Forget me not Fransen

The thing about attention-seekers is that they can never have enough attention. They crave publicity, even when it damages them. When all you have to offer is hatred and a hard-faced refusal to face facts it’s hard to maintain the numbers of adoring fans you crave. When you can’t act, can’t sing, can’t dance and your opinions don’t make any sense there isn’t much left to draw the crowds. What’s a girl to do?

Jayda Fransen has found the answer. She makes up for her monumental lack of ability by being more and more outrageous. She can’t make it in serious politics (although we’d love to see her try and hold her own with someone like Paxman or even Andrew Marr) and there’s nothing even remotely entertaining about her transparent, stereotypical persona so all she has to offer is outrageous acts and dramatic abuse.

The only problem is that she hardly ever gets any response to her stunts. Most of the time Fransen and her loyal sycophants are ignored when they traipse around the country trying to stir up trouble. They mooch around in car parks or outside Mosques in the early hours pretending to be brave but nobody believes a word of it. If you’re that brave, Jayda – go and hold a demo in Baghdad or Karbul.

The truth is that none of the Biffers would ever dream of going anywhere actually dangerous. So they need to find a new way to pretend to be brave and maintain the interest of the gullible. Something like this!

EBF BF Jayda Fransen Folding Golding Jihad

It’s tragic really. Jayda’s missed her chance for Fuhrership and she knows it. It’s true that she’s still in line for the top Biffer’s job but that’s not going to mean much for very long. Britain First is already past its sell by date. Under the ridiculously incompetent stewardship of Fuhrer Golding the sad web-based neo-nazis have missed their chance. Now they’re not even making very much money. That’s why we’re seeing more and more of the increasingly desperate (and obvious) begging letters. That’s why even their mediocre numbers (they never topped a couple of hundred, even at their most popular) are continuing to fall. They can’t even raise enough interest to host an annual conference, they’re so insignificant.

BF scrapping future national conferences

Jayda’s empire, when she finally wrests it from the cold, metaphorically ‘dead’ hands of Fuhrer Golding will be worthless. All that work. All that time embarrassing herself with her obvious racism and irrational bigotry. All that hatred. All for nothing!
So we can expect more and more desperate stunts over the coming months.

EBF BF Jayda Fransen Luton Americans video Dewsbury
The recent romp around Luton seems to have attracted quite a lot of interest. Judging from the EBF inbox many of those viewing the video were Antifa and BF themselves freely admit that most were American. The Biffers have always worked hard to convince foreigners (who won’t know any better) that Britain is being taken over by Muslims but that won’t help them in the arena of UK politics. Yanks can no more vote for Golding than Biffers can vote for Trump (although several of them seem to think they can).

When you need to resort to this sort of stupid to get noticed there really isn’t any way back.

You’ll be history in another year. You’re already a joke, even among the far right.
We’ll ask Landlord to put a few bottles of champagne on ice – we’ll be needing them to toast your well-deserved political demise within the year.


2 thoughts on “Forget me not Fransen

  1. I fervently hope that your prediction about the imminent demise of BF, is accurate. They are unashamed thugs and their latest potential victim is a journalist who came, presumably, to give them a little bit of the publicity they seem to crave. To issue threats against journalists and others (including me, the last time I left a comment here) and to suggest that their political opponents will suffer, old fashioned justice at the end of a rope has more in common with criminality than it does with real world politics. They simply have no idea of the real meaning of the word justice and how the justice system works than they did about the real meaning of the word tantalising when I used it in a post. I spend hours, every week reading their twisted rhetoric and religious rants and I simply can’t wait to see the back of them. Thank goodness for ‘EBF’ and ‘Bin Bagged’ for their untiring debunking of BF’s filthy lies and repugnant ideology.

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