Another silly question from Britain First

BF Islam 2050 think about our children minority nationWell that’s that then. The girls are off to Granny’s for the day and Hubby and I are just about to set off for Burton to enjoy a quiet lunch and then heckle some Biffers. But before we go I’ve just got time to answer their latest silly question.

Britain First posts so much about past wars (even dating back as far as the 11th century) that you’d have thought they might know just a little about what they were fought over. OK, OK – they regularly get the stuff about the Crusades wrong but we can forgive them that. Very few people really understand the political nuances that led to the international conflicts of a thousand years ago. But World War 2 – now that’s a completely different kettle of fish. That was fought within living memory. That’s as much a part of our national mindset as Fish & Chips (well, maybe not Fish & Chips but you get the idea).

So it’s surprising that they need to ask why our brave forefathers fought and died in that awful, worldwide conflict. Still – they asked, so we’ll answer.

World War 2 was fought in opposition to Nazis. It was partly about land. Hitler wanted ‘living space’ for the German people which he called ‘Lebensraum’. It was also fought against the evils of Nazism. The evil system of apartheid and oppression that Britain First seeks to establish in modern UK.

So to answer your question, Biffers…

World War 2 was fought by a coalition of allies from many nations and religious groups. It was fought against people like you and one of the results of the Allied victory was the right to freedom of conscience and religious expression.

The ability of people of many faiths and racial types to live together in harmony is very definitely one of the things that our grandparents died for.

Why do you continue to disrespect their memory and their sacrifice by promoting the very thing they gave their lives to overcome?

BF EBF WW2 Islam freedom of conscience and religious expression


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