Britain First’s political uniform

According to the 1936 Public order act it is illegal for any political party to develop or wear political uniform. It’s no coincidence that this Act was given Royal assent when it was. In the run up to the second world war a group of fascists led by Baronet Oswald Ernold Moseley donned remarkably Nazi style uniform and terrorized British people whom they deemed to be foreigners or otherwise ‘undesirable’.

They got their come-uppance in the end as thousands of decent Brits forced them to abandon their March in a confrontation at Cable Street in Stepney, East London. None the less their very existence showed the damage to social harmony that organised fascism could do and the Public order act was passed as part of a raft of measures designed to prevent their like ever returning to UK’s streets.

It’s no surprise then that the most recent group to try to find a way past the law is another bunch of fascists, Britain First. Originally they wore more obviously miilitarized garb but following Grassing Golding’s conviction for wearing political uniform they started wearing uniforms based upon more casual clothing instead. But a uniform is still a uniform and theirs is distinctive and used to denote roles just like any other.

Have you ever wondered why Biffers wear different coloured tea-cosies? Well now you know! Look at what Robin Lomax (head of the Biffers Walt division) has to say about them.

EBF BF Black security uniform hats

6 thoughts on “Britain First’s political uniform

    • As it’s crown property it may actually be a criminal matter rather than a civil one. If so they could even be prosecuted by the state rather than just sued by HRH. Here’s hoping!


  1. Oh dear, I must be out on a limb as I do not subscribe to the wearing a sweatshirt with an emblem (any emblem) constitutes a political uniform! Wow! What next? Will the great unwashed wish to outlaw the wearing of poppy lapel badges?

    It is frightening how the liberal fascists are tolerant of anything that is in alignment with the establishment’s views but wholly intolerant of anything else!!!

    ‘Freedom of speech’ and ‘Innocent until proven guilty’ are terms of a bygone era. The era before the onslaught of the current social engineering. All is forgiven Enoch Powell and George Orwell!

    I want my country back!


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