A shuffling shower of fash

If ever evidence was needed of Britain First’s woefully inadequate ‘on the ground’ support, this weekend’s shuffle through Burton provided it in spades. Even allowing for their standard trick of carrying multiple flags to make their numbers appear greater, it was clear just how outnumbered this shuffling shower of fascists actually was.

As I write this the videos of the day’s proceedings are just beginning to arrive at the EBF Blog’s virtual HQ (AKA ‘my laptop’) and the anxiety on the faces of the marchers is obvious. Usually these tin pot Nazis are protected behind police lines which keep them well apart from the #Antifa counter-protestors. Not so in Burton.

BF Burton Golding Lewis worried faces Fransen fixed smile

The route took the Biffers right past hundreds of counter-protestors, including Hubby and I and we were all very vociferous in our condemnation of the little entourage of racist rabble. This level of opposition was clearly a lot more than Britain First had anticipated and they most definitely didn’t like it.

As if to underline the point (not that any emphasis was needed) Fuhrer Golding repeatedly had to turn around to reassure his flock of fascist sheep and urge them to continue moving forward. Presumably this was to prevent the wannabe Knights of this fearsome, Crusading ‘street defence organisation’ from turning tail and running away.

Oh well – they shouldn’t go around trying to stir up trouble then, should they? Especially after having been told so very emphatically by the locals that they’re not wanted!

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