Britain First is Folding under Golding (The brave)

​Some Britain First antics are just too funny for words. Who can forget the sight of those brave, uniformed Biffers being chased away by children during the infamous ‘Battle of Hexthorpe’? Who could keep a straight face as RCO Lewis fearlessly leafletted a town on tiptoes in the middle of the night? And now…

Who among us could fail to collapse in fits of laughter as Fuhrer Golding reports on how he and Jayda just made a pig’s ear out of a… pig’s ear?
This fantastic video shows the fat controller desperately trying to put a positive spin on the Biffers’ most humiliating defeat so far. They didn’t even have the balls to go down fighting in court. These green-jacketed guardians of medieval Christianity and the Crusading spirit turned and fled the moment things started to get just a little bit dicey.

The latest stunning tactical coup from Britain First involves them conceding every point on the injunction against them out of court. They’ve just agreed without a fight to a total of seven far-reaching restrictions that not only ban them from Luton for 3 years but also from every Mosque in England & Wales for the same period. They are banned from posting images of any person filmed or photographed in Luton AND from inciting racial or religiously motivated harassment.

In short – they’ve rolled over, spread their metaphorical legs, closed their collective eyes and begun thinking really, really hard about anything but England.

The video is entertaining throughout if you like watching der Fuhrer tie himself up in knots trying to spin this in a positive light for the sheeple. But the best bit comes at the end when Golding rhetorically asks just what might prevent other police forces from doing the exact same thing. His answer to that question is priceless…


And that just about sums up the impact Britain First will have on British history…


6 thoughts on “Britain First is Folding under Golding (The brave)

  1. Golding did what he could with what he had, but the big boot of the Bedfordshire police had public money to play with. We will all live to regret the outcome .


    • I don’t regret shitstirrers being prevented from causing trouble. This isn’t a problem at all – it’s appropriate use of the law. Hopefully the law will also be sending Deputy Fuhrer, Fransen to prison later this year too. 🙂

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    • How much do you think holding has already cost the tax payers for policing their hate gatherings? This has saved the tax payers hundreds of thousands of pounds as it more than likely only amounted to the cost of 2 of their demonstrations and saved a further 3 years worth. Golding has cost the tax payers and even admitted in the video that he would not contribute to the cost to the tax payers. He is a menace and a stain mark on the underpants of democracy. Why anyone continues to be fooled by this lazy scrounging racist creep is beyond me. Stick him in a cell with anjem choudry for life as they are both feeding into terror groups with their hate filled attempts to rip communities apart .

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  2. With these restrictions in place will there be anything left in the BF armoury?

    I for one would be almost sorry to see the demise of BF – true they are a bunch of military fetishist, flag waving, xenophobic, disaffected ignorant morons (sorry, I meant to say true Patriots) – but they do give true comedy value. They are utterly hysterical.

    They just need a little financial boost – can we all chip in. Come on.. they are worth it.

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  3. If Golding thinks that’s ‘an enormous legal bundle’ then he hasn’t been around the courts very much. Perhaps he believes his….male member….is enormous too (sorry, Biffers bring out the very worst in me)

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    • Absolutely. It’s tiny really. I’d be amazed if it represents 30 grand’s worth. The truth is they had no chance of winning because they’re shit-stirring, abusive cockwombles. So they surrendered (NFSE) & retreated (OCS) like the cowardly chancers they are. Golding’s folded on 2 consecutive occasions now. At least Frau Fransen has the bottle to fight for her convictions (unlike the cowardly Golding). Not that that’ll help her – she’ll be convicted anyway – Paulie’s previous confession stitched her up ‘like a kipper’. At least she has more courage than yellow-belly Paulie though.

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