We are the pride and we are at war!

This day we declare war on British Fascism and its public face, Britain First:

EBF EBFington post we are at war blog image

Article 1. We declare war, we need no guns, no bombs, no violence. Our armour is truth, our swords compassion, our guns equality, our missiles peace;
Article 2. We declare war on your racism, bigotry and lies;
Article 3. We declare war on your abuse of the abused;
Article 4. We declare war to protect the memories of two young fathers, brutally slain. Let them rest in peace;
Article 5. The world stood united 70 years ago and breathed a sigh of relief. They had stood as one to crush the Fascist oppression, 60 million dead, humanity broken;
Article 6. Britain First your ideology died in a dirty Berlin Bunker in 1945. We will not stand by and let your bigotry make Muslims the Jews of 1933. You shout the Unionist catch phrase of ‘No surrender’. We shout, scream and cry ‘NEVER AGAIN’;
Article 7. Britain is one nation, a myriad of cultures, languages and beliefs. Rich beyond your shallow money obsessed dreams. Rich because of our differences, our heritage made stronger with each new immigrant. Our strength is our diversity, our future is multicultural;
Article 8. Britain is one nation representing ALL nations;
Article 9. We challenge your leaders to come to EBF. Come and justify your FASCIST ideology, your lies, your deceit. Send your trolls and we will crush them! Send your soldiers and we will smash them! Live by social media – Die by social media;
Article 10. Censorship, Hate, Ignorance, Hate, Bigotry – your weapons are weak.

We are 73 thousand strong, we are family. We are EBF.

EBF multicultural


3 thoughts on “We are the pride and we are at war!

  1. As Winston Churchill famously said, “We will fight on the beaches. We will fight on the landing grounds. We shall fight in the fields and on the streets. We will never surrender!” And so we should never surrender to Britain First and their poisonous racism and fascism! EBF all the way towards a tolerant, multicultural society free from hate, but full of love.

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  2. No censorship! Let the biffers have a go and expose themselves for what they are. Let deleting posts we don’t agree with or we feel come close to undermining our arguments (as they could) stay part of Britain First’s modus operandi and not ours. Distortion, misinformation and downright untruths are the only weapons they have. They’re stupid bigots, we’re informed and compassionate. Bring it on!

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