View from a barstool 21

Beer 2Another week, another venue for barstool, this time in the soft drink store and what a result, wifi is available here along with my phobia…..a pub full of soft drinks. The office has been a quiet place with all of us getting on to the one issue that keeps us together..hobnobs and how supermarket ones just don’t taste the same. My personal opinion that they all taste the same seems to be treated with disdain.

So – Bifferland. It’s been a bit quiet over there. Yes the normal amount of idiotic posts mixed with them wanting to deport anyone that dislikes anything they do. More begging letters. Could it be that their gullible disciples no longer believe anything that comes from their gobs? A couple of video’s and an appearance on their so called TV studio which the sheep over there believe is a real studio (even though we know differently).

Shock! Horror! Kent Magistrates agreed with the CPS and Beds Police, grew a pair of dangly hairy things and upheld the bail conditions. Watching Screechy and Goldibollocks coming out and the pictures reminded me of my eldest daughter when I take her iphone away for breaking the rules. Total disbelief that breaking the law leads to consequences. It is not a silly law, like most it is there to protect those of us who are law abiding and it stops harassment.

The office have decided to have a weekly sweepstake into how many times Screechy or Goldibollocks say “registered political party.” It makes me laugh when I hear this and the usual mantra from the biffers about it wouldn’t happen to Cameron or Corbyn. Well Screechy, I’m sorry, a political party has seats in councils or Parliament and has a voice somewhere other than on the interweb. I once again had to plead to keep my admin status as I couldn’t deal with 11 minutes of Screechy or even our take on it. The answer to their predicament is simple… stay within the law. The begging letter was next, the magistrates, CPS and police were all against them, wouldn’t take their legal arguement from a registered political party and therefore they need to go to high court.

golding fransen webcam luton remote demoOn Saturday Screechy and Goldibollocks decided to direct their activists (the same 20 or so) around Luton, making themselves look like total cockwombles at the same time. Beds Police and the magistrates must be ever so pleased that their bail conditions are being pushed to the limit. Is it jut me or is it that they want to be banged up to make themselves martyrs. Heaven knows what the people of Luton think about the idiots turning up in their town again.

A quiet one then this week, I still have a video to watch, Prole and Kit have informed me that if I don’t watch all Screechy’s video’s I will have to pay a forfeit. Knowing those two sniggering in the corner I would prefer to sit in front of the screen rather than what EBF will do to me if I don’t.


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