View from a barstool #12

Beer 2This weeks barstool is from an old friends pub in the Home Counties as I try simultaneously to kick one hangover to begin another.

Whilst some of us were drinking to excess, filling our stomachs with rich fancy food and opening presents the rain came down in the Northern Shires bringing more floods and despair to thousands. The army and emergency services working round the clock to help,and pictures of wonderful people helping those who are in distress. If like me you’re waiting for those pictures on the Biffer pages you won’t, whilst they were eating and drinking, it was Muslims that showed us the true meaning of Christmas.

If like me you’ve lived all your life away from a flood area and think that big puddle you have to drive through is big, spare a thought for those in Yorkshire, Cumbria and those other affected areas.

hebden bridge flood bus 2015

I see the Biffer Christmas message went up again, Goldibollocks obviously was too drunk or not trusted enough with the bigoted load of drivel that was produced. I managed 2 minutes of this rubbish before I was brain dead but fortunately Kit and Prole endured it so if you missed it here is my take on it. Blah blah blah Christians, blah blah blah BBC not Christian, blah blah blah Islam taking over,blah blah blah rubbish zzzzzzzz.

Apparently the same old tired regurgitated crap came out again and again. Watch out patriots get jiggy with it or Islam will take over by 2050, the BBC only showing 8 hours of Christian programs, I thought it was a public broadcaster that had to cater for everyone. Our exalted prime minister not mentioning Christianity, although when I saw his message that is all it was.

As we hurtle towards a New Year I’m sitting here once again, pint in hand, wondering about what next year holds for us here at EBF. I’m wondering if the biffers will pack up and leave, the words “goodwill to all men” will be backed up by deeds, that we can fight extremism and beat it in whatever form it comes, that the bombing in Syria stops and another way to beat Daesh is found, that Israel stops the genocide of the Palestinians and the killing stops and that the world can live in harmony. But then I had a slug of ale and realised that although these are laudable ideals there is no way these will come about. Biffers will continue to hate, con and lie.

EBF PAW copy

Extremism will continue almost unabated, bombing will continue because minerals and armament companies need it to, and Israel and Palestine will continue to fight. And EBF will continue too. We will continue to counter lies, continue to laugh at bifferdom, continue to highlight the good in anyone regardless of religion or creed.

So as I order my second pint of the day may I wish all your aspirations come true next year and all followers of the page and your families and friends a happy and peaceful new year.


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