A view from a barstool #32 by Landlord

As I rapidly approach my first anniversary as an EBF team admin, I thought I’d share a few before and after snapshots of my life as an admin on this superb page, fash fatigue and the laughs and tears that we’ve shared in this time.

Beer 2Before joining Team EBF I was very much fighting the right wing, trolling various pages with mates and making an annoyance of ourselves. The EDL, various Infidel pages, Casuals, and of course Britain First all had visits. But thinking back on it, it never made any difference to the way they thought. To bastardise a Farage (ugh) phrase, “racist means racist.” Although it was fun, and made me many new facebook friends I wasn’t going to change the knuckledragging idiots nor stop their disgusting lies.

Then out of the blue I was messaged by Prole who asked me if I would like to join the page (knowing now what I’ve learnt about selecting admins I feel very humbled), I didn’t take long to agree, the Biffers are the worst of the knuckledraggers, so I was introduced into the murky world of all things Goldibollocks and the guys behind the page.

My world changed. My day now consists of getting the kids up for school and on the way home stopping off at the corner shop for a dose of nicotine, caffiene energy drinks and a quick peruse of the front pages of the fash bibles, the doom and gloom twins aka the Fail and Liexpress. When I get back in, it’s cash up and get the pub ready and check twitter, Facebook and the world media for stories that help debunk the lies peddled everyday in Bifferdom. I stopped buying newspapers and watching the news when I got into fash fighting, I realised that propaganda comes in many guises so I just stopped. To this day I can’t bring myself to visit the Biffer page, as I like most of you are banned I just screamed “LIES” but can do nothing about it. Fortunately others in Team EBF have a tougher resolve, they are evenable to sit through the video’s that Screechy puts out with her voice and the hideous lies that they peddle.

After opening the pub doors, I’m able to answer pm’s to page or your links. Again these are invaluable to us as we always miss something (akin to the landlady always spotting a stray cobweb when I finish cleaning the living quarters) I also have a lovely chat to Reg, a lovely 60 year old Rasta and his wife and Mo the postie about life and the problems they, as darker skinned members of the community, have endured. Then it’s back to work on the page, discussing within the team whether such and such should go up, proof reading memes etc etc and that’s how it goes on all day, discussions, decisions and scheduling.

An accusation that gets thrown at us quite regularly is that we are terrorist appeasers, Muslim apologists, muslims and lefty traitors. The terrorist atrocities carried out over this past year have left the office in a stunned silence many of the team in tears, me a six foot plus barman with a lump in my throat, and an unspoken question of how can we defend this. The answer my friends is we don’t. Like every other right (left) minded person on this planet we can see that these murders are carried out by a miniscule percentage of so called religious zealots who are hell bent on circulating fear. Bomb somewhere and get wall to wall coverage for the next week from a media who have an agenda. Then watch every right wing page do your bidding and spread fear and islamaphobia across social media, in fact Daesh’s social media boss must have the easiest job in propaganda circles. So we don’t defend it, we publish stories that show the other 99.9% of Muslims hate Daesh as much as we do, are affected by the same feelings as we have, but they unlike us are vilified.

Then there are the good times, the Southend Network news piece about the hot cross buns, Kingsmill loaves being Halal, Cadbury’s Easter eggs no longer having Easter on them all of these and others sending the frothing biffers into apoplexy and us into fits of pissing ourselves.

There are also the begging Emails and video’s that make me wet myself at the gullibility of their Sheeple, the Election campaigns, Mosque raids, and so on that we need to counter and we do.

There you have it, a year in EBF, a year in which I have learnt about who TellMama, Hope not hate, KTI,Jim Dowson and Joshua Bonehill are. A year in which Champagne moments are mixed with lukewarm cheap lager days, but never ever boring.


A sad farewell

Team EBF is a little thinner on the ground today than we were this time last week. Being part of a group like EBF can be stressful and sometimes differences arise that just can’t be resolved. It’s nobody’s fault – it just happens.

I’m stalling because I really don’t want to type the next few lines but I think I must. So here goes….

Hulk and Tank Girl have come to the decision that they must leave the group. That doesn’t mean they’re no longer going to involve themselves in fighting the fash – they’re far too dedicated and committed as individuals for that.

Hulk and tank girl smash the fash FB page.png

Those of us who remain are genuinely sorry to see them go. Tank Girl was a relative newcomer to our ranks but she most certainly proved her worth and her contributions to EBF were invaluable. She was (and is) a fine friend to the page. Hulk has been with us rather longer and I don’t think I need to point out to our many followers just how invaluable he was. There aren’t too many Hulk-sized admins kicking around for us to approach.

The good news is that Hulk and Tank Girl have made it clear that they intend to continue their work, just in a different context. You can follow their new venture on Facebook here. They’re only a click away! We urge you to support them. It’s not easy getting a new page off the ground and if they can retain the support they helped to build here at EBF that’d be great. We’re all still on the same side and we really wish them well.

Thankyou Hulk and Tank Girl…

We wish you well.

Why I Expose Britain First – Kit

As Landlord decided to write a blog about why he decided to join the EBF, I thought I (Kit) would give it a go.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always challenged injustice, even if it goes against popular opinion. I was always the child that asked ‘but why’ about everything, even if it got me into trouble, which it often did.

BF EBF Kit injustice mosque invasion

Since the birth of the Internet, I’ve kept up with the news online. What struck me was the increasing lack of empathy and judgemental attitudes, coming from people on news and social media sites. There is one story I recall, it was on my local news site. It was about an elderly man who forgot to change the batteries in his smoke alarm. His house burned down. He escaped with his life but he lost everything and he didn’t have insurance. I was utterly appalled by the comments on the article. There was little sympathy for him at all, in fact most people said it was his own fault. When I commented to offer my sympathy and to express my horror at the lack of empathy, I was insulted and called a do-gooder. It’s all too familiar now.

This brings me onto Britain First. I stumbled across it because a family member had shared a meme. I clicked on it and at first I thought that it seemed to be a place in which to debate things people seem to be worried about. So I started joining in. I was a bit confused with some of the memes and stories because they weren’t factually correct. I could see people were getting angry about things that weren’t true, so I started to provide more factual sources. I wasn’t called a do-gooder then. I was subjected to a tirade of abuse on their page and in private messages. Then I was blocked from commenting. I saw that the people who had abused me were allowed to remain, that was an injustice! I could not believe that there was a page like it. I was immediately concerned about the nastiness that was allowed to breed there while any dissent was blocked.

I started to do some research about Britain First. It didn’t take me very long to find groups commenting about them. I found Exposing Britain First. I could see that EBF were challenging Britain First and more and more people were joining who’d had the same experiences. So I started joining in, helping with research. I couldn’t challenge Britain First on their own page but I wanted to let them know that they may have created an echo chamber of hate but they could and should be challenged. So when I was offered an admin roll, I jumped at the chance and here I am.

Exposing Britain First doesn’t just deal exclusively with exposing Britain First. It also provides a space for people to counter some of pure hatred that exists on many social media platforms. It’s really helped to know just how many lovely caring people there are and that empathy does still exist. – Kit