Hypocrisy & stupidity – a Biffers’ paradise

The intellectually challenged admins at Biffer Towers must be licking their collective lips this morning. They think they’ve got the coup of the century and they’re certainly making the most of it online. Unfortunately however, any intelligent reading of the story about Park School in Birmingham reveals a situation that isn’t only being taken seriously by the relevant authorities but one that actually demonstrates considerable compliance with prevailing national norms.

It’s true that there have been significant problems at Park School in Birmingham. It seems to be true that those problems were caused by extremist Islamists trying to indoctrinate children, not unlike Britain First itself. It’s also true that this situation has been largely resolved and investigations will be competed forthwith. In the meantime, in accordance with the Great British principle that a man is innocent unless (not ‘until’) proven guilty the normal protocols for supervising accused professionals are being followed.

None of this matters a jot to the Biffers though. They’re more than happy to sensationalise the situation, to pretend that sticking a blog post up online constitutes a campaign and no doubt to take credit for the work of the professional investigators once the inquiry reaches its conclusion. Such is the hollow nature of Britain First.

BF Trojan Horse Park View School Islam Islamist sex education leaflet headline

No reasonable reader could possibly fail to notice that the Biffer headline completely ignores the reality of the hearing as reported in The Telegraph. Far from being reinstated the two teachers (representing one-sixth of a group of twelve suspects in total) have been allowed to return to duties with supervision pending the outcome of their professional conduct hearings.

Trojan Horse Park View School Islam Islamist sex education leaflet telegraph DoE return to work 2

OFSTED, the Government’s inspectorate for schools is also in close contact with all relevant authorities and appropriate risk assessments and control measures are in place.

Trojan Horse Park View School Islam Islamist sex education leaflet telegraph OFSTED 2

This is fully compliant with the established procedures. Not that Britain First care about that. They only want to demonise Muslims and never fail to put their own spin on whatever story comes their way.

Even The Telegraph, that bastion of the right wing media had to acknowledge that the school is so compliant with British values that it has faced protests from some parents over its approach to homosexuality in sex education classes. The fact that this passage in The Telegraph’s report comes under an extremely misleading subheading doesn’t change the fact that the school itself is the target of bigoted protest, rather than the instigator.

Trojan Horse Park View School Islam Islamist sex education continuing plot telegraph sex education homosexuality parents protest

The biggest irony is the way that Britain First’s condemnation of Park View School on religious grounds contrasts with previous ‘campaigns’. Weblogged about their unequivocal support of Victoria Wasteney in very similair circumstances.

BF campaign Christian nurse

The Biffers’ attitude of hostility to Muslim professionals accused of religious proselytising is in direct opposition to their equally unequivocal support for a Christian professional accused of the same thing. In both cases the Biffers were adamant in their view and in so doing revealed their true agenda.

Imagine if these Biffer comments had appeared under their Wasteney post. Do you think they’d have been allowed to remain?

BF Trojan Horse Park View School Islam Islamist sex education leaflet comments 2

BF Trojan Horse Park View School Islam Islamist sex education leaflet website FB comments

What if the comments about Islam had been directed at Christianity? What sort of response would there have been from the admins at Biffer Towers?  Just substitute ‘Christian’ for ‘Muslim’ and ‘School’ for ‘Hospital’ to reveal the hypocrisy.

BF Trojan Horse Park View School Islam Islamist sex education leaflet comments 3

Britain First cares not a jot about the prevention of religious indoctrination in UK. Their only concern is to demonise Islam and fuel the fires of fear among non-Muslims.


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