Biffers butting into other peoples’ business again

What do you wear when you go to the swimming baths?

I wear a forgiving dark coloured swimsuit that lets me hide my ‘voluptuousness’ behind a camouflage of cloth. Even covered up like that I hate the seemingly endless walk from the changing rooms to the water where I feel like I’m on show for the whole world to criticise my ‘extra padding’. Hubby says it’s not a problem. He says I’m beautiful (and that’s really nice of him) but it doesn’t change the fact that my sense of modesty means I hate those few yards until I can hide my tummy beneath the surface of the water.

Honestly, if I thought I had to wear a bikini to go to the pool I don’t think I’d ever go again.

Fortunately though, nobody has ever so much as raised an eyebrow at my choice of swimwear. I can cover up if I like and that’s nobody’s business but my own. I’m not hurting anyone and I’m not trying to dictate what other people should wear. If other (usually younger) women want to flaunt what they’ve got that’s up to them. I just don’t – well not any more. But you should have seen me ten years ago!

I was horrified to see the latest offering from Britain First because it touches on this very subject. As you can tell it’s an issue very close to my heart. It’s also something that is none of Britain First’s business.

EBF BF Burkini comments

When will these small-minded little bigots stop sticking their noses in where they’re not wanted?

4 thoughts on “Biffers butting into other peoples’ business again

  1. It’s actually sensible wear in the sun.

    Many locals who swim in tropical waters wear a very similar setup to avoid sunburn when kayaking or swimming. In North Queensland we call that swimsuit a Stinger Suit – protection against marine jellyfish.

    In cold water it’s more likely to be a wetsuit.

    Does that make us a hijab wearing muslims?

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  2. wife-beating is a bigger problem in the Muslim community than worrying about swimsuit comments. Let’s blog about that


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