Too scared to show compassion

No matter how hard they try the Biffers just can’t help revealing their true motivations. They’re frightened of everything outside of their own experience. If it doesn’t like roast beef and Yorkshire pudding or the good old British bacon butty; if it doesn’t wear blue jeans (preferably with red braces, white tee shirts and shiny DM boots); if it doesn’t drink lager and like watching the footy then it’s just too scary for your average Biffer.

EBF BF Christian refugees Muslim invasion fear compassion.png

That’s the real reason for their ridiculous displays of mock bravado, shouting their endless drivel from the safety of behind police lines. They’re terrified of anything they don’t understand and let’s face it – that leaves precious little for them to be comfortable about. They may well have the courage to post obscenities from the safety of their own bedrooms but they’re nowhere near brave enough to explore the world beyond their tightly drawn curtains.

The truth is that most Biffers understand nothing that can’t be described as traditional British. They’re so obsessed with trying to preserve the ‘safe’ past with all its bigotry and oppression of other races that they just can’t see how much better things are today. And that really is a shame.

We really believe that some of Britain First’s supporters have the potential to become genuinely nice people. They’re victims of a nationalist, racist scam but for some of them at least that’s only because they don’t know any better.

All they need to do is open their eyes and look beyond the racist echo chamber of Britain First.

Unfortunately, though – that’s the one thing they’re too frightened to do.

Bobby kennedy fear the present and future want the safe past.jpg

4 thoughts on “Too scared to show compassion

  1. If they really wanted to know where the Christian refugees are they could get in touch with aid agencies who have specifically asked for people to house Christian refugees. Maybe offer accommodation themselves? Campaign against the government’s ridiculous limit?
    On this issue I think that the Press are more to blame than the racist right through misinformation and sensationalist headlines. What we need is a platform for the alternative viewpoints and a trusted unbiased media source. Faith groups (and those of no faith) have an important part to play too. The fears of mass immigration need to be addressed or debunked as appropriate at the correct level. Many people will indeed change their view when presented with the truth in an understandable form. So, how do we go about it?


  2. While I agree entirely with exposing Britain first, their group banned me for berating them as they do a lot of people, please do not imply that skinheads are racist as it is a contradiction in terms. Boneheads are racist and don’t necessarily wear docs and braces.


    • Fair comment, Lee. I shouldn’t fall for the stereotype when I know that many skinheads are vehemently opposed to racism. Mind you, here in the W. Midlands there are plenty of skins who really are racist too. Nevertheless you’re quite right and I apologise. (EBFBlogger)


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