A view from the cellar 8

Landlord in cellarOnce again apologies for my lack of blog over the weekend, the family are away and a weeks bachelorhood has caught up with me.

Apologies are due as well to the biffers, we never thought they’d do it but they have, Goldibollocks has reached the required funds for the mayoral campaign, and his family and Screechy have made it onto the list as candidates for the London Assembly. So now the hard work begins for us…hassle and expose them at every turn. The great thing is they will be going head to head with skilled debaters, career politicians and interviewers who won’t take the blatant lies they come out with (if they get interviewed at all.) The Fuhrer-bunker seems to think that their brand of islamaphobic tosh will be lapped up by white Londoners all over the capital.

Here’s my take on a possible interview with Jezza Paxman…

  1. JP. Welcome to Paul Goldibollocks and Screechy Fransen who have become leading contenders in the race for mayor and London assembly.
  2. GS. Thanks Jeremy, Can I just say that there will be no more mosques in London and the current ones pulled down so we can build more churches.
  3. JP. Thanks for that. I need to ask what you will do with the £17 billion budget that you will have once you take up the role.
  4. GS. We will make sure that Greggs are on every corner of every street, our mate Stevey Lewis then can walk about with our shittroopers making sure that anyone wearing a burka will be made to change into revealing get up. Then we will build a wall round London, kick the immigrants out and keep London for the white English.
  5. JP. Controversial stuff, what about policing, health care, social housing, lighting and all the other things that are needed.
  6. GS. Well there will be no need for police as when all the immigrants go there will be no crime, my private security team will make sure of that. Health care will be fine as the muzzies will no longer take up any time, lighting is no problem as the sun shines out of screechys arse. We’ll have around 16 billion to spend on Screechy’s tits and holidays. Also we can repay Uncle Jim.
  7. JP. So Screechy what about you what are your first few days in office going to be like?
  8. No more mosques, ban the burka, god is great, prayers for everyone, bloody muzzies?
  9. JP. So what about the…..
  10. GS. Stop bullying us, we’ve told you with no muzzies, no burkas and no mosques and all will be sweet.
  11. JP. but….
  12. GS. Typical lefty journalism, appeasers and bias against us.
  13. JP. Surely you can tell us..
  14. GS. I’ve told you before I’m telling you again, my security team are just getting the nooses ready now, all the problems in London are muzzies.

EBF BF Paxo golding paxman.png

We’ve looked everywhere but can’t see how the very fuck they are going to be able to talk about anything other than their disgusting “keeping Britain British”  mantra. They will have no answer to the established parties asking them proper questions about the budget, yet they see this as a chance to go into the mainstream of British Politics. Somehow they think that a million or so likes on Facebook equates to large swathes of support on the ground. I’m hoping that when they get hardly any support they’ll realise that all they are is media junkies, no better than those who go on the Jeremy Kyle show or try out on the Xfactor pop Idol thingy. Goldy and Screechy, no one listens to you, no one wants you, and London certainly doesn’t deserve your publications or papers.

Tommy Robinson smirkThe far right came out to play again at the weekend, firstly in Dover under the guise of supporting our truckers. The casuals that were there barely managed to get 50 people on the ground to march along the seafront. They were countered by around 800-1000 antifa. The local Tory bloke wasn’t happy and seemed to slam the ‘lefteyes’ for blocking the road to stop the fash..needless to say the twatter lines slammed him. Secondly, our mate Tommy was back with his new breed of racism in Birmingham with Pegida. A staggering 30 people turned up for a stroll round a deserted industrial estate despite the boast that this march would attract 10000. He wants another go and now will take his brand of bollocks to Rotherham.

Pie and Mash, they who left the EDL for being too nice, want to go to back to Dover at the end of the month, a move that can only mean one thing, a drunken brawl.

So once again, although the headlines are all about a triumphant move for mayor, the far right can’t get anyone out to support them.

Now I think I better toddle off and do a weeks washing up before the Landlady comes home.

It’s a nest!

It’s a nest (and Christine’s the queen)

The problem we face when investigating Britain first’s line up of political lightweights is the remarkable lack of available information. That’s what happens when you field novice candidates. They’ve done nothing significant in their whole lives until allying themselves with the Golding family business and joining the fash. Arguably even that isn’t particularly significant. They’re still lightweights, after all.

What we do know about them are their addresses. Actually that in itself is pretty interesting. As we look at the relationships between the Biffer candidates a striking pattern begins to emerge. We’d originally thought that the key figure, the one ‘wearing the trousers’ at Britain first was Paul “Der Fuhrer” Golding. But we were wrong. The common thread holding this nest of Nazis together isn’t Paulie – it’s his Mummy.

There are two strands, two threads linking these would-be representatives of British Nazism. One is about blood and the other is about geography. And both lead undeniably back to Christine Smith, not to Der Fuhrer. She might look like a harmless little old lady but looks can be deceptive. If Bexley contains a nest of Nazi wannabes then Christine is most definitely the Queen. Paulie is merely another drone supporting his Mummy’s dream of an all white, racially pure and religiously uniform society.

Why are the links to Paulie’s mother so much stronger than they are to Der fuhrer himself? It’s not as though Paulie doesn’t know any Nazis.

BF EBF geographical spread of candidates for the London Assembly 2016.png

Is Christine the real power behind the neo-nazi throne?

This wouldn’t be the first time British leaders have been little more than puppets for their Mummies. King John, the hated 13th century monarch only managed to hang on to the crown so long because of the efforts of his mother, Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine. The despised, debauched  wastrel, George IV only managed to cling on to his reputation with his mother’s help, sinking into utter depravity, incompetence and gluttony after her death.

Nothing positive ever comes from the elevation of weak leaders who rely upon others to direct them. The outcome is likely to be even worse when the power behind the throne is a Nazi. Christine Smith (Paulie’s mummy) is no Irene du Pont but she is the undisputed Queen of a particularly nasty nest of neo-nazis and she certainly appears to wear the trousers in the Smith/Golding/Elstone family firm.

We wonder how many rank and file biffers realise that their illustrious leader is such a Mummy’s boy.

EBF BF Whos who relationship of London Assembly election 2016 candidates  to Christine Smith

Where does this cabal leave Dutchy Fransen? Is this why she abandoned her chance to take over from Paulie? The real Fuhrer wouldn’t take too kindly to Jayda ousting her son from the family firm.

BF EBF whos  who London Assembly Christine Smith's family firm candidates election 2016

Not quite Dick Whittington but Golding does have a cat

We have to admit we didn’t think they’d get this far. Fuhrer Golding and his financier, Jim Dowson really have managed to wrangle some more financial backing out of their ‘anonymous’ donors. Not only that, it didn’t all go on acquiring pies for Lewis and kebabs for Paulie. Consequently Der Fuhrer really has got himself registered as a candidate for the London elections.

Not that he stands much of a chance. His previous ‘political’ activity as a BNP local councillor (how telling is that?) left an awful lot to be desired. The residents of Swanley were certainly less than impressed.

EBF BF Londons last stand mayor election May 5th

And yet here he is listed as a candidate for one of the most significant elected offices in the country, following his vast experience of a single, insignificant term on a small local council.

To stand such an obvious no-hoper in such an important election shows a real contempt for the office of Mayor and for the people of London who undoubtedly deserve someone much more competent and experienced than Golding. But that’s not the half of it. Have a look at the list of candidates Britain First is standing for the London Assembly. What sort of political party is so desperate for credible (ahem) members that they need to draft in the leader’s extended family to make up the numbers?

Biffers London montageNepotism rules in fascist political hierarchies and Britain First certainly fit the fascist bill with their incessant nationalism (even making ‘Putting British people first’ their election slogan) and utter contempt for everyone, British or not who isn’t both white and politically Far-right. They’d even go as far as to hang anyone who disagrees with them given the chance to do so. That’s probably why they couldn’t get any serious politicians to stand for them and had to rely on Paulie’s relatives instead.

According to Brian Furth Golding’s household pets were disqualified on the grounds that they’re household pets (shame)

BF EBF london assembly candidates 2016 Golding pets fluffy river disqualified

Actually that’s just as well since Golding’s cat, Fluffy is thinking of turning to Islam. Can you imagine the furore that would create in the Biffer camp?

EBF cat Catijah Muslim convert.jpg

Of course none of these no-hopers have any chance of being elected to the London Assembly and Golding’s money-men will just have to cut their losses as the exchequer accepts their candidates’ lost deposits due to insufficient support. That’s hardly surprising given that this is Folding Golding’s idea of a serious electioneering statement…

“Londoners should vote for me and Britain First because this is London’s last stand. We’re now a minority in our own city because of mass immigration. Islamic extremism is running rampant in the streets of London and we are the only political party that’s stood up against Islamic extremism.”

He’s not exactly helping the fascist cause with a multicultural electorate who become more and more alienated from the Biffers every time Der Fuhrer opens his mouth. Londoners understand multi-culturalism and its benefits far more accurately than Golding and Fransen ever will. They also understand how tragic it is when minorities are abused, something both Folding & Dutchy should know only too well given their family histories. Dutchy is the product of Dutch and Jewish immigrants whilst Golding’s family heritage is the travelling community (ironically both Jews and travellers are popular targets of hatred and discrimination from rank and file Biffers who presumably didn’t get the memo).

Pretty much everybody else does understand the evils of racial and religious hatred though which is why displays of support for diversity are always much better attended than the Biffers’ mean-spirited displays of bigotry.

2015 rally luton london refugee BF

All the Biffers ever do in the capital is turn up and cause trouble. Whether they’re baiting Muslims in their Mosques or insulting ethnic Londoners with their ‘(un)Christian patrols’, Golding and his gang of thugs make a nuisance of themselves wherever they go. Theirs would not be a harmonious capital – it would be a city divided against itself or at best, disrupted by the unfair policies of an unpopular regime.

EBF BF Golding Biffers London mayor election 2016 montage.png

For all these reasons we know that the people of London will make sure that Der Fuhrer, Dutchy Fransen and their assorted friends and relatives suffer a humiliating defeat this May. After all – what respectable Western city would elect anyone whose policies so clearly reflect their ideological, Nazi heritage?

BF Nazi national socialist 2 downloaded

View from a barstool in the cellar

Beer 2The landlady and the kids are with the in-laws and I’m left here drinking the profits and suffering from a dose of fash fatigue. Being an admin on Exposing Britain First and the constant cases of islamophobic bullshit from the Fuhrer bunker does get us down. The bombs in Belgium are hard to stomach with wall to wall media coverage, security experts telling us what is happening even though it’s just conjecture and the arses in Bifferland lapping it up and providing the propaganda they need to play on the fears of already scared people. The right wing newspapers and our wonderful TV news stations helping them with their recruitment.

But where was the right wing and media angst as bombs were set off in Iraq, in Turkey and other places in Africa and the world. Did you even hear of these as I certainly didn’t, I didn’t see an outpouring of grief on Facebook, didn’t see people changing their profiles to a Turkish flag or an Iraqi one or any other to be honest. The right have even gone as far as to put the disgusting murders in Belgium as a reason for Brexit. Just like the Muslims we have had to put out the same old tired statement of us abhorring the bombings and saying that Daesh are a bunch of murderous bastards whom we are against. My brother works and lives in Brussels, and his workplace is near enough opposite to the station that was bombed. The overwhelming mantra coming from his fellow staff, from many different European nations, is that this was not a Muslim attack but a Daesh one.

BF Pieman Steve Lewis arrestedWith that out of the way (but not forgotten) back to the Fuhrer and his high command. Steve Lewis arrested and bailed for wearing a political uniform had us in stitches. Poor old Pieman, losing a banner last year, being moved down the pecking order in the shittrooper numbers, having to do the seemingly dodgy accounts on a 60’s typewriter and leader of the South East Brigade and now nicked. Steve is one of the more articulate Biffers but even he has slowly been indoctrinated into Bifferdom and writes more and more religious claptrap. We know he reads the page so Steve, hope you enjoyed the 16 hours in the cells. We hope you will be trusted enough to hold the banners again.

What else? Oh yeah, the mayoral election, begging letters, and some religious memes for the sheeple to eat up.

Goldibollocks is on the march going round trying to find 10 idiots in each borough of London to back him, even tweeting because Enfield Council had the audacity of making him hold on the phone, assumingly to get hold of the voters roll. Three of my friends who live in the London Mayoral area have asked that the Biffers do not get their names and addresses as they do not wish to have racist literature through their doors and also they feel that the Fuhrer bunker will use this for more sinister means. I’ll give an update shortly on how they got on.

So it appears that Goldibollocks and Screechy made their target to stand in the elections. They still accuse the Labour candidate of being an extremist Muslim and that London is no longer British. The great thing about this is that London is such a diverse, multi-cultural, thriving capital that will consign them to where my mates will put their propaganda, in the bin.

BF Sadiq Khan.png

If you read the Biffer page, I realise that this is hard for you, you will have seen the furore and foam-fest of the sheeple over the apparent removal of the word ‘Easter’ on Cadbury’s Easter oval things. Apparently this was to appease Muslims who quite frankly couldn’t give a toss about it. They have more important things to worry about (islamaphobia, being chucked off planes, securing mosques from right wing fucknuggets). The Daily Star had a front page spread about it and the Biffers were not amused. However a quick phonecall to Cadbury’s and a totally harassed customer services lady told me that this was the biggest load of crap she had ever seen. They may have taken off the word Easter from the front of the packaging but the word appears 4 times in various places.

Easter eggs Cadbury 2016.png

Coming so soon after the hot cross buns and Kingsmill saga’s it seems that once again Bifferland is foaming over a headline and not the story.

So that’s the week in a nutshell, just an ordinary week in the world of EBF, from bombs to Easter eggs, you couldn’t make it up… Could you?


View from a barstool 23

Beer 2A video free week! The guys let me off with nothing more than a ticking off for not treating EBF towers with respect. Three boxes of monkey nuts strewn across the floor made sure of that. Fortunately no one yet has managed to work out how the vacuum works (we’re good at memes, computers, investigations and trolls but seem to have a complete brain fuzz when it comes to anything else) so if the guys need me or if they get the bloody thing working I’ll make my way back to the office for another penance.

I don’t know whether I’m suffering a disorder from being forced to watch Screechy on the videos last week but I am starting to believe them on one thing. They do appear to be putting effort into the London Mayoral election. Letters from the Electoral commission seem to confirm they are going ahead with it, telling them that the three slogans they wanted to use were inappropriate. Cue predictable indignation and muslims blah blah blah zzzzzzzzzzzzz. They seem to think that the free mailshot, and the TV exposure is worth the money they are going to spend. Well make that American, Australian and the few knuckledraggers left that actually believe them in this country’s money.

EBF BF London mayor commentsScreechy needs her fix. Indeed, one of the leaders of the EDL calls them “money first” which shows the rift flowing through the right-wing cockwombles and the various groups. But I digress. Goldibollocks and his puppetmaster seem to think that he will run rings round career politicians on the TV debates, and the hustings, something that I can’t wait for him to try. I’ll be laughing my face off! He only has two calls to make… Muslims and lefteye traytors!!!

EDL Paul Locke BF money first Mayor London Sadiq KhanHe thinks that he can bring his brand of subtle racism (‘subtle’? That bloody video has affected me) and blatant islamaphobia to probably the most diverse, multicultural and liberal of capital cities in Europe. The people of London will probably treat Britain First as more of a joke than the Monster Raving Looney party. (with which Screechy has previous experience). I can see them making a grand entrance into the count (probably wherever Saddiq Khan is) and making thorough tits of themselves as they and their shittroopers shout slogans and generally show themselves for the fuckwits they are.

Screechy went on the rampage in London once again, looking like a drug crazed harridan and certainly making fun of her assertion that she is under house arrest, she confronted the extremist hate preacher Anjem Choudary. Now don’t get me wrong, Choudary is an extremist and he is someone that to a man here at EBF we dislike immensly and would like to see brought in front of a judge and jailed……oh thats right he is going to be although his mates at Britain First have probably given him a monopoly card and I doubt it’s collect £200. Britain Firsts, and Screechy’s behaviour to this vile man is nothing more than incitement.

Jayda Fransen Anjem Choudhary BF propoganda video.png

Calling him coward is rich when his bail conditions state he is to have nothing to do with Britain First, talk about his case or appear on social media. But this is not good enough for good ol’ Screechy. Claiming a victory for Britain, she told us that he is a coward when faced with her and her cronies. Now knowing who goes around with Screechy wherever she goes, I would assume that Anjem saw six or seven knuckledraggers, a possibly high Screechy, a camera and thought that fucking off and closing his door would be the best policy. Then getting onto his phone to his legal team and laughing all the way to another month of waiting. Britain First pulled this stunt the day before his last court appearance and once again did the same. If they have somehow undermined this chance of Choudary being tried I think there will be an uproar.

As they were strangely quiet last weekend we’ve got a new game here at the office, guessing where will the wankpuffins turn up this week and where will their new Fuhrer bunker be? As we were all wrong this week the prize of a packet of hobnobs (remember the flooded out warehouse) will be doubled. All you have to do to enter is send us a virtual 5 faaaaasand paaaands and you will be entered.


Thats it for this week must go and see what the rugby fans have done to my stocks and take the Landlady out for a riproaring curry.


A view from a barstool 20

Beer 2The divorce papers are in!!!!!!! (not really but almost). Finally this week the Biffers have done what years of being a grumpy bastard haven’t. I have been literally pissing myself laughing since the news came in of the arrest, bail conditions and now the magistrates appeal. In fact this blog is going to be exceedingly difficult to write anywhere on the licensed property as my laughs are so loud I’m surprised that the locals haven’t called in specialised help for me.

So was I just dreaming, will I wake up and find the Landlady next to me watching an edition of the Bill on Gold, Juliet Bravo (for our older readers) or even Keystone Cops, I find that nothing of this really happened. No, it was real and the way it was done really has made my week. It appears that the net is well and truly closing in on the shenanigans and vile antics of Screechy and Goldibollocks.

On Saturday, Britain First and their band of ‘patriots’ leafleted and shouted in Bradford. From videos, pictures and accounts it really didn’t go very well. They even shouted and intimidated three Muslim women who were collecting for the Heart Foundation.
This appears to be forgotten by them but our perfectly placed mole let us know.

The intimidation got worse as they tried their hand at a Mosque demonstration. That didn’t go down too well with the locals. I’ve never advocated violence and I never will but the level of intimidation and of the vile screeches was such that the population of Bradford finally snapped and chased (quite literally) the fash out of Dodge. A damaged rear window and a couple of cuts later along with two arrests were enough for that day.

As we at EBF towers digested the report of Bradford and then read the disgraceful comments on a report of the day by the MP Naz Shah, Twitter and Facebook messages started to bleep onto our screens  Bedfordshire Police had issued a request for Screechy and Goldibollocks to hand themselves in and be questioned over the wearing of political uniforms, something Goldibollocks knows all about.

Then the video emerges, the biffers had lied. They weren’t to be arrested, they were to be questioned under caution. This wasn’t good enough for Goldibollocks. Oh no, he insisted they were arrested and they duly were. Goldibollocks even had the forethought to turn up wearing his uniform.

They were duly led away and then we were treated to the bail conditions. Luton is out of bounds and report to Kent Constabulary every Saturday (along with sleeping every night at their home address). Draconion????? No, not in my mind.

EBF BF Jayda Golding glum medway magistrates court February 2016In all the time I have followed these two cockwombles at last the people who dislike Islamic extremists are being seen for what they are….extremists. See the EBFblogger for her thoughts.

The usual begging missive followed, saying they would fight this if they got enough money and then came the office discussion. Some of us thought that they would get away with it totally, given that Goldibollocks is a grass and protected by the powers that be. Others thought that the signing on in Kent would be lifted and they would somehow produce another victory video. I don’t think one of us ever thought the result would be that the CPS, magistrates and police have finally had enough of being laughed at by the biffers and all conditions would be upheld. Goldy and Screechy will be effectively silenced until another £6 faaasand is reached to go to high court.

Cue much outrage and disbelief and watch other Constabularies and Councils across the country do the same. Could this now be the time that Britain First starts to implode? Watch this space.

After the laughter came the anger and disgust. I’m sure you have all by now seen the comments from the biffer sheep regarding the drone picture of Auchwitz. These absolute wankstains have finally shown their true colours. Thanks to one and all you have made this go viral and more people than before have been reached to show the real followers of the biffers and what they think. This is why we do what we do and the quicker we can get rid of them the better.


Finally, if I can say a final goodbye to Hulk and Tankgirl who left the team for pastures new and have set up their own page. Good luck guys, I’ll miss our gingernut throwing fights in the office before Prole and Kit get in.


What’s goin’ on ‘ere then?

BF Golding London Mayor May 2016 hang lefty traitorBy now we’ve all seen the laughable video in which Grassing and Dutchy all but get down on their knees, pleading with Bedfordshire Police to arrest them. They had so many opportunities to co-operate and so many chances to avoid arrest that we’d be forgiven for thinking that they actually wanted to be arrested. But why…?

Actually this arrest and subsequent bail conditions work very well for Grassing Golding (although not so well for Dutchy). It’s significant that in the video only Golding keeps demanding to be arrested. Although otherwise typically ‘gobby’, Dutchy is uncharacteristically quiet on that particular point. But let’s consider the pros and cons of this arrest for the Fuhrer.

First of all it gives him a perfect excuse not to hold any rallies for a while. Numbers attending the most recent ‘Days of action’ have been pitiful and there’s no doubt that this is bringing even more pressure to bear on Golding’s failing leadership. A good excuse (like answering Saturday bail conditions) might go some way to relieving that pressure.

Then there’s the forthcoming nominations window for the London mayoral elections. Britain First have raised nothing near the £10,000 they need and they’ve no real likelihood of gaining 330 London-dwelling nominees either. Our informant tells us that the plan has long been to drop Grasser Golding and promote Dutchy using the Fuhrer’s electoral disaster as the excuse to appease the faithful. Might Golding think that ‘police persecution’ would be a plausible cover for his electoral inadequacy, leaving him free to continue as ‘The Boss’? For someone as desperate as Grasser it has to be worth a shot!

Finally though, it represents a direct attack on Dutchy’s prospects. She’s well known to have become nervous about pushing the police too far. Being bundled in the back of a police van outside a London Mosque genuinely shook Jayda and for all her gobby bravado she never really forgot the experience. That’s why it was left to Paulie to demand they be arrested. The thought of the police getting heavy really scares Jayda.

By engineering this arrest (and the convenient bail conditions), Grasser hopes to neutralise his own critics whilst discrediting and undermining his only credible rival at the same time. But he’s playing a dangerous game. His usefulness as an establishment grass is coming to an end as more and more of the fash wake up to the dangers of associating with him. That’s the real reason for the decline in on-street attendance. Nobody wants to be associated with a loose-lipped ‘traiyttor’!

Paul’s movement is dying, his reputation is crumbling, his value is diminishing and he’s rapidly becoming more trouble than he’s worth to anyone. Police support may soon become a thing of the past and then where will he be.

Wherever it is he’d better be careful picking up soap in the shower. Who knows – maybe he’ll get to share a pad with that other well-known fash security-risk, Tommy Robinson.

Best make sure you don’t talk in your sleep, Paulie. Tommy’s not much good at keeping secrets either!

Paulie does Python

Absolute power corrupts absolutely

But for Fuhrer Paul control of a mere 139 cacophonous cockwombles comes close.

BF Burton 120 max

The Biffers in Burton left the rest of us in no doubt that their movement is failing. From the heady days of Rotherham and Luton (where their numbers actually seemed to top 200) to their ‘massive’ Midlands mooch it’s clear that their ‘on street’ support is shrinking fast.

None of this seems to have deterred Fuhrer Paul from claiming victory (again). According to the Biffers Facebook page there were hundreds of ‘Patriots’ and just a handful of ‘leftie scum’ opposing them. The truth was actually very different with only 139 fascists facing far more opposers than they could count. The route they took, as we all know by now was lined with heckling onlookers eager to impress upon Fuhrer Paulie and his successor in waiting, Dutchy Fransen the error of their ways. ‘Fuhrer Fransen’ has a much better ring to it, don’t you think?

Yet Golding continues to claim popular authority and, in the style of Wolfie Smith or even Monty Python’s mud picking ‘Dennis’ insists that he has a valid mandate from the masses.

Monty Python Dennis mud collector supreme executive power

You can almost hear his outraged cries of

“Help, help I’m being oppressed” between the snarls and shrieks of the obedient Biffers trolling along behind their Master.

The expression on Paulie’s frightened face told a more honest tale during the shambolic shuffle along Burton High Street earlier this month.

BF Burton Golding run away monty python Arthur Holy Grail

With such a tiny following you might expect Britain First’s beloved leader to be a bit bashful but not our Paulie. The handful of fascists who take the tin pot Fuhrer seriously are enough to fuel his megalomania to almost astronomical proportions. Announcing his candidacy for London’s Mayoral election he certainly put his cards on the table. This is the guy who probably won’t even manage enough nominations to stand in the first place and yet who genuinely seems to think he’s in with a chance.

Fuhrer Golding is so confident of his impending victory and so ignorant of the limits of Mayoral authority that he actually proposes bringing back hanging (for liberals, trade unionists and all other ‘leftard’ traitors) as if that would ever be in his power, even if, by some barely imaginable miracle he actually managed to become mayor.

BF Golding London Mayor May 2016 hang lefty traitor

This is the bloodthirsty Biffer whose corrupt ambitions lead him to believe he’ll be able to engage in forced repatriation of non-white Britons – even those who were born here. This is the career Nazi who wants to extinguish all foreign aid and plunge the UK into some sort of splendid isolation that this country hasn’t experienced since before recorded European history even began.

And all of this wild buffoonery seems perfectly reasonable to megalomaniac Golding.

If this ridiculous egocentricity is the result of duping a mere 139 followers can you imagine what would happen if he ever reached the dizzy heights of 500 or even 1000?

Fuhrer Golding doesn’t need absolute power to reach the limits of absolute corruption. Another couple of dozen would probably do the trick!

Chief mourner at his own protracted funeral

We love having an ear in the camp. It’s amazing the little titbits we come across. Take the one about Folding Golding’s imminent demise, for example.

A few months ago we predicted that both Golding and Fransen would soon graduate to the proverbial scrap heap once they’d exhausted their usefulness. Based on a few throwaway comments our ‘mole in the hole’ had overheard and a little deduction we seem to have got it wrong. Not completely wrong – we just over-egged the pudding a little.

Uncle Jim isn’t getting rid of Folding AND Dutchy. Oh no. He’s keeping Dutchy but Folding is toast. It will take a while but the writing is most definitely on the wall for the Fuhrer who seems destined to become, in the words of Lord Rosenbery,

“Chief mourner at his own protracted funeral”.

It’s ironic that these words, originally uttered in 1895 at the death of Lord Randolph Churchill, referred to the father of one of the Biffers’ most profitable cash cows. Randolph’s son, Winston Churchill is wheeled out with depressing regularity whenever Golding and co want to discredit the great man’s memory with made up quotations or defile his statesmanship with their out of context assertions.

BF EBF Churchill Europe EU 1948

It’s even more ironic that Lord Randolph’s demise, like Golding’s own will be, was slow, painful to watch and relentlessly inevitable.

Randolph Churchill died of syphilis, once known as ‘general paralysis of the insane’ because of its impact upon the mental health of its victims. Golding’s own demise is equally protracted, fuelled by a deteriorating, megalomaniac insanity. And now that it has begun it will be just as relentless and inevitable.

There was little sympathy for Lord Randolph Churchill in 1895. Most people simply shrugged and moved on, conscious of the fact that the elderly letch had ‘brought it upon himself’.

And so it is with Golding. He’s started to believe his own hype. The former NF bully boy with his ridiculous, underwear-based headgear has also brought it upon himself. Neither a leader nor a follower, Folding Golding has carved out a niche for himself somewhere between the two. He’s perched his little footsies half way up the ladder of success, firmly stuck in the realms of mediocrity and that’s just not profitable enough for Uncle Jim.

BF NF EBF Paul Golding underpants

With a word here and a whisper there Golding’s megalomania has been turned against him. His sycophantic followers, egged on by Dowson have persuaded ‘The boss’ to run for Mayor of London. He’ll be humiliated, of course and with that defeat his political aspirations will end. Folding Golding will be out on his ear, just as we always knew he would and his sidekick, Dutchy Fransen will take up the reins.

It couldn’t happen to a more deserving Nazi!

BF EBF Jayda Fransen Fuhrer in waiting

What’s goin’ off man for Mayor of London

Nazis come and Nazis go. Inspired by Adolf Hitler in Germany and his brutal gang of thugs Moseley formed the infamous Blackshirts in the 1930s. Ever since the defeat of Moseley’s ‘British Union of Fascists’ there has been a steady stream of Nazi hopefuls polluting these islands with their vicious sectarian ideology. They come, they enjoy a brief period of fame and then they’re utterly crushed by the right-thinking British majority. Very little has changed in the last 85 years or so.


The rise of popular telecommunication, social media and accessible video technology means that they’re so much easier to laugh at than ever before. In the days of Moseley, Powell, the National Front and even the British National Party it was much easier for them to hide the stupidity of their members and supporters. Now every Tom Dick or Harry has a video camera in their back pocket and every Nazi seems to think they have something interesting to say.

We all remember fondly the pearls of wisdom emanating from the mouth of this would be political pundit on behalf of the English Defence League (EDL).

EDL Muslamic Ray Gun man 2011

A performance only slightly improved upon by his glorious leader, Tommy Robinson who was so thoroughly exposed as a bigoted racist by Jeremy Paxman in 2011.

EDL Tommy Robinson Jeremy Paxman before Luton demo

Few could forget Nick Griffin’s disastrous 2009 appearance on BBC Question Time where, far from persuading people to the Nazi cause he succeeded only in demonstrating his own bigotry and the stupidity of his party’s incoherent policies. You can watch highlights from the show along with a brief introduction of Griffin himself here.

BNP Nick Griffin Question Time 2009

It’s amazing how predictable is the downfall of Nazism once its proponents find themselves in front of an unbiased camera. The collapse of Britain First and its leaders Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen on BBC3 last Tuesday evening was too entertaining for words.

And it wasn’t just the leadership who demonstrated the vacuous reality of British neo-nazism. This bloke’s total lack of understanding was priceless!

BBC3 WWOCB EBF BF goin off Rotherham local

Will ‘What’s Goin’ off man’ achieve the same degree of fame as his EDL counterpart, ‘Muslamic Ray Gun man’? We certainly hope so – there’s no doubt that he deserves widespread recognition for his entertaining and highly informative demonstration of true Biffer mentality.

Maybe we should start a campaign.

What’s goin’ off man for Mayor of London!

We can think of at least one candidate he’d outwit in a heartbeat.

BF Goin off man London Mayor May 2016

What d’you think?