​A view from a barstool #31 by Landlord

A hot week at Landlord central this week as our British weather finally realises it’s summer and the bright yellow speedos come out to play. I am reliably informed that this heat has been sent by Europe so biffers, kippers  and brexiteers please move to a cold area where you don’t have to sample the EU weather.

The news in brief, the government have decided to strip apart the human rights act, the French have gone apoplectic about a swimsuit of choice, the big breweries have hiked beer prices and in the US Trump met Farage for a kind of Racist get together, oh and a beardy sat on the floor of a train as there were/weren’t any seats left depending on your persuasion.

So to the news about biffers. Well mosque invasions, begging mail, old videos, the continuing absence of Screechy and the odd biffer troll accusing the admins of the page of being Muslims who are brainwashing readers of the page to our wicked ways( I’m sitting here with a particularly fruity Merlot and a bacon butty so by all means be brainwashed by me. Call the police I’m obviously radicalising you all).

Last week, Goldibollocks, and a team of shittroopers visited Cardiff to invade a mosque, demanding with menace, that a cleric stops preaching something that was debunked easily. They seem to visit on a Saturday, nowhere near prayer time when nobody is about apart from elderly gents going about mosque business. Needless to say, we have sent this information to the authorities as this appears to be in flagrant disregard of the conditions set up and accepted by Goldibollocks by the court.

The latest begging mails are nothing but hilarious, they seem to have forgotten Screechy’s legal fund and now requesting money for leaflets as they are getting more activists, although we have only seen the same racists in every picture or video. They could be coming to a town near you soon so please keep your cameras handy and send them to us.

The biggest question in the office, well not the biggest, ok my question, in actual fact no one cares but Marcia told me I have to ask it, where’s Screechy. Please can everyone look down the back of the sofa, under the bed(cringe). It seems like the biffer pin up has put a piece of tape over her gob and gone into hiding. I believe, and it’s my opinion only, that she was close to a coup, close to deposing der fuhrer, but Goldibollocks got in first and left her fucked. First he pled guilty to his charge, told her not to and left her facing jail time, secondly his high command have stopped begging for legal costs. It’s now all about him.

Finally we were visited by a cat, accusing us of being Muslims, being a one man band, radicalising you guys. Just about everything the biffer trolls do in several attacks. Just to reiterate we are several, atheists, Muslims, Christians, agnostic and human. We believe bigotry in all forms is wrong. So when we get trolls like the one we had we laugh, smile for screenshots and wait for “la grande flounce”

So that’s it for now, another week over and the barmaid has put another bottle next to me to enjoy.


3 thoughts on “​A view from a barstool #31 by Landlord

  1. While I agree that Britain First is full of shit a lot of the times, and they give off an air of egoism, the facts still stand that Britain is fucked. The immigrants will replace you, you will cease to exist. Just because these people are loony doesn’t mean they’re wrong to be afraid. You Brits have been under American cultural hegemony for decades, and taking a look at your media it seems that, like Americans, you have become a bunch of self-hating cucks. You are fools to think that these immigrants think like you do, give a rats ass about being British, are tolerant and progressive. You are about to give away all your ancestors fought for, for what? The ability to eat different foods, listen to garbage music? What good is multiculturalism? Why do only Western nations do it? Wake up, you are nothing but America’s colony, all your governments have backed our wars and social policies, you have become a nation of push-overs. Grow a damn spine, even here in America we are tired of the progressive agenda, our country has gone to shit, our music is garbage, our women are garbage that twerk and don’t reproduce, our education is garbage, colleges are full of self-hating anarchists, communists, and white-guilters. I can tell you this from first hand experience. And I can also tell you, living in Florida, a cesspool of multiculturalism, that all these foreign men, and black men, definitely do want our women, and our garbage media facilitates it. Be in denial all you want, sing your happy songs of tolerance and progress, while your girls are being raped and your culture annihilated. This is the game of civilization, and you are losing sorely. RIP Britian.


    • Thankyou for your opinion. We’ll forgive your clear lack of awareness about the true state of this country since you clearly have no first hand experience of it.


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