Jayda seems a bit worried about something. We wonder why!

This afternoon, after much soul-searching amongst the members of Team EBF at our weekly strategy meeting I posted this blog. It was a largely speculative piece based upon the information that Jayda Fransen had provided on national television during her performance on BBC3’s documentary ‘We Want Our Country Back’. That’s all very much in the public domain. In fact, the Biffers courted the publicity until it became clear that the BBC wasn’t about to engage in a whitewash.

As part of her contribution to the documentary, Jayda made some statements about her past – statements that weren’t completely plausible but that might have garnered her some sympathy, had they been true. And for all the inconsistencies her tale of woe really might be genuine. That was the issue that dominated our discussion today. In short – was Jayda traumatised as a child or wasn’t she?

The blog I wrote summarized our discussion and asked for opinions because quite frankly we just don’t know. Let me put that another way…

We were talking about information that Jayda herself placed in the public domain by raising the issue on national television.

EBF Jayda blog meme

As happens with social media, one person commented and gave his opinion about Jayda’s behaviour. He wrote publicly about information that Jayda herself had already made available on national television. He made no attempt to hide and clearly wasn’t ‘stalking’ Fransen or anyone else.

Britain first responded by researching him on the internet and then doxing him.

So much for their commitment to freedom of speech! So much for their understanding about scrutiny and the public nature of politics!

BF Golding scrutiny pressure politics

It’s almost as if Dutchy Fransen really does have something to hide. Carry on like this Jayda and we’ll start to think that maybe you weren’t being entirely truthful in the first place.

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