What’s goin’ on ‘ere then?

BF Golding London Mayor May 2016 hang lefty traitorBy now we’ve all seen the laughable video in which Grassing and Dutchy all but get down on their knees, pleading with Bedfordshire Police to arrest them. They had so many opportunities to co-operate and so many chances to avoid arrest that we’d be forgiven for thinking that they actually wanted to be arrested. But why…?

Actually this arrest and subsequent bail conditions work very well for Grassing Golding (although not so well for Dutchy). It’s significant that in the video only Golding keeps demanding to be arrested. Although otherwise typically ‘gobby’, Dutchy is uncharacteristically quiet on that particular point. But let’s consider the pros and cons of this arrest for the Fuhrer.

First of all it gives him a perfect excuse not to hold any rallies for a while. Numbers attending the most recent ‘Days of action’ have been pitiful and there’s no doubt that this is bringing even more pressure to bear on Golding’s failing leadership. A good excuse (like answering Saturday bail conditions) might go some way to relieving that pressure.

Then there’s the forthcoming nominations window for the London mayoral elections. Britain First have raised nothing near the £10,000 they need and they’ve no real likelihood of gaining 330 London-dwelling nominees either. Our informant tells us that the plan has long been to drop Grasser Golding and promote Dutchy using the Fuhrer’s electoral disaster as the excuse to appease the faithful. Might Golding think that ‘police persecution’ would be a plausible cover for his electoral inadequacy, leaving him free to continue as ‘The Boss’? For someone as desperate as Grasser it has to be worth a shot!

Finally though, it represents a direct attack on Dutchy’s prospects. She’s well known to have become nervous about pushing the police too far. Being bundled in the back of a police van outside a London Mosque genuinely shook Jayda and for all her gobby bravado she never really forgot the experience. That’s why it was left to Paulie to demand they be arrested. The thought of the police getting heavy really scares Jayda.

By engineering this arrest (and the convenient bail conditions), Grasser hopes to neutralise his own critics whilst discrediting and undermining his only credible rival at the same time. But he’s playing a dangerous game. His usefulness as an establishment grass is coming to an end as more and more of the fash wake up to the dangers of associating with him. That’s the real reason for the decline in on-street attendance. Nobody wants to be associated with a loose-lipped ‘traiyttor’!

Paul’s movement is dying, his reputation is crumbling, his value is diminishing and he’s rapidly becoming more trouble than he’s worth to anyone. Police support may soon become a thing of the past and then where will he be.

Wherever it is he’d better be careful picking up soap in the shower. Who knows – maybe he’ll get to share a pad with that other well-known fash security-risk, Tommy Robinson.

Best make sure you don’t talk in your sleep, Paulie. Tommy’s not much good at keeping secrets either!


7 thoughts on “What’s goin’ on ‘ere then?

    • Hi Terry,

      There are lots of unspecified rumours. The only one we know about for sure was that a Biffer who posted pics of a handgun and made violent statements about shooting Muslims in public was reported to the police by ‘a very senior BF official’. I wrote about it earlier. I’ll get you the link.


      • Yeah, I seemed to have missed that article. Blimey, given their pro-gun stance and revering America for theirs, you’d thought they’d applaud the moron who posted that picture. I’m actually glad they reported him/her, even if they are oblivious to the fact that that is what they intentionally/inadvertently encourage.

        Thanks for the link 🙂


        • No problem Terry. The problem doesn;t seem to have been that he had a gun and was prepared to shoot Muslims. It’s more the fact that the management got worried because he made a clear and public link to the Biffers when shouting his mouth off.
          They’re just a pack of cowards when it comes down to it. They go nowhere without arranging police protection (either in advance or by anonymous phone calls to the local fuzz after they’ve arrived) and we’ve all seen how they run away like little girls whenever they meet serious opposition. It seems they’re also scared of making the incitement to violence too explicit as well. It’s OK to get others to do their dirty work for them but not when it can be traced quite this directly back to them. I blogged about how the game works here…


  1. A little mistake here. I’m sure Mr Golding wouldn’t say “Hanged”, he would say “Hung” cos he dint have a lefteye traytr edicashun.


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