​Fransen on trial: What a stitch up!

Jayda Fransen, Deputy leader of the neoNazi hate group, Britain First is due in court tomorrow. We already described the charges in an earlier post (here) & won’t waste time repeating ourselves. Rather we want to highlight just what an appalling stitch-up this really is.
Don’t get us wrong… we don’t disagree with the fact that the charges have been brought. Nor do we think they’re particularly unfair. It’s not the judiciary that’s stitched up poor old Jayda. It’s Paul Golding himself.

It’s no secret that Uncle Jim favours Jayda. It’s no secret that he’s had her fronting his Eastern European fascist enterprise, especially in Hungary (so much for ‘Britain’ first). It’s no secret either that Golding has grown increasingly jealous of his erstwhile sidekick’s place of honour and profit beside ‘Generous Jim’. It’s no surprise that, driven to distraction by the little green-eyed God of envy he’s found a way to rid himself of this turbulent high priestess of the fash.

First he encouraged Jayda to lead the on street abuse of Muslims, no doubt persuading her of the dramatic effect of a vulnerable woman squaring up to ‘the enemy’.

Then he encouraged her to publicly tear up her bail conditions – bail conditions that he, himself continued to obey. The charge of Fransen failing to answer bail seems to be ‘open and shut’.

Next he pleaded guilty to his own charge of political uniform, thus ‘playing a blinder’ of a stitch-up which almost guarantees Jayda will be found guilty of the same offence.

Finally, by repeatedly publishing video evidence of Jayda harassing Luton’s Muslims Golding has made it almost impossible for her to be found not guilty. Indeed Britain First continued to post this evidence even after Fransen received her summons.

The result of this stitch-up is likely to be two convictions in the magistrates court and a referral to Crown court in respect of the third, more serious charge of religiously motivated harassment. Since this charge carries the possibility of serious prison time and since Fransen cannot be relied upon to observe bail conditions there’s a good chance she’ll be remanded in custody until her case is heard at Crown court.

If we’re lucky she’ll get a custodial sentence too.

That’ll teach her to usurp the Fuhrer.

What a stitch-up.

It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving Nazi!

26 thoughts on “​Fransen on trial: What a stitch up!

  1. Meanwhile, militant and extremist Muslims continue to post their 7th century nonsense and filth and vile anti-British and anti-European propaganda with complete immunity. Whose f***ing country is this, for pete’s sake, and whose side are you on?


    • Oh do fuck off, Roy. Fransen is a criminal who is being prosecuted for her offences. Your comment is irrelevant. She broke the law, compounded that by refusing to comply with bail and will presumably be paying the price very soon. Meanwhile lots of other things are also happening but most of them have no bearing on the fact that Jayda’s criminal activity is being dealt with through the courts.

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    • Hey Roy,
      I can’t speak for anyone else, but I am on the side that doesn’t want to tar a whole group of people for the actions of a minority.
      We do not judge all priests by the actions of a few priests who abuse children.
      We do not judge all Germans for the actions of the nazis.
      We do not judge all Englishmen for the actions of BF.
      So why do we judge all Muslims for the actions of ISIS?

      We oppose extremism, we stand against those who want to make the innocent suffer.
      BF fall into this category, they are not fighting for the country, they are not heroes, they are bullies, going up to innocent people on our streets and hurling abuse, and you want to support this?

      The truth is, BF’s actions are always going to cause a rift between the Muslim population and everyone else, which only feeds into ISIS’s narrative that only ISIS care about them, BF are an active part of the process of radicalising young Muslim.
      And you support this?

      You do not defeat one extremist philosophy by creating your own, that’s how you make a war and who do we know who calls for a civil war?
      That’s right, your good friends at BF.

      So kindly, as ebfmarcia has suggested, fuck off, cause you’re not on the side of the British people when you’re excluding people from that list for their religion, skin colour or heritage.

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      • Hi Alan, You might want to look at the comments thread on the ‘Dear Jayda’ post if you’re planning to engage with Roy the Troll. We keep him around because his irrelevancies and straw man arguments are a great advert AGAINST Britain First & fascism in general But before you engage with him you need to know you won’t ever get him to concede a point. Taken in that light though… he’s really quite funny. Enjoy.

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        • Hey ebfmarcia,
          I don’t think I would get a reply from him, let alone get him to consider an opposing world view, but I had just had my coffee this morning and didn’t want to put up with his b/s.
          But thanks for the reply.


      • Alan S,

        You could not have said it better, this must be the most level headed reply i have ever read on these issues.


    • This country, and I will use the term the United Kingdom, belongs to everyone who lives in it either as a UK citizen, i.e. those who have a UK passport, or those who are resident here, living and/or working but who retain their own nationality. If this is too difficult for you to understand, then you have obviously never had to work or live abroad. How would you feel if you went to live in another European country and have the vile you have just spouted spat in your face. Think about this for a few seconds!


      • As Jayda herself is fond of saying…
        “If you can’t respect our laws – go back to your own country”
        The question is where should we send her? Maybe Holland… maybe Mordor… who can say?


    • Poor deluded and gullible Roy,
      Where do you read this propaganda, old man? Could it be that you have never actually seen anything of the sort, but that you read the Mail or the Express for your latest mouthful of supposed anti-Muslim bullshit?

      This is why I dislike this country so much, not because of immigration but the nasty spitefulness that immigration brings out in the supposed educated Englishman. Educated by idiots like Farage and Boris, educated by the Mail, the Sun and the Express, educated by unbiased reporting from the likes of Laura Kuennsberg, and so desperate to believe it that all commonsense goes out of the window.

      Tell you what Roy, go back to that little thatched cottage in Victorian England, when everyone lived to be a hundred and every English apple was rosy red, when mill-owners looked after their workforce and there was a Bobby on every street corner, and there you can live out your idyllic little lifestyle, pretending that everything is absolutely perfect in little olde England.


    • It doesn’t have to be one or the other, the law applies equally despite what Golding would have you believe. As he is SO fond of spouting, if you don’t like our laws get out of our country!


    • Roy Stockdill was an odious little man when he wrote for the Watford Observer and he’s still spouting his bile. Go back under your Rick Roy, you cretin.


  2. Jayda could also “play a blindah” and plead guilty, thereby saving all the donations so far sent for her “fighting fund”, becoming BF’s first “political prisoner” (what a laff), and use the time in gaol to write her own version of “Mein Kampf”.

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  3. Whilst I agree tha Paul does seem to have stitched her up, isn’t his victory only short term?
    She will go to jail for the cause and become a martyr amoung the biffers. Uncle Jim can parade her around as our brave Jayda and her sacrific for our fight etc etc.
    Imagine the Jayda support funds for her appeal, to help her get back on her feet after being a political prisoner etc etc.
    in the long term if she can take the jail time she may come out the winner.


    • Oh yes, it’ll be a hollow victory. Without Jayda, Paulie is nothing. Either BF will collapse if she gets a substantial sentence or, if she gets a light term Jayda will emerge from the clink and step straight into Paulie’s shoes.


  4. I think you’re giving Paul Golding to much credence. This is probably all her own fault, Golding hasn’t even got the intelligence to make the first move in a chess game

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      • I see. I don’t support them at all and I knew it would only be a matter of time until one of these idiots got arrested. They do have some far out ideals. I didn’t know Paul Golding was actually part of a neonazi organisation even if it was in the past its unlikely he has changed his opinion or beliefs.

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