A view from a barstool #3

Beer 2Well another week over and a good week for me, the Mixed Pool team won their first game of the season without Beryl who decided to give darts a go, the horse picture to the left of the board now has a few holes in it. Next summers Booze Sales should be good with England, Northern Ireland and Wales all through and the Republic of Ireland in the playoffs. The pub is already discussing who should or should not be selected. I’m more worried about the HobGoblin barrels waiting in the cellar for serving.

So another week in Bifferland, another mix of lies, more lies and misleading memes and photo’s. Firstly a blonde Brazilian model with a flying helmet in Brazilian colours posing in front of a Brazilian training plane suddenly transposed herself into Captain Balislava who bombed ISIS. What else, oh yes the poppy stories are coming out of the woodwork, a boy who was sacked for refusing to take his poppy off whilst serving in KFC, commendable, patriotic, nope, this is a disregard for food hygiene, KFC in my opinion is inedible but a pin or poppy in my chicken would lead to claims against the company. Also KFC said he had resigned before the incident.

There appears to be a Russian love in at the moment over at biffer towers, anything Putin does is marvellous, apart from shaking the hand of Lewis Hamilton on Sunday that’s bad, as Britain’s top F1 driver doesn’t particularly like the biffers after the use of a photo of his dog. Immigrants are still bad and God is Great.

Folding and Dutchy are over in Hungary, how I wish they’d stay there, appearing to be all statesmanlike talking to other likeminded groups… actually they are there with Euro Fascists discussing how to bring the New World Order into being. More likely is a Biffer begging bowl going round the other fash.

There’s a march taking place this weekend, well there are 3 that I can see, all of which are being countered. The Biffers are in Burton, now under police orders, EDL in Scarborough and a load of angry racists are in Bristol.

Some hardy Veterans took part in the Front Line walk last weekend 104km over three days, including regular video blogger and hater of all thing biffer John McKnight and someone close to this page. Congratulations, my donation is on it’s way and I hope many of you will donate as well.

Union flagFinally a group of publicans who were on the same course of mine many years ago had our “Christmas bash” and as usual the talk turned to what’s wrong with the world. Unfortunately this usually ends up in a drunken talk about who is seeing who, and how we are being screwed by everyone. But this year was different, we discussed something close to my heart racism, Britain First, the EDL and Casuals and all the other little shitty bigoted little Englanders and how we as publicans can fly our flag with (London) pride. You see, we are patriotic, we love our wonderful diverse, multicultural country, the towns, the countryside, sporting events, good beer and most of all our sense of community. We thought nothing of putting our flags, our bunting and celebrating our saint’s day but now we can’t. We don’t identify with our flag anymore, it’s been stolen by racists and to adorn our premises seems to be showing the community we are linked with these bigoted cockwombles. But we have had enough, we are going to take our flag back, open our bars to the community as a whole and get out there and let people know we are proud to be British but our Britain multicultural and tolerant. Watch this space because we are going to follow these groups and contact publicans in the area they march and try and get them not to allow them to drink there under a part of the licensing act.

Well must sign off now as I’m trying to get to the bottom of a barrel so I can put said Hobgoblin on, Bazzer is back to talking about the formations again, George is discussing the pack sizes of the Welsh and New Zealand rugby teams and Beryl has come in and I need to clear an exclusion zone around the dart board.

So to those going to Burton this weekend including a few admins of this page, have fun, stay safe and heckle the shit out of these arsewipes.



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