It’s not about the Muslims

“It’s not about the Muslims, Muslims, Muslims” (with apologies to Jessie J)

Far right Nazis often accuse antifa groups like Exposing Britain First of being ‘Muslim apologists’ or ‘terrorist sympathisers’. Some of them assume that we’re all Muslims ourselves. They can’t understand why we’d bother to speak out against organisations like Britain First unless we’re personally involved. This raises a number of issues.

1. If neo-nazi organisations like Britain First or the English Defence League can’t appreciate our motives then presumably they can’t understand empathy either. This reveals their inherent selfishness. The Biffers can’t see why we’d risk Nazi violence to stick up for someone else because they wouldn’t help others themselves.

2. Nazis see the world in childish, ‘black and white’ terms with no grey areas. For them it’s ‘all or nothing’. This is the immature ‘with us or against us’ worldview that interprets all Muslims as enemies and all enemies as Muslims. When faced with non-Muslim antifascists the only recourse for the confused Nazi is to assume that their critic must be a ‘Muslim apologist’ (AKA ‘terrorist sympathiser’).

BF #HeWasMuslimBruv Leytonstone knife attack MuslimIt doesn’t take too many seconds to knock the legs from under that one…

a. Muslims don’t need to apologise for being Muslim.
b. Even if apology was needed (which it isn’t) Muslims would be perfectly capable of apologising for themselves.
c. Not all Muslims are terrorists.
d. Not all terrorists are Muslims.

3. Here’s another illustration of inadequate Nazi ‘logic’. They think that antifa support Muslims because they’re Muslims. The truth is that it’s not that simple. Modern British Nazis tend to scapegoat Muslims because that gives them some superficial purchase in the public mindset. It fits the media narrative. But it wasn’t always this way.

In the past UK Nazis have singled out Jews, Blacks, LGBT and even Disabled people. The target population changes but the antifa objection remains. You see it doesn’t matter which demographic is targeted. What we object to is discrimination, bigotry and irrational hatred.

BF EBF Exterminate gypsy Muslim undermenschen Nazi RomaWhen Nazis attack any part of our society they damage us all. That’s why we oppose them…

Not because they hate Muslims…
Because they’re Nazis and that’s ALWAYS a problem.

Britain First, the English Defence League, the National Front, the British National Party and the rest are Nazi organisations. We oppose them because we oppose prejudice (one of the foundations of Nazism). We’d oppose them whoever they chose to scapegoat because that’s the right thing to do.

No Pasaran!

One thought on “It’s not about the Muslims

  1. Just a typical “lefteye piece of proper gander”

    But this line
    “You see it doesn’t matter which demographic is targeted. What we object to is discrimination, bigotry and irrational hatred.” is almost too perfect…..thank you for expressing what I feel so much more eloquently than I could.

    in the words of Woody Guthrie – “All you fascists are bound to lose” – while we are around it will always be the case

    More power to you…


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