They fought for us – Introduction


WW1 lying in waitWe thought we’d have a break from the negativity of Britain First and take some time to appreciate the selfless courage and sacrifice of those who have defended freedom and liberty across the globe instead. Even the EBF team gets weary of constantly reviewing the antics of our species’ worst and most hateful, bloodthirsty members. So just for one day we’ve published a series of articles about real heroes instead.

Each hour from 11am on November 11th 2015 sees a different article on the EBF blog – an article that focuses upon courage, selfless heroism and the lived reality of war with all its human costs. Taking bravery in conflict as our theme we’ve collected these articles into a single PDF document. Along with the rest of the day’s EBF activity on Facebook and Twitter, these articles are our way of honouring the courageous, the wounded and the fallen heroes of armed conflict from 1914 until the present day.

Here at EBF we’re dedicated to peace but still respect those thrown into battles they never chose but who rose to the occasion anyway. These are the men and women who fought and died for the freedom that we Brits continue to enjoy. These are real heroes whose courage and sacrifice represent a debt that can never be repaid.

We hope you’ll find this set of Armistice Day blogs inspiring. It’s possible to despise war and yet still appreciate the valiant individuals who, when faced with unimaginable horror still found it within themselves to give their all.

Please consider making a contribution to help those who gave so much and to support their families by donating as much as you can afford to the Royal British Legion here.

You can view all the day’s posts on line by clicking on the blog category here.


The eleventh hour

A personal remembrance

Ali Haider

Mir Dast VC

Walter Tull

Khudadad Khan

Sepoys who served Britain

Private William McBride

World War II

A wartime childhood

Mahmood Khan Durrani

Noor Inayat Khan

Remembrance, what it means to me

The Free Polish Air Force (302 & 303 squadrons)

Fighting for Poland and for Britain too (by EBF Admin, ‘Yifter’)

Matt Goslin’s remembrance

Abdol-Hossein Sardari: Islam’s Oskar Schindler

Post WW2 conflicts

From WW2 to the modern world

Download the full collection of today’s blog posts  EBF They fought for us


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