Ranting Fransen causing trouble again

EBF BF Ranting Fransen East London Anjem ChoudharyBritain First has been congratulating itself on its courage again. This time, displaying all the bravery of a bunch of house mice, they went mob-handed to the home of Anjem Choudhary. Choudhary is a thoroughly unpleasant hate preacher (not unlike Fransen herself) but the idea that this Biffer publicity stunt was brave or even necessary is stretching things an awful lot.

Choudhary has already been arrested and charged for preaching hatred. In fact he’s currently on bail and is due in court this morning (11/1/2016). That’s exactly 36 hours after Ranting Fransen and her gang of thugs went door to door disturbing East London residents until they found his address and went to hassle him. We have to wonder just how this overly dramatic ‘campaign’ was supposed to aid due process.

EBF BF piss up in East LondonWhen they finally found the right house and knocked on the door, Choudhary answered. Ranting Fransen hardly had the chance open her over-sized mouth before he closed it again and went back inside. That’s hardly surprising.

Choudhary’s bail conditions prohibit him from broadcasting anything or posting on social media. The Biffers pointed a camera at his face knowing full well that he would have no chance to speak to them whilst being filmed without breaching those conditions. Fransen understands this only too well. The exact same conditions kept Uncle Jim Dowson out of action for the Biffers for months and he’s still not keen to be on show even now. There’s nothing brave about having a go at a man whose bail conditions prevent him from defending himself.

We’re no fans of Anjem Choudhary. Here at EBF we see Choudhary and Fransen as opposite ends of the same divisive continuum (that’s a nice way of saying they’re two cheeks of the same arse). Both are hate preachers. Both distort respectable religions for their own hateful ends and both are bent upon causing Holy war on UK’s streets. So far as we’re concerned they can both go to Hell but fair’s fair.

Having a go at a man who cannot defend himself is an act of cowardice, not courage. The Biffers may think they’ve earned their celebratory piss up but the rest of us don’t. Perhaps that’s why so few Brits could be bothered to congratulate this tiresome team of tedious time-wasters!

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One thought on “Ranting Fransen causing trouble again

  1. Errr . . . In my professional capacity, I have organised visits to a few of our local ale manufacturers’ premises. I think you will find that Britain First may well be able to attend a piss-up in a brewery but if they were to try and manage one . . . it would be best to take your own beer!

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