Biffers complaining because they got what they asked for

The Biffers have been banging on ad nauseum about their forthcoming jolly to Burton-Upon-Trent. They’ll be there on Saturday to protest about a Mosque in Burton for Burton people that was approved by Burton local government for the benefit of Burton’s local community.

Led by Paul Golding of Swanley in Kent, the Biffers will converge on this Staffordshire town to make sure their feelings about a Mosque that has nothing at all to do with them are heard by the local people of Burton.

To facilitate this invasion of Burton, the multi-cultural Staffordshire town that isn’t exactly noted for its racial or religious tensions, the Biffers identified this route for the march through Burton. They even uploaded a helpful image so that their few dozen supporters, unfamiliar with Burton-Upon-Trent would be able to find their way around the unfamiliar streets of Burton.

BF Burton demo map

In an attempt to balance the right of these outsiders (who have nothing to do with Burton-Upon-Trent) to protest with the rights of the people of Burton to remain safe from the violent, racist cockwombles set to invade their normally peaceful home, the local Police have issued a Section 12 notice to control the march through Burton. The route identified in the section 12 notice matches the route the Biffers themselves agreed upon. That seems very reasonable in the circumstances. We’re sure that many Burton people would much prefer that these outsiders were prevented from entering their town at all.

BF Burton sec 12 1

BF Burton sec 12 2So how did Britain First respond to this generous development? Like this…

BF Burton sec 12 comments

We’ll just leave that there. There really isn’t anything to be said in the face of such insightful commentary, is there?

The voice of  Burton locals seems to be rather more coherent.

BF Burton events page  comments

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