Golding’s empty bravado in Dewsbury

We’ve sat on this for a week waiting to see the inevitable video from Britain First. Moley told us that Golding had flouted the conditions imposed by South Yorkshire Police, dared them to arrest him and got away with it scot free. That seemed a bit odd to us so we waited before making any comment. We needed to be sure about the timing, you see. Moley’s good but s/he doesn’t spend his/her life checking the time so couldn’t be sure. Like the rest of us at EBF, Moley likes to get stuff right.

In the end, Britain First themselves gave us the answer we needed. They’re really not very bright, are they?

BF Dewsbury Golding Fransen speeches 10 minutes

In the Video Golding says, as Moley had reported, that he has to be finished ranting in 5 minutes (remember that – 5 minutes) or he’ll be arrested. The video itself lasts for 12 minutes which, allowing for Dutchy’s introduction means he spoke for about 10. And he made a really big deal of not sticking to the police’s timescale. It was as though he wanted to be arrested. That’s what we needed to check – how long did he actually speak.

It turns out that the police had actually said 10 minutes (not 5) and we know they were being precise about it because Golding himself remarked on the liaison officer checking his watch. That was just before Uncle Jim Dowson helpfully interrupted to let Grassing Golding know that his 10 minutes were almost up. And guess what… Folding Golding folded… right on time.

BF Dewsbury Golding Fransen speeches 10 minutes detail

It’s a simple trick. Lie about the time allotted and then stick to the actual deadline – not the one you’ve just made up. You’ve remained within the law and the sheep will think you’re some sort of hero.

What a pity that your own copy writer gave the game away by telling the truth on the website.

Good effort Golding – must try harder in future.

4 thoughts on “Golding’s empty bravado in Dewsbury

  1. I live in Dewsbury a short walk from where this took place, I have a mosque at the end of my street and have lived round Asians all my life.
    They are not friendly at all and I’ve been threatened more than once, they don’t want to integrate into our culture they want to take it over and are doing a good job of it too.
    Britain first may be right wing and inflammatory by nature but what they say about Dewsbury directly correlates to my experiences. I’d also like to add that the guys who conducted 7/7 came from down the road from here too. Sure live and let live but sat miles away from here isolated from where the rubber meets the road serves no purpose and your comments mean nothing to me.


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