Reading age 8-12!

BF Anthony Blunn no go areas vlogRemember Anthony Blunn, the genius Biffer whose video seemed so immature it could have been written by a small child? Remember how ridiculous he was comparing East London with Afghanistan?

We did a bit more digging. We had to. We just couldn’t believe that a senior ‘officer’ of any political organisation could be so ill-informed. This is the guy who claims to have read and digested the Quran, after all. Actually ALL the Biffers claim to have read the Quran. Jayda Fransen even claims to have read 13 different versions of it!

We thought it’d be interesting to check out Blunn’s other reading matter. That might give us some insight into the man’s thinking. It certainly did.

Apparently he’s ‘not much of a reader’ but he did manage to find something he could handle on Ebay. It’s part of the junior history library – designed for 8-12 year olds. so Blunn should feel right at home reading it. He’ll even get to use his bookmark! Really. We’re not kidding.

EBF BF Blunn Alamo book


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