A silk purse from a pig’s ear

This is just marvellous!

Last weekend a few of the EBF team were having a chinwag in the office over a hobnob or three when they came up with a cunning plan to get the Biffers to do something actually useful for once. They’re going to make the neo-nazis at Britain First make money for someone else for a change.
As most people know the Biffers plan to inflict themselves on Deswbury at the end of this month. It’s ironic that the group that claims to care so much about British people, the group that did nothing at all to help British flood victims is visiting Yorkshire, one of the worst hit regions in the country.

elp battle floods

Keeping in mind the idea that it’s never too late to help, the EBF team has found a way to make the Biffer shuffle through Dewsbury worthwhile – but not for the reasons the Biffers want.

Instead of being a platform for narrow-minded, bigoted neo-nazis to fill their own coffers, the Biffers’ drunken stagger through Dewsbury will become a fund-raising platform for flood relief. They’ll hate that! The Biffers hate giving money to anyone but themselves!

EBF has set up its very own Go Fund Me account where people can donate to flood relief directly without letting the Biffers get their grubby little hands anywhere near the money. It’s easy to do – just click the link and enter your details into the secure payment form. You can donate anonymously too if you’re worried about reprisals from the terminally tight-fisted Biffers.

You’ll get to help people in need AND piss off the Biffers, especially if we raise more money for Flood relief than Britain First raises for themselves. Now that really is making a charitable silk purse out of a Fascist pig’s ear!

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