Crossland’s cronies or Locke’s layabouts?

EDL shield logoThe EDL has been through turbulent times since Tommy Robinson screwed them over and legged it to Quilliam in 2012. Since then they’ve appointed three short-lived leaders, Tim Ablitt (who?), Steve “Edders” Eddowes and now Ian Crossland. None of them have been particularly impressive which explains why the ridiculous racists of the EDL (the knightly ‘imbibing brotherhood’) have been such a flop for the last few years.

Crossland is an alleged smackhead who recently defended himself on a violent assault charge by informing the court that he has nothing to do with the EDL. Really – the newly-appointed leader of the imbibing brethren claims not to have anything to do with them! The stupidity is strong in this one! It’s hardly difficult to see why the League has gone from weakness to weakness, is it?

But all that might be about to change.

Paul Locke is ‘Division leader’ of the imbibing brethren’s Solihull rabble. But not for long, we hear. Remember – you heard it here first.

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