From WW2 to the modern world

So far we’ve posted blogs about historical wars and the heroic men and women who fought and died to preserve our freedoms. In the last blog we commented upon those brave soldiers, sailors and aircrew who continue to face dangers across the globe. And throughout it all we’ve hardly mentioned Britain First or the perils of modern Nazism. That’s not like us, is it?

In this final Armistice Day blog we’d like to invite you to think – really to think about what this country fought against during World War II. What would the world be like, what would Britain be like if Hitler’s jackbooted bully boys of the SS and the Gestapo were in charge?

If you’re at all unsure of the answer to that just think about what happened in occupied Europe when the Nazis were in power. Think of the enslaved Slavs, the murdered children, the euthanised disabled, the dispossessed non-Aryans and the imprisoned, tortured and executed politicians whose ‘crime’ was to disagree with fascism.

Think of the religious faithful, not just Jews but many Christians too who, unwilling to swear allegiance to Hitler were persecuted and exiled.

BF EBF FB WW2 Islam freedom of conscience and religious expression

Think of the gas chambers and the labour camps.

Think of the brutal regime that saw twins, mainly children tortured to death in the name of Nazi ‘science’.

Think of the Jews forced to endure extreme cold until they died of hypothermia to help develop warm flying jackets for the Luftwaffe.

Think of the horror that is Nazism and then, think about Britain First, its threats to all who disagree with Nazi ideology, its incitement to murder Muslims (just as Hitler incited murder of the Jews), its contempt for law and order and its open hostility to human rights. Think of the Biffers’ hatred of Islam and the way they deceive to make Muslims look like a threat.

Then ask yourself this…

How can anyone support Britain First and still respect the men and women who fought and died to defeat the Nazis in World War II?

Our ancestors most certainly did not fight World War II so that we could hand power to British Nazis 70 years later!

BF EBF Exterminate gypsy Muslim undermenschen Nazi Roma

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