Abdol-Hossein Sardari: Islam’s Oskar Schindler

Yes, it’s true. We promised not to mention the Biffers at all on the EBF blog today but some things just need to be said. Britain First regularly publishes false information about Muslims persecuting other religious groups, especially Jews and Christians and they often point to the weakest of historical events to try to prove it. In truth the record of history tells a very different story that our next hero illustrates so well.

Abdol Hussain Sardari Islam ww2 paris iran ambassadorAbdol-Hossein Sardari was the Iranian ambassador in Paris when the occupying Nazis began rounding up the country’s Jews for forced labour or liquidation. As we have already seen they did this because of an ideological assumption that was based not upon observable science but on blind faith. The Nazis did try to evidence their claims about racial purity, even financing extensive but fruitless archaeological expeditions in the attempt but they could not. There was no evidence to be found because the cultural construct of race makes no significant sense anyway in any reasonable context.

Abdol used this lack of evidence to his advantage. If there was no real evidence to support the Nazi claims about racial purity, there was no need to worry about finding any. All he’d need then would be an emotive argument, persuasively delivered. That was all the Nazis had needed to consign central European Jews to their labour and death camps so presumably it would work in reverse too.

Speaking first on behalf of his own nationals, Sardari was able to convince the German authorities that Iranian Jews were genetically different from the rest of Jewry. They were descended from a different blood line and therefore not ‘tainted’ by the genealogical deficiencies of other Jews. He invented an entirely fictitious collection of research that ‘proved’ that Persian and Iranian Jews weren’t Semitic at all. He actually convinced the Nazis that ‘his’ Jews were really pure Aryan’s, like themselves! In other words, Iranian Jews were most definitely not ‘Untermenschen’. Having nothing beyond a perverse sense of their own ‘righteousness’ and ‘purity’ to guide them the Nazis fell for it, hook, line and sinker. Iranian Jews were spared the holocaust.

But Sardari didn’t stop there. Since there was no objective geneological evidence underlying the policy, all a Jew needed to be saved was an Iranian passport. Provide the illusion of citizenship and the Nazis, like the Angel of Death at passover, would simply move on.

holocaust-executionActually there was nothing ‘simple’ about it. Abdol-Hossein Sardari ran considerable personal risks, arranging Iranian passports and documents of citizenship for countless Jews. He had no authorisation from Iran to do this. Sardari was actually recalled by the Iranian government but he refused to comply. He remained in Paris, using his own considerable fortune to fund the elaborate deception and escape plan. Estimates vary but the lives he saved certainly ran well into the thousands if not the tens of thousands.

Had Sardari been discovered in his clandestine mission of mercy he would almost certainly have died. Yet his faith in Jihad, in the Islamic struggle to be righteous drove him, as it has so many others to protect the weak, the helpless and the non-combatant. Taking his inspiration from the Koran he held so dear Abdol had no option but to follow the demands of his religious conviction and risk everything in the name of peace and justice.

So the next time you read about the alleged hostility of Islam, remember Abdol-Hossein Sardari and the many like him who’s personal Jihad, what Muslims know as the ‘greater’ Jihad, was to be the best, most compassionate and most honourable person he could be, even in Nazi occupied France.

When you buy your poppy this year, wear it with pride in honour of Muslim men and women like Abdol-Hossein Sardari. It’s their poppy too!


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