View from a barstool #53 by Landlord

Well well well…..Facebook have finally seen sense and banned the biffers page from their social media platform, following twitter.

FB ban BF poll

But hold on a mo, the admins here at EBF are already debating whether to buy expensive champagne or a fiver special from Aldi. Are we out of work, or is this just the beginning of the beginning of the end.

As Screechy and Goldibollocks languish in their Victorian cells (their words not mine) the rudderless fascist ship races towards oblivion. The days of Lewis, Lomax, Carmelo, Besser and Slattery a now distant past and Councillor Bigot and the new gormless ones led by chief mousketeer Andy Edge, (who soon could also be serving time in a rotting jail) trying desperately to keep their magic money tree up. It appears Facebook are dealing a coup de grace to this vile, hate-filled bigoted group as it appears their only money grabbing platform is Facebook.

A new page is already up, Facebook have said they will remove but before they do it appears we can all comment on it. Three years of pent up hate from me will be unleashed when the kids go to bed.

ebf fb ban bf

But is it really over? Are we finally seeing the death throes of Britain First? Are we, the admins finally going to get back to concentrating on work, families and having a proper social life? Are we able now to become husbands, wives, mothers and fathers? Well… No. Screechy and Goldibollocks are still about, 36 and 18 weeks ain’t a lot of time. We were hoping years banged up but they aren’t.

So EBF continues until they’ve gone, either fucking off to Fascist enclaves in the Europe they hate or jailed for such a long time they become irrelevant. We’ll still, with your help, chase them, laugh at them and expose them until they decide they’ve conned enough money to fuck off for good.

But for now the ice machine is open the cheap Cava is opened and a celebratory sip is in order. The final push is on!



4 thoughts on “View from a barstool #53 by Landlord

  1. I will miss them.

    I really don’t like their views but I have often visited the BF FB page to try to understand them. Sometimes I have clicked on a post (usually something quite hateful) and drilled through to the poster’s home page. The biffers are often family people but they are also often died in the wool bigots – you can tell from their home page posts.

    All the “armchair warriors” will be spitting blood tonight and won’t have BF as an outlet – but something else will appear.

    How can we engage with biffers (et al) in a hate free environment?


  2. I don’t think we can engage with most of them. We’ve been trying to talk to Biffers for years through our real identities and also in the FB page, blog and inboxes without much success. Some change their minds but most refuse to acknowledge anything that doesn’t fit what they already believe.

    Personally I think the task is to discourage people from joining their ranks by showing them up for the bigots and cranks they really are. If we can expose their lies and viciousness we’ll simultaneously cut off their potential membership and along with it their income stream. Once that happens and there’s no longer any money in it the likes of Screechy, Goldibollocks and Dowson will abandon BF anyway. They’re only really in it for fashcash in the first place.


  3. The biffers will be back as their sentences were pitiful. As correctly noted, without their facebook cash cow, their chance of revenue is slim now. I sense a vile alliance with AMW and Stephen Yaxley Lennon is on the cards after their release. It’ll be their only chance of being “heard”.


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