View from a barstool 23

Beer 2A video free week! The guys let me off with nothing more than a ticking off for not treating EBF towers with respect. Three boxes of monkey nuts strewn across the floor made sure of that. Fortunately no one yet has managed to work out how the vacuum works (we’re good at memes, computers, investigations and trolls but seem to have a complete brain fuzz when it comes to anything else) so if the guys need me or if they get the bloody thing working I’ll make my way back to the office for another penance.

I don’t know whether I’m suffering a disorder from being forced to watch Screechy on the videos last week but I am starting to believe them on one thing. They do appear to be putting effort into the London Mayoral election. Letters from the Electoral commission seem to confirm they are going ahead with it, telling them that the three slogans they wanted to use were inappropriate. Cue predictable indignation and muslims blah blah blah zzzzzzzzzzzzz. They seem to think that the free mailshot, and the TV exposure is worth the money they are going to spend. Well make that American, Australian and the few knuckledraggers left that actually believe them in this country’s money.

EBF BF London mayor commentsScreechy needs her fix. Indeed, one of the leaders of the EDL calls them “money first” which shows the rift flowing through the right-wing cockwombles and the various groups. But I digress. Goldibollocks and his puppetmaster seem to think that he will run rings round career politicians on the TV debates, and the hustings, something that I can’t wait for him to try. I’ll be laughing my face off! He only has two calls to make… Muslims and lefteye traytors!!!

EDL Paul Locke BF money first Mayor London Sadiq KhanHe thinks that he can bring his brand of subtle racism (‘subtle’? That bloody video has affected me) and blatant islamaphobia to probably the most diverse, multicultural and liberal of capital cities in Europe. The people of London will probably treat Britain First as more of a joke than the Monster Raving Looney party. (with which Screechy has previous experience). I can see them making a grand entrance into the count (probably wherever Saddiq Khan is) and making thorough tits of themselves as they and their shittroopers shout slogans and generally show themselves for the fuckwits they are.

Screechy went on the rampage in London once again, looking like a drug crazed harridan and certainly making fun of her assertion that she is under house arrest, she confronted the extremist hate preacher Anjem Choudary. Now don’t get me wrong, Choudary is an extremist and he is someone that to a man here at EBF we dislike immensly and would like to see brought in front of a judge and jailed……oh thats right he is going to be although his mates at Britain First have probably given him a monopoly card and I doubt it’s collect £200. Britain Firsts, and Screechy’s behaviour to this vile man is nothing more than incitement.

Jayda Fransen Anjem Choudhary BF propoganda video.png

Calling him coward is rich when his bail conditions state he is to have nothing to do with Britain First, talk about his case or appear on social media. But this is not good enough for good ol’ Screechy. Claiming a victory for Britain, she told us that he is a coward when faced with her and her cronies. Now knowing who goes around with Screechy wherever she goes, I would assume that Anjem saw six or seven knuckledraggers, a possibly high Screechy, a camera and thought that fucking off and closing his door would be the best policy. Then getting onto his phone to his legal team and laughing all the way to another month of waiting. Britain First pulled this stunt the day before his last court appearance and once again did the same. If they have somehow undermined this chance of Choudary being tried I think there will be an uproar.

As they were strangely quiet last weekend we’ve got a new game here at the office, guessing where will the wankpuffins turn up this week and where will their new Fuhrer bunker be? As we were all wrong this week the prize of a packet of hobnobs (remember the flooded out warehouse) will be doubled. All you have to do to enter is send us a virtual 5 faaaaasand paaaands and you will be entered.


Thats it for this week must go and see what the rugby fans have done to my stocks and take the Landlady out for a riproaring curry.


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