Nazi knees-up in an undisclosed location

EBF BF policies conference 2015 1It’s been an interesting weekend for the Biffers. We already blogged about the Fuhrer’s silence at the 2015 conference, prompting the Twitter Hashtag #FindTheFuhrer. We wrote previously about conference highlights like Jolly Jim Dowson’s misuse of Christian Scripture to portray the New Testament as advocating Holy War. We noted the ridiculously tacky Christmas-tree bauble ‘medals’ presented to Nazi activists and we speculated about the meaning of Fransen’s 3 year tenure as Deputy Fuhrer in the light of Fuhrer Golding’s impending expulsion from the party.

This blog examines the actual policies that the conference was asked to ratify. No doubt the obedient Biffer sheep passed everything without any problem. That’s what happens when you join a totalitarian group. Any dissent is stamped upon in short order so nobody argues, no matter how extreme the policies might be.

This year’s policies are no better than the last set of fascist pipe-dreams. In fact, they might be a little worse. In 2014 the Biffers still thought of themselves as UKIP’s attack dogs. Golding’s SA Brown-shirts supporting Farage’s NDSAP Nazi party. Consequently they tempered their extremist intention a little to stay in-step with their political masters.

Now, following UKIP’s disastrous and humiliating defeat in the 2015 general election, the Biffers have thrown restraint to the wind and come up with a set of policies that even Adolf would have been hard pushed to surpass.

Top of the bill is Islam. Just as Hitler began his ‘final solution’ in 1930s Germany with expulsion rather than extermination, so the Biffers propose the same fate for British Muslims. They want to ban Islam completely from these islands, including Islamic literature, dress, customs, worship and even buildings. That all seems pretty clear. They’re Nazis!

Next on the list is immigration. They actually want to define any agreement facilitating immigration as treasonous. That’s just what Hitler did in Germany. Fortunately his obsession with German nationals and the pursuit of Lebensraum resulted in the loss of some of Germany’s greatest minds and ultimately led to Nazi defeat. The Manhattan project did very well out of brilliant scientists who just weren’t welcome in Germany at the time. Britain First want to make the same mistake and limit British opportunities in exactly the same way. They’re Nazis!

The policy on ‘Government’ is just ridiculous. It’s an exercise in vagueness that amounts to little more than an ill-defined threat to exact vengeance on any official who does anything that the Biffers don’t agree with. That’s not democracy is it? But then, it wouldn’t be. They’re Nazis!

At least they like the NHS – that good old socialist institution, that triumph of leftie collectivism over capitalism that we Brits value so much. It’s a shame that their policies on immigration would undermine it so completely but they’re not supposed to be rational. They’re Nazis!

The Biffers only plan for the economy is to seize control of it. There’s nothing in there about interest rates, maintaining existing international agreements, working tax credits, the use of national insurance, pensions, the minimum wage or anything that might actually help people. No – just totalitarian control. That’s because you can’t maintain an aggressive totalitarian state without complete control of the finances. They’re Nazis!

Britain First’s view of democracy is equally laughable. They make no attempt to grapple with thorny problems of suffrage or parliamentary processes. There’s nothing in their about the relationship between the upper and lower houses, fixed-term governments, constitutional monarchy or statutory instruments. Instead they limit their comments to their won perceived injustice. As it stands venues often have no option but to refuse to host their events. That’s because they incite racist and religious intolerance and any venue that supports them risks prosecution. How have the Biffers responded to this? In predictably superficial and immature style. They want to ban the word ‘racism’ and make it impossible for people to refuse to accommodate their, dare we use the word… RACISM. They’re Nazis!

Regarding foreign affairs, the Biffers want to leave NATO and form their own association of, how might we describe it… ‘AXIS’ powers. It seems NATO isn’t oppressive or aggressive enough for them. The last time that happened we ended up with World War 2. They’re Nazis!

Finally, in spite of the fact that the Biffers deliberately publish lie after lie, falsehood after falsehood themselves they want to appoint themselves as arbiters of truth and punish anyone who disagrees with them. That’s exactly the sort of regime that allowed Hitler’s puppet editor, Julius Streicher to publish the Nazi propaganda ‘newspaper’, Der Sturmer unopposed, leading to the demonisation of German Jews and ultimately paving the way for the holocaust. They’re Nazis!

Remember this set of policies. Remember what it means. It seems incredible but true that UKIP may well have been a moderating influence on Britain First until their electoral destruction last May. Something held back the Biffers and it certainly won’t have been Fuhrer Golding (whatever the reason for his current absence).

When their right wing policies are made less extreme by the presence of UKIP there really can only be one conclusion we can draw…

They’re Nazis!

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