Royal British Legion. Their constant abuse of the late Lee Rigby’s memory, despite the pleas of his family to stop are nothing short of disgusting. The way they hijack pictures of soldiers on manoeuvres and refuse to take them down when requested by British regiments is equally disrespectful. But their constant misuse of forces imagery maintains the myth that Britain First respects and values the military.

Fascist BF 4

The truth is that Britain First would only really support a very different military. They want a military that would further their nationalistic, racist, religious and paranoid aims. They want a crusade. They want a Holy war against Islam and all non-Christians. That’s why they post so many images of medieval Crusaders in shining armour. It’s all part of the aggressive nationalist, Christian fantasy.

Biffers glorify our current armed forces but really they would change almost everything about the modern forces, turning them into a hostile, invading force intended to eradicate anyone who Britain First decided was unworthy of life.

Based on the article ‘The 14 characteristics of Fascism’ by Lawrence Britt