This is Stephen Colquhoun, a 23 years old, recently unemployed man from Glasgow. He’s also the latest Biffer poster boy, having left the KFC in Glasgow’s Renfrew Street amid a row about food safety.

BF KFC poppy worker sacked lie

According to Britain First this was a row about patriotism and remembrance. They’d have you believe that he was sacked because he revered the memory of this country’s war dead, refusing to remove his Royal British Legion poppy as demanded by his manager.

BF KFC poppy worker sacked lie text 1

BF KFC poppy worker sacked lie text 2

The basics of the story are, of course, correct. Colquhoun did indeed fail to remove his poppy and he did end up leaving the KFC restaurant a little earlier than he’d planned as a result. But it had nothing to do with patriotism or remembrance and everything to do with KFC’s statutory requirement to maintain food safety. It’s ludicrous to propose that KFC object to the poppy when they had a poppy box taking pride of place within the premises. That’s where Colquhoun bought it!

The reality is that any loosely pinned symbol, especially one fastened with a metal pin would be banned during food preparation. We just have to consider the implications of a metal pin becoming ‘lost’ in a customer’s meal and the potentially lethal injuries it could cause to understand why.

BF KFC poppy worker sacked lie daily record header

It’s also worth noting that Colquhoun had already resigned and was working out his notice. He said…

“I had handed in my notice to KFC and was only due to work for another couple of weeks but I could have done with the cash from my last few shifts.”

Here’s what the Scottish daily, The Daily Record had to say about the affair…

BF KFC poppy worker sacked lie daily record text


3 thoughts on “BF vs KFC

  1. Oh, it’s that time of the year again, is it? I suspect more “disgraceful” poppy stories will start cropping up including our annual favourite: “Poppy has been banned at [so and so place] because it upsets Muslims!” I look forward to more of these.

    As for the chap in the news article, wouldn’t he have been told on his induction day that any loose/metal items are not to be worn in kitchens? It’s pretty much common knowledge. I guess he wasn’t paying much attention.


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