View from a barstool 24

Beer 2I’ve finally been freed from the EBF stationery cupboard if I agreed to watch all of Goldibollocks London Mayoral campaign videos and read all the daily Email’s/begging letters coming from said mayor/emperor/High priest/Prime Minister/Dictator (delete as appropriate) and after doing this I have this to report..’


So Goldilocks, Screechy and a whole host of biffers are after the London vote using the “voice” they have been given by the media to put out a joke party political broadcast, and issue some tatty election pamphlets along with their equivalent of the Sun newspaper (both equally discredited and hated amongst the majority of this fine country). In it they tell us how they will get Britain out of the EU and stop immigration, amongst others, both of which the London Mayor and assembly have no say on whatsoever. They seem to be libelling, slandering and being downright racist to the bookies favourite who treats them like something you pick up of the bottom of your shoe after an errant dog owner left it on the pavement. He also once again takes an ex-soldier and uses him in his nasty propaganda. Again this is against the wishes of his family and again the biffer lie that there is no memorial to him. There is. It’s what the family wanted, where the family wanted it to be. Once again we won’t name him as the last thing his relatives want is for him him to become the battlefield in a political ‘tug of war’.

A day out in Bexley Heath handing out faaasands of leaflets was videoed and photographed. Nothing about this leads me to believe that anyone wants anything to do with Goldibollocks and his tawdry little party. They have already had both barrels from the written media describing the campaign as a car crash.

BF Christine Smith election broadcast London Mayor May 2016

The radio broadcast they were permitted was a 30 second recording, the TV broadcast 5 minutes of absolute comedy and still they aren’t happy. We’ve seen the full version of the broadcast Goldibollocks wanted and no wonder the Beeb and ITV told them no. Usually after a broadcast a party’s showing in the polls jumps, this time it didn’t. I checked Comres before and a couple of days later (you need to do something while perched on the loo). The votes for Goldibollocks for London Mayor stayed at 1% and the seats in the assembly, where in my view they were really putting their faith,a big fat zero.

So then to the daily begging bowl, sorry Emails, to their supporters asking them to “chip in” to raise the £20 faaaasand needed to reach even more Londoners with their bullshit and lies. With just (as I write) 8 days to go even if they meet the target it will be too late. It seems to us here that a good holiday will be in order after the campaign and spending money for Screechy’s addiction will be getting a boost from the gullible disciples.
So here’s a thing Goldibollocks and Screechy, Pieman Steve, Chief of Staff Lomax, Sargeant, and the rest of your high command, here’s some advice from a Landlord who used to live and work in London. I’ll even give it to you for free, although the team could do with some hobnobs (the coffers are bare and Sainsbury’s own just don’t taste the same)

1) if you really want to become mayor and Screechy a member of the assembly, don’t fuck off around half of the London electorate with racism and lies. In one of the most diverse and multi cultural cities in the world the voters won’t really like it..

2) When a family of a murdered man asks you not to use his memory to further your racist, islamaphobic aims, don’t. It pisses a lot of people off and a lot of these pissed off people will be voters.

3) when slagging off the favourite for the Mayoral job (Not you Goldibollocks, not you) don’t use his religion against him or at least if you do get your facts right. Whether a bloke is Muslim, Christian, Athiest, Hindu or whatever, fight him on his policies. Oh scratch this one, you haven’t got any policies that affect Londoners just the same old shit that you purvey on your Social Media page.

EBF Racist election address Sadiq Khan mayoral election May 2016 conservative 1964

4) when you lose, when Screechy loses, when your family loses and you all lose your deposits, blame the media, the establishment, the people that don’t fall for your cack and us (and other pages like us) fuck off, pack up your bollocks and close up. It is a show that this is Britain, a Britain that I want to live in, with Naz Hussain next door to me and George Shah just down the road, with the little old lady at number 21 who Naz helps with her garden, with Jeff, one of my locals, from Trinidad, who loves talking to me about my love of Cricket and warm beer, with Steve the local white Van man who hates life but loves all the mates at the pub and finally with the followers of Exposing Britain first who see through your lies at every turn.

This is my advice to you, this is my wish. That after you lose and are humiliated at the elections you go away and leave the sensible silent majority alone. I may even be minded to “chip in” to help.



3 thoughts on “View from a barstool 24

  1. I have two terrorist (probably more) related families living just doors from me. I’m a very small minority in a area I was born and bred. I’m that little old pensioner. I remember when there was some concern for our old,young, sick and disabled,and housing.i don’t welcome sharia,I don’t welcome the burka, I certainly have no place in my home for the Koran. This is not racist,this is survival,survival of my race,I will not be made to feel that because I’m white and English I’m the problem. I’m proud of my colour,my religion and being English/ parents grew up through two world wars,losing many of their loved one’s.they fought to stay free and bravely carried on fighting while grieving their mothers,fathers,sisters,brothers,uncles,aunts and in some cases their tiny babies and close friends etc.we are proud to be English/White.that does not make a racist. A racist in my book is someone who does not want to inter grate,who wants to force their religion and beliefs on us,and if we object they think we should be beheaded.(how to make friends).the real problem is we have been overrun,we are being irradicated,and it’s not ok, it’s not acceptable. We to my knowledge have never turned away any refugee’s who genuinely were at risk and needed help.what is happening now is more a invasion,they hate us,they want to kill’s true, they gladly tell you it’s planned.and our government have done nothing to stop it,but in fact have encouraged I expect disagree with my right to be proud of who I am, I love being English,I love being white,I love the extreme bravery my parents,grandparents etc showed through out their war torn lives.i love the Union Jack,The George Cross,I love and respect our military,and thank them for their service and patriotism,while this and previous governments send them into illegal wars,and persecute them for doing their jobs. The fact is we see what is happening,over many years the indigenous people of this country(and many others America to name just one) have become the minority,with no is done to cause disharmony on a very large scale,between us the native’s and those that present themselves as refugee’s/ immigrants…….caused by the obscenely rich,and greedy where to much is never enough for family are my priority,they come first, my extended family and friends our preservation,our freedom and country.after that if I can help I will.but you don’t take food from your babies mouth to feed them. They need to intigrate and make an effort to get along.and stop demanding that we convert to their way.


    • Hi Linda,

      This is a long comment and it deserves an equally long reply. Do you mind if we convert it into a blog post and then reply to it in parenthesis? You’ll get the opportunity to comment on it too, of course.


  2. sorry it is so long, but I’m not sure that separating into blog would be appropriate .the comment though long,would then be out of context. lnda.


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