Poor Jayda: With friends like that…

Early this morning Der Fuhrer released another of his famous ‘driving somewhere looking important’ videos. This time he’s on the way to Luton Magistrates’ Court to watch his freshly stitched-up deputy, Jayda Fransen take a fall. He doesn’t say much in this short ‘piece to camera’ which only lasts a merciful 90 seconds but what he does say is interesting.

BF Goldong stitch up court jayda fransen magistrates charges.pngGolding informs us (He hopes nobody will mind) that something between 3 and 4 grand has been siphoned from the High Court fighting fund to pay for Fransen’s legal defence when she goes to trial. That means that, like us, the Biffers expect the case to be referred to Crown Court and not dealt with or thrown out today by the magistrates. To hire a barrister would be a particularly pessimistic step if, as he keeps claiming, Golding thinks the charges against Jayda ‘Fall-girl’ Fransen really are ‘bogus’. Of course he knows they’re not. Only a week ago Golding admitted to one of the three charges himself – in the very same court.

He also tells us that the High Court date of 15th August has been pushed back a month. This will now be held on the 15th of September. We don’t know for sure but it seems likely to us here at EBF that this will be to allow for the conclusion of Fransen’s case. If she’s convicted at Crown Court (and we strongly suspect that she will be) the likelihood of an injunction in September becomes much more probable.

It’s all getting very exciting and the atmosphere here at Team EBF is electric. The continuing spectacle of Britain First’s destruction, gradual though it is, is proving to have been well worth the wait. It’s like having a ringside seat at the longest-lasting court-room drama in history. It may not quite be The Dreyfuss Affair (Fransen’s not that important) but it’s still a fascinating glimpse into the mutual back-stabbing, nest-feathering and ship-jumping that inevitably occurs when fascist organisations begin to fall apart.

And still, in spite of all the evidence the Britain First sheeple still keep on sending the money to these laughable ‘wolves in wolves’ clothing’. Yes – you read that right. The Biffers came out as ‘wolves’ and gave up any pretence of being interested in anyone’s welfare but their own a long time ago. And now – when the legal system has finally decided to get serious and deal with their particularly nasty brand of neonazism we see them for what they really are. Britain First’s leaders are back-stabbing, money-grubbing mugs who wouldn’t understand the concept of ‘loyalty’ if it walked up and bit them.

Poor old Jayda! With friends like these, who needs enemies?

There’s an update on the outcome of Jayda’s hearing here.

11 thoughts on “Poor Jayda: With friends like that…

  1. It seems strange that the decision to transfer funds to Jayda’s make-believe legal fund was only discussed “at leadership level” when they could’ve put it to the vote at their recent megaconference in Coventry. The thousands of attendees would’ve presumably enjoyed grunting in approval. I’m going to go out on a limb and forecast the inevitable £5k daylight robbery appeal shortly after they leave court today.


  2. The 20,000lb elephant in the room being this.

    Its a criminal case and she earns below the threshold required to pay for her own defence.

    If she elects trial by jury, or the Mags refer it up , then there is a chance of a custodial sentence meaning she is entitled to full legal aid. Including counsel to senior (non silk) level.

    As such She is entitled to the same rights to a full legal defence as Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale were granted. Albeit given they were facing life sentenced they had access to Silks to oversee their defences. All on legal aid.

    Once must therefore ask what is the GBP 3-4 of donations actually being used for given they dont need to spend a bean and if they wanted to go all out and instruct a silk then they will need allot more than 3-4k.

    Naturally the issues they have in the High Court being civil are not covered by access to legal aid.

    In closing, yet another scam brought to you from those wonderful people at “Imbeciles First”


    • Wow Tiffany. That’s really interesting. It really hadn’t occured to me at all. Will be discussing this with the team – we might well be able to use that information to demonstrate fraud which would be a major issue for aynoe but especially for a registered political party.


      • Hi Marcia

        your welcome and its food for thought

        Legal Aid threshold is GBP 37,500 or GBP 30,000 in loose change in the bank. Even then the “accused” can submit a CRM16 to request an ‘Eligibility Review’.

        This stinks to high heavens given no matter how nefarious or vile the individuals or charges are (which is why I cross referenced Adebolajo and Adebowale who are in essence in the same extremists as these idiots) the individual is entitled to a fair trail given they are at this stage innocent meaning they get full legal aid.

        the actual rules are here

        Click to access criminal-legal-aid-manual.pdf

        🙂 keep up the good work x


        • Thankyou Tiffany. We have a friendly lawyer who advises us from time to time so we’re going to talk to him about what to do next with this.


          • My pleasure

            the truth shall always set you free , unless of course your a Biffer, in which case the truth is like salt on a slug (sorry to slugs everywhere for that comparison).

            I hope this one does bite them on the bum given its crass manipulation of intellectually challenged, very vulnerable and naive people aka biffer supporters.

            If anything, please God, it wakes up those poor lost Souls who keep sending this lot money to spend on “legal fighting funds”cough a new motor for Paulie…..


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