Golding’s not folding and Jayda’s getting jumpy

Well now. We were genuinely surprised when Moley first told us this little nugget of information but it’s becoming more and more obvious as time goes on. Apparently the Fuhrer in waiting, Jayda “Dutchy” Fransen is getting cold feet. We thought she had a bit more about her than that but Moley seems to think she’s not nearly as brave as she makes out.

BBC3 WWOCB Paul Jayda Banner Mosque spotted quick

Apparently she’s started to get more and more uncomfortable about the attention from South Yorkshire and Bedfordshire Police forces. Moley tells me she had a similar bout of nerves just after being arrested for having a go at Anjem Choudhary in London. We’d wondered what her mysterious absence was all about (apart from a change in appearance) at the time. It seems it wasn’t just about looking different. She nearly jacked it in altogether until she realised that she had no other source of income.

BF EBF Jayda Fransen Fuhrer in waitingAnd she’s getting scared again. That might be very poor timing for her. Our information has always been that she’s set to take over the reins of Britain First when Paulie gets ousted this summer but who knows – Uncle Jim might decide to appoint someone else if this carries on.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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