Nazi’s rant at Lewis’ favourite pasty shop

Martin Vaughan Greggs letterAccording to The Independent, far right neonazi Martin Vaughan of the BNP spin off ‘British Voice’ has written a snotty letter to Greggs the Bakers. Have a look at the article – Exposing Britain First even gets a mention! Vaughan’s annoyed about Halal food and, having considered the matter with all the cognitive power available to his massive intellect has decided to boycott the bakery chain, so beloved of fellow Nazi, Stevie Lewis. Lewis, another far right f%&kwit and champion pie-eater is long-time prop forward (and falling over expert) for The Biffers.

Vaughan sent a long, ranty letter to Greggs CEO, promising to boycott Greggs and to encourage everyone he can influence to do the same. That’ll be about half a dozen equally sad Nazis then.

Apart from Vaughan’s obvious confusion about the meaning of the word ‘local’ (Greggs has branches all over UK) and his remarkable arrogance in determining the fast food habits of every single British Muslim he’s made another, even more serious error in judgement that undermines his entire, ill-conceived rant.

Greggs doesn’t serve Halal food in any of its branches anywhere in UK.

Greggs no Halal

Unless of course he’s worried about the chicken. If so he’d better boycott just about every food retailer in UK.

Greggs not Halal chicken

This is what happens when far right Nazis begin to believe their own lies.

This one’s almost stupid enough to be a Biffer!

3 thoughts on “Nazi’s rant at Lewis’ favourite pasty shop

  1. You know what i love about this? It shows how truly stupid the far right really are. This along with their theories that the W H O is a mulim infiltrated organisation that is trying to force Sharia law by getting bacon banned (honestly i nearly wet myself laughing at that one) have made my f’ing day. This is why the far right tend to resort to bully boy tactics because Golding, Lewis and the like have proven themselves incapable of intelligent debate time and time again.

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  2. I fear it may not be so simple, they shout out about how they’ve sent off these letters to a company demanding they stop using Halal meat, then a week later they post saying “Greggs no longer us Halal!” claiming victory, ignoring the fact they were wrong because they’re waging a PR war.
    It serves to sway those who do not know any better allowing them a step towards indoctrination, it is a shame but it just serves that outlets like EBF need to step up and speak loudly when an extremist organisation try to bend the truth to their lies, only through openly mocking their lies can the truth be seen.

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