View from a barstool #7 by Landlord

Beer 2So another week fighting the bigots in the world of social media, not just at bifferland and although there are the usual comments of racial intolerance it has my heart smile to see the silent majority put their heads above the parapet and shout down the racists and intolerant.

As I sit here now digesting the events of the last week, listening to the news in Mali, thinking of the French murders, the Yemeni bombing, the ongoing killings in Gaza and others around the world it is hard to try and counter the bigots but by beer I’ll die trying. Every death or injury anywhere in the world is tragic but there are murderous people around whether they do it in the name of whatever god they worship be it Christian, Jewish, or Islamic or whether it be because a Death Metal, Xfactor singer or Country and Western band told them to. I suppose some people are just stupid enough to want to kill full stop. These people as I said in last weeks blog are murderers not Islamic, not anything but plain good old fashion murderers.

BF activist medalNow to brighter matters and please forgive me but in this difficult time it has been has been hard to stop laughing about a Political Parties Conference that took place last weekend too, I say conference but a game of musical chairs would be a better name for it. If the Huff Post was to be believed there were probably more “security” men there than actual conference goers. They all flocked there to listen to more from Dutchy Fransen, frothing at the mouth over Islam, lefty politicians, lefty media, lefties in general, lefty indicators the list goes on. In actual fact as a left handed person I felt a little left out by her diatribe. Then on came uncle Jim “I want nothing to do with Britain First or it’s affiliates” Dowson preaching his own sermon. I would guess even he wouldn’t have to provide the miracle of feeding the 5000!!

We saw medals being handed out, not to Stevie as he lost a banner which surprisingly cost £5000, Goldenballs doesn’t seem to have made a speech at all, only being allowed the space to nitroduce this year’s policies for ‘ratification’ (as if there was ever  any doubt). Golding, as several commentators have said appears to be being pushed onto the periphery of Bifferdom. In fact the chants of “Dutchy! Dutchy! Dutchy!” seem to be getting louder and a sweepstake in EBF towers (similar to Del Boy’s but with a far superior bar) is currently being drawn up as to when her ascension to the throne will be. (Hulk and I are a little annoyed as we both have 2017)

What else, oh yes, stand by for another begging letter soon (bets on £5000 have been suspended) as the cabinet office continues their pursuit of the biffers over their continued illegal use of the crown.

BF EBF Crown cabinet office prosecution police investigation

And finally, and if you have read to here thankyou, the disgusting use of the British victim of the French murders, Nick Alexander, was once again enough to make me seethe and remember why I do this. From all that I have heard, once again they have used someone as clickbait that friends and family implored them not to. Once again the biffers have sunk to a real low.

And now after all of this I’m off. Caddyshack is on the telebox in the corner and the Landlady is shouting at me for something, probably typing to loudly or leaving something on the floor. Have a great week, and lets hit them as a 73000+ team.


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