We’re not the PC police

In a recent post I referred to Fuhrer Golding as ‘The fat controller’, in reference to the station master from the ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’ series of children’s books. This was one of several tongue in cheek references to ‘der Fuhrer’ in a short post that was very definitely intended to laugh at the pompous would-be leader of the ‘Master race’. 

A few of EBF’s Facebook commenters have objected to my reference to him being ‘fat’. Presumably they’ve fallen for the superficial, stereotypical view of anti-fascists propounded by the far-right. So please allow me to explain…

I do not represent the thought police. Nor am I particularly interested in presenting a politically correct veneer in my writing. I oppose fascism and neo-nazism. That doesn’t mean I go around censoring myself all the time. It just means I oppose neonazism and fascism.
I believe my predecessor might have been a little more careful in this respect but I’m not her. Nor do I agree (as one commenter suggested) that editorial humour makes me as bad as those who would torture and exterminate whole swathes of the population for being the ‘wrong’ colour, religion or political persuasion.

EBF exists to combat fascism. We do find some insults unacceptable, particularly those pertaining to disabilities or ethnic groups but we’re not the thought police and we do have a sense of humour.

Sorry about that.


5 thoughts on “We’re not the PC police

  1. My dear Marcia, with regard to those commenters who objected to your non-PC description of the unfortunate Mr Golding, I have given the matter some serious consideration and find that I can only respond thus: fuck ’em.
    Ian 😁


  2. The Fat Controller is now Mr Topham Hat in the Railway stories. Perhaps Mr Golding should become Mr Fuckem Off?
    (I’m fat by the way, but I do not find calling Golding ‘The Fat Controller’ at all insulting or demeaning, although I do think fat, ignorant, racist pig a better description).

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    • I’m actually quite gargantuan in stature myself. Didn’t know they’d changed the name. I’ve had my copies of the Thomas books since I was a little girl. He was definitely the fat controller then. Marcia

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    • Yes. With all due respect to yourself and any others on the more portly side: it’s perhaps worth noting that if the only adjective we could think of to describe Herr Golding was the word “fat” then the man would be entirely unremarkable. It’s not the fatness that poses the problem, really, is it?


      • No it’s not. Nor indeed was fatness the thing in my head when I made the reference to the Fat controller. It was a reference to Thomas the tank engine because I found the comparison amusing. The signfiicant thing about Golding is the fact that he is (and has been at least since adolescence) a far right, racist scumbag.


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