Real or replica?

The best bit about Biffers is their discretion!

OK, OK – we’re just joking. They wouldn’t understand discretion if it came up and bit them on the a**e! They know how to drop themselves (and each other) in it though.

Our Bifferland mole just passed us this very interesting photograph. We’ve obscured the name on the Britain First membership card because for all we know it’s a replica posted as part of the usual keyboard warrior bravado. For all we know.

BF Baretta firearm gun

According to our source ‘the management’ over at Biffer Towers was a bit spooked by this image when they saw it. They’re entrepreneurs with a business model based upon hatred but the idea of Folding Golding being brave enough to be associated with an actual shooting is a bit much. The last thing they need is to be charged with incitement to murder and have to explain away this sort of evidence in court.

Moley wouldn’t say which of ‘the management’ actually lifted the phone this afternoon but apparently somebody did – right to the police. It seems that some sad Biffer will be getting a knock on the door pretty soon. We hope for their sake it’s just a replica. They really don’t want to tussle with police marksmen.

We’ll let you know if we hear anything more about this potentially worrying development.

9 thoughts on “Real or replica?

      • WM it’s Illegal to own a Replica Firearm, as the chap above said, and it carries a similar custodial sentence. There a wavers in the law, which include Theater, TV, and military enactment, who can own an imitation, but this is for specific porpoises. That porpoise would not include showing off on Facebook that you own a gun (real or fake), this is a clear case of showing off, probably to scare Muslims and AF supporters. I have reported this to my employer.


  1. First they take your guns… And what? It’s 20 years later, are ‘They’ playing the waiting game? Also, only an ignorant person thinks guns are banned in the UK. They just have heavy restriction on what you can own. If you’re that worried about the ‘they’ taking your country apply for a gun licence and buy a gun. Although best not put down ‘stopping ‘they’ from stealing your property’, and then defining your property as an entire country.


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