Doing the Dewsbury shuffle

Later today the thugs from Britain First will shuffle their way through Dewsbury, embarrassing themselves and annoying the locals in equal measure. As usual they’ll be armed with oversized wooden crosses and abusive placards to supplement the verbal abuse they will  undoubtedly inflict upon the local population. We use the word ‘armed’ advisedly.

Biffer battle advice combination

These are the people who recently criticised the ecumenical Christians of Luton for ‘betraying the faith’ by choosing to follow Christ’s instruction to ‘love thy neighbour’.

EBF BF Treacherous Christian leaders in Luton ecumenicism Islam churches togetherWe wonder just how many practising Christians will recognise the application of their faith in today’s divisive debacle in Dewsbury.

What’s your verdict? Are Britain first really standing up for Jesus in defiance of a cowardly church establishment or are they just cynical chancers trying to stir up trouble for their own profit? Are Folding and Dutchy…

A. Christian
B. Brave
C. Relevant
D. Ancient Spartan warriors
E. None of the above

What’s your verdict? Perhaps you’ve thought of a different description altogether. If so we’d love to know what it is.

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