Vigilante Biffers

The soldiers of Odin and the gobshites of Britain First

The Biffers echo chamber is working well, we see. No sooner did they post this news article about vigilantism in Finland and the obedient neo-nazi sheeple came up with the goods.

soldiers of odin.png

Fransen and Golding must be thrilled. They’ve moved their obedient money spinners one step closer to the civil war they crave. Think of the money that’ll generate!

There literally are hundreds of comments just like this. Most of them will be the online rantings of keyboard warriors with neither the ability nor the intent to actually do the things they type (one-handedly) about. But within that mass of foreign Facebook users and domestic gobshites there’s sure to be some real villains who genuinely mean it.

We can’t help but wonder how come they missed this report.
Germany vigilante plot foiled.png

Surely it’s time to proscribe Britain First.


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