Welcome to Exposing Britain First

Ever since the brilliant BBC3 documentary that so successfully exposed the racist stupidity of Britain First was aired we have been gaining followers almost as quickly as Britain First has been losing them. Added to that the abject failure of the Biffers to muster support for their shuffle through Burton last weekend and the future seems to be very bright indeed.

As the Great British people continue to demonstrate their tolerance and respect for others in this wonderful, multi-cultural country of ours we’d like to extend a warm welcome to our newest supporters. Whether your preference is for WordPress, Facebook or Twitter we’re sure you’ll find something of interest here.

EBF multicultural

We’re a broad church here at EBF. We come from all ends of the political spectrum (except the far right, of course) and we represent all races, and our members and supporters come from all religions (and none).

The one thing we all have in common is our commitment to exposing Britain First (and by extension other far right groups) as the neo-nazi fascists that they really are. Subscribe to the blog, follow us on Twitter or like the Facebook page for regular updates about the often hilarious but always sinister antics of these amusing but genuinely dangerous, far right buffoons.

We look forward to getting to know you better.


26 thoughts on “Welcome to Exposing Britain First

    • Hi Doug. Have a look around.. you might learn something. We find many people have started out thinking that way but when they see the evidence we post on the blog they change their minds.


      • Your no better than nazi’s. If you don’t like what’s being said, you’ll erase it. No better than Nazi’s.
        Or were you scared of me posting a third incident in the UK of Muslim’s burning the poppy. So much for standing behind our values of “free speech”


        • So scared I invited you to stick around. What’s that got to do with being scared of you?

          You’re welcome to comment here Doug although – if you just keep repeating the same accusation we will remove the repetitive posts because it’s just tiresome. If you provide some reasoned discussion you’ll find that you’ll get reasoned discussion back and, unlike Britain First we won’t censor or block you just because you disagree with us.

          We’re happy to engage in discussion with you. Just avoid repetition or silly, unfounded accusations.


    • We only ever removed abusive posts from one person as I recall. He was an abusive, repetitive troll whose endless threats became tiresome and who persisted after numerous warnings. Even his posts remain viewable in the comments section of early posts here. We warned, we better warned and then, with regret we stopped allowing his posts to be published here. Unlike BF we prefer dialogue with our detractors but even for us there is a limit.

      As I said, Doug…

      Stick around. You’re welcome to comment as long as you don’t get abusive, threatening or pointlessly repetitive. We dislike fascism (hence we dislike BF) but we also understand how people are duped by these deceitful neo-nazi con artists. Perhaps you’ve been fooled too. Therefore – welcome. If you don’t just troll the blog your comments will remain and we’ll happily debate with you.


    • Doug, to the best of my knowledge you have not commented anywhere on this blog apart from the comments aboves which I replied to but did not remove. I appreciate that it’s common practice for Biffers to lie and misrepresent but let me be clear. You will most certainly lose the right to comment here if you stoop so low as to lie about the way I have accomodated you again.

      I’m not prepared to put up with such stupidity. Discuss by all means. Tell blatant lies and your comments will be removed.

      I have not removed any comments on this blog except those already discussed which were left by an abusive, threatening, BF/Nazi troll.


  1. Not this blog. The ” It’s there poppy too bolg” I think you know what I’m referencing. You’re just being argumentative. Tipical.


    • I have very little to do with the day to day running of the FB page. I came on board to manage the blog. But if your stuff was removed from there it will have been with good reason, I’m sure.

      Anyway – as long as you’re reasonable on the blog you won’t have a problem here.


    • Hi Doug. I asked about your ban from EBF’s Facebook page…

      You were warned about repetition and also about becoming abusive when challenged. You apparently ignored evidence presented to you and repeated the same old Biffer allegations with no evidence. It came to a head with something about Muslims and poppies where you were arguing that a small group of Muslims (who were prosecuted under the law years ago) represent all Muslims. You were warned by admin for being abusive and eventually you were banned.

      Please feel free to treat the blog as your opportunity to engage in genuine discussion instead of abusive trolling. That way we may have some mutually assistive interactions here, even if not on FB.


      • Could you clarify that Doug? Perhaps with some evidence rather than a meaningless comment?

        Statistical analysis of the issues you’re actually referring to would be helpful. Right now it’s difficult to know whether you’re referring to our opposition to Fascism or the fact that we disapprove of Nazi intolerance.

        If you could be a little clearer about your objection we might be able to help you to understand our point of view.


          • Cop out!

            You know that’s not true Doug. The truth is that like all Biffers you have formed your opinions based upon the lies of Britain First and you have been unable to find any evidence to support those opinions. I have already explained the reasons for removing posts and, unlike the Biffers, we don’t remove evidence – we debate it.

            That’s because – unlike the Biffers, we’re interested in honest discussion and in understanding the truth. So go on…

            You tell us to get our heads out of the sand. I invite you to provide us with some evidence that might help us to ‘see the light’. Of course, you might have to accept that our evidence is a little stronger than your own – which I don’t doubt you already know. That’s the real reason why you haven’t provided any evidence. You know that Biffers lie. You know that we expose those lies and you know that you have no real chance of involving yourself in sensible debate when all you have to offer is far right, neo-nazi propaganda.

            Face it Doug – you’ve no clue how to defend your position because it is indefensible. Neo-nazism is built upon lies, religious intolerance and racist stupidity. If you doubt that, have a look around this blog and see the evidence we provide to debunk the lies of Golding and Fransen. Then think about your own position.

            Do you really want to carry on supporting these lying crooks? Do you really want your neighbours to know what you are? Make no mistake, Doug – the reality of BF is obvious to decent people everywhere and the character of Biffers is very clear too. That’s why only around 30 people turned up for the Biffer conference today – you’re a minority group because most people prefer not to follow liars.

            Maybe you’d do well to ask yourself why you still follow these fascist charlatans. Your reputation hardly benefits from association with Nazism.


  2. Dear EBF Blogger. EBF erased all my evidence. You were never about logical debate, that is why you’ve erased all my evidence on your thread. In fact there remains a quip ( where have all Doug’s comments gone?). I’ve told yourself and other admins, I Am not a Britain a First supporter. Never have been & have no interest in being one. The narrow mindedness of EBF is….. You think if someone thinks contrary to yourselves then those individuals most be ” neo-nazi Britain Firsters”. Those people can’t be your every day non-political citizens. What a closed minded group you are. “Time to get your head out of your ass”.


    • We’ve been through this. You’re welcome to debate on the blog. Trolling and abusive behaviour however is not acceptable. That’s why you had stuff removed from Facebook (as well you know).

      You’re welcome to debate here Doug. Now let’s have some evidence to back up your assertions.

      PS – You have previously made your support for Britain First abundantly clear. Therefore I have no problem in describing you (accurately) as a biffer.


  3. EBF Biffer. Please provide evidence of “abusive behaviour” in which you claim I possessed or conveyed.
    Abstaining from providing anything will only prove your “biffiness”.

    P.s. How many times do I have to tell you I don’t support Britain First before it sinks thru your thick skulls?


  4. We’d rather not block you, Doug. If you are prepared to debate reasonably we won’t. As you will have noticed we have marked your future comments for moderation though. Anything non-abusive or non-circular/repetitive will get through. Trolling won’t.

    We did this once before to someone whose persistent immaturity did result in a ban but I sincerely hope that you will adopt a different approach and remain. We’d much rather discuss than block Biffers, especially the foreign ones like yourself who can be forgiven for not really knowing what’s actually going on here in UK. European affairs must seem very threatening from across the Atlantic when all you have to go on is the prevailing media narrative and the lies of Britain First. Stick around – you may develop a different view of this wonderful, multi-cultural society that we at EBF are so pleased to call home.


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