Who’s appeasing whom?

Choudary is currently on bail awaiting trial. The conditions of his bail include a £15,000 surety, living at home with an electronic curfew, not associating with named individuals, not to travel abroad, use an internet device, post on social media or attend a demonstration. All of his groups were proscribed and he is banned from making or joining any more.

EBF BF Muslim appeasement Golding

Paul Golding on the other hand has been arrested several times, and was supposed to go back for a full high court hearing after Bedfordshire Police were successful in obtaining an interim injunction but that seems to have been magically dropped – just like many other charges against him. Golding is not subject to any bail conditions currently and only has a restraining order against him relating to his conviction of harrassment of a woman in her own home. Muslim appeasement? It doesn’t sound like it. Golding is like Teflon –
nothing seems to stick.

If only our authorities here  in UK were as pro-active as the Germans in prosecuting and proscribing these neo-nazi organisations.

Germany vigilante plot foiled


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