Something to crow about!

Britain First never seems to lack something to crow about. If they’re not complaining about how badly they’re treated (and begging for money to support their persecuted martyrdom) they’re shouting about how great they are (and begging for money to support their greatness). Sometimes they combine the two and complain about how persecuted they are in spite of their greatness (and beg for money to support their persecuted greatness). Biffer Fuhrer, Folding Golding’s New Year message to his imaginary British Reich combined all of the above and more. You can watch his hilarious attempt to be taken seriously (along with the EBF commentary) here.

For me though, the most hilarious of all the festive season’s offerings was this little gem which appeared on the Biffer website a little while ago. This collection of craziness, this wonderful, web-based wittering of weasel words falls into the ‘see how great we are’ camp – except they’re not great at all. In attempting to prove how ever-so-influential they are Britain First has proven beyond all reasonable doubt their own political insignificance. In short this is what they said…

We’re great because..

We have lots of overseas likes, click bait likes, sock-puppets and paid for popularity.

We don’t get a look in when it comes to the real world but…

Online we only really make an impact on Facebook because that’s the only social media platform that lets us silence dissenters and fake our popularity by paying Asian click-farms.But if we don’t count platforms where people aren’t easy to silence we look like we’re doing well.

So we won’t count any platform except Facebook.

We especially won’t count Twitter where we always get trounced by people we can’t silence. Anyway Paulie got banned off Twitter for being a racist bully so we definitely don’t want anything to do with them. They’re too hard to control.

Look how popular we seem now.

Impressive isn’t it?

BF stats EBF commentary new year 2016

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