Biffers abhor false allegations (allegedly)

This is just incredible. The hypocrisy reaches astronomical proportions with this pointless post from Britain First.

Apparently a woman from Birmingham has lied. There’s nothing unusual there. People from Birmingham lie every day – just as people from everywhere else do. There’s nothing particularly interesting about that.

BF EBF false allegation assault hijabi Birmingham

More importantly, the woman from Birmingham has lied to the police. There’s nothing unusual about that either. People lie to the police everyday.

More importantly the woman from Birmingham who lied to the police was young and presumably rash. There’s nothing unusual about that. Young people do stupid things every day.

More importantly the rash young woman from Birmingham who stupidly lied to the police was a Muslim.


Suddenly this mundane, everyday story of lying teenagers becomes newsworthy – at least in Bifferland. But why?

Do the Biffers, who lie to everyone (including the police), who radicalise stupid youths (some of whom are from Birmingham) and who incite violence against Muslims have some point to make here?

Isn’t this young woman who happens to be Muslim being just as stupid as many other young men and women of all religions and ethnicities (from Birmingham and elsewhere)? We mean, really – how the Hell is this newsworthy material for political party?

Oh yes, of course – it’s because it gives them an excuse to have a go at someone wearing a Hijab.



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